Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time To Dance

Overlooking the dance floor

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Persephone and Decider

Lady Carla and Dex

Loth and Chattel, ordered to dance together by Lady Syriana

Yesterday's dance party was just part of a very busy day that included our biweekly discussion at The Fet in SL,our casual dance, and our Bedtime Stories event.. The most extraordinary part of the day is that Lady Syriana ended up leading all three events as Lady Eloise got called away for some RL at the last minute and couldn't DJ the dance. Lady Syriana graciously stepped in at the last moment.

We had a huge turnout at The Fet for our biweekly discussion, which is gaining quite the reputation. It's great to see some new faces and hear some different opinions during this discussion group. We do like to talk at Dominion! Make sure to join The Dominion Femdom Group on if you don't already belong. We have some fantastic discussions going on there as well and we'd love to hear your thoughts. Its free and its fun!

Yesterday's events ended with Lady Syriana continuing to read from 'The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty' up at the Confessions Bar. If you haven't been to our Bedtime Stories event, you have to join us sometime! It is so relaxing to sit back and listen to Lady Syriana read this well known and titallating story.

My thanks to Lady Syriana for all of her hard work hosting yesterday and to all of you who came out for our events. On a personal note, I'd just like to say Happy Anniversary to my partner Maz, who I met two years ago yesterday. Every day has been better since we met. I love you.

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