Friday, October 21, 2016

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

October 27th - 31st

Heads will roll and fun will be had!  Get ready - we're celebrating our 8th Anniversary AND Halloween TOGETHER!  Have you ever heard of a more deliciously wicked and perfectly apt pairing?  I think NOT!  Here's our official events calendar.  Make sure to come and check it all out as we celebrating 8 terrifyingly fun years of The D!


SALEM WITCH TRIALS with Lady Persephone 2 pm.  Do you smell something burning?
WITCHES BALL with DJ Miss Pamela Emmons 6:30 pm. Free Broom Parking/Cats Welcome
WITCH HUNT MYSTERY starts at midnight and runs til midnight October 31st!  Look for the first clue in The Courtyard

WITCHY HALLOWEEN MINGLE with Lady Eva 1 pm.  Mixing and mingling Halloween style!
CAMPFIRE STORIES with Lady Gabrielle 6 pm.  Hot chocolate and s'mores for everyone!

TRICK OR TREAT AUCTION EVENT with Lady Eva 12 noon.  Will your auction lot be a trick or treat? Come and find out!
The Bewitching Soiree with DJs Lady Gabrielle and Miss Pamela 4 - 8 pm.  Get ready for a bewitchingly magical evening!

DELICIOUS WITCHES & BITCHES with Lady Lisa 12 noon.  Don't miss this literary event that explores dangerous women through history!
WICKED HALLOWEEN GALLERY EXHIBIT 2 pm.  A group showing featuring your art work!  Submit your femdom friendly, Halloween themed shots to Lady Eva.
FRIGHT NIGHT MOVIE EVENT with Lady Madeleine 4 pm.  Free popcorn and hands to hold (some attached to an arm, some not) at this fun, movie event.

CURSED HALLOWEEN HUNT with Lady Madeleine 11 am  Unlimited Screams as the dommes hunt the subs through The D!
D/s UNDER THE SKIN with Lady Dalia 1 pm.  Don't miss another brainy (with brains?) discussion event.
HOCUS POCUS HALLOWEEN BASH with Lady Nej 5 pm. All the candy you can eat and all the great music you crave at this fun, Halloween event.
WITCH HUNT ENDS midnight!  Hope you all made it out alive!


We hope to see you out at some of our special events as we celebrate 8 years of our community! A big thank you to our wonderful staff who keep heads and other things rolling and to all of you for your support!  See you at The D!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Discussion!

Listening in

Lady Dalia

Lady Flo and Brynn

Lady Diana

Lady Karrie and Mark

Lady Lisa and Passion

Lady Maisy and Rex

Lady Mira

Lady Nohemi and Morri

Lady Rode and Lady Copper

Lady Saramoa and Hy

Thank you to Lady Lisa and to everyone who attended our Sunday Discussion!

D Lounging!

A few shots from Saturday's D Lounge - thanks to DJ Miss Pamela and to everyone for coming out and getting their D Lounge on!

A Trip Down The Rabbit Hole For Lady Persephone and Leasha!


Lady Lobbie


Lady Ariana and Jon

Lady Maisy

Hopalong Matria

Lady Carla with Elisandra and Kit

Lady Ceci and Spike

Lady Karrie and Mark

Lady Liv

Lady Tika


The original bunny, Velveteen

Congratulations to Lady Persephone and Leasha on their formal collaring!  

Friday, September 16, 2016


Lady Cinnamon

Lady Diana

Lady Gabrielle


Lady Joie

Lady Mona

Lady Nej and Patrick

Our fearless (and very blond!) DJ Miss Pamela!

Thank you to Pam for spinning and to everyone who came out for Thursday's Fetish Party!


Lady Rayah


Lady Saramoa

Lady Eva


Lady Copper

Lady Liv and Jack


Thanks for coming out for our Thursday Mingle everyone!