Friday, October 12, 2018

NEW! All Hallows Dominion @ The Art Gallery!

Here's a few teasers of our latest exhibit at The Dominion Art Gallery: All Hallows Dominion!  Don't miss this magical photography show!

As always, thank you to our lovely curator Lady Joie for another fantastic production.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Get Ready - DOMINION TEN is coming!

Are you ready??? Mark your calendars as we prepare to celebrate TEN YEARS of The Dominion Femdom!  We have planned loads of special events culminating with our big anniversary discussion and after party Sunday October 28th at 1 pm SLT (party 2 - 4 pm). We'll also have special Anniversary Trials & Confessions, games, surprises and more!  We are calling on all of our old friends including staff and those who have left SL to come back and make these few days a time to remember.  Let's get those emails, messages, notecards, and texts out to everyone you know who has helped create so many wonderful memories over the years!  It's time to come on home, everyone!