Sunday, May 31, 2009

Scandal At Confessions!

'Sister' Ravanys Lavendel, who must have come straight from the beach (note the sunglasses)

The group listens intently to the latest confessions

Miss Medussa, Miss Ghost, Miss Ragdoll, Kilo, and Oooddles look on

Scandal erupted at Femdom Confessions last night when one of the anonymous confessors admitted to a life as a gorean master before an unnamed lady drew him in to The Dominion. He has since assumed an alt and a place as a Dominion sub. The crowd was electrified at this submission and pleaded to know the name of the confessor, but to no avail.

There were some really terrific fantasies and also a few other titallating confessions. And of course, the event wrapped with the always fun Truth or Dare. Thank you so much to Lady Ravanys for hosting another great event!


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