Saturday, October 20, 2012

Masquerade Ball!

The setting of our Masquerade Ball last night

Lady Elena and Krull

Our special DJ, the lovely Lady Eloise who tore it up last night!

Me and Matria, the winner of my Free For All Auction lot (hope the dance was worth it :P)

Lady Issle

Lady Janice and Hank

Lady Lauren

Lady Lisa and Phil

Lady Lucie

Lady Madeleine

Lady Maisy

Lady Persephone and Dondas

Lady Portia

Lady Veronica and Vanessa

Lady Zarita


Thank you to everyone who came out for our gala 5th Masquerade Ball last night!  It was an amazing evening and you all look fabulous! A special thank you to our wonderful DJ, Lady Eloise, who came in to play a gorgeous set of music for us as we celebrated 4 years of The D!  What a night!


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