Thursday, April 11, 2019

A Message From Our New Curator Lady Raveshaa!


 The Dominion Art Gallery will be re-opening soon with me (Lady Raveshaa ) as the new curator.

  I would like to welcome all artists of the Dominion family to participate in not only applying for an exhibit room but, also a room for everyone!! The Gallery will have 2 exhibit rooms for those who want to exhibit their art collections, A room dedicated to those who are mesh creators, Classes on photography, AND!! one room open for everyone who enjoys photography to add one of their own from their collection. =)

  If you are interested in having an exhibit room, Please send me a notecard with your name and details of your collection. Exhibits will run for 3 weeks. We have two gallery rooms so no more LONG waiting list to show off your work. YAY!

  ALSO! A public room for our Dominion members to show off their work as well. You will be allowed one board and show your art for two weeks. If you are interested, please send me a notecard that you are interested in 1 board and we will get you set up with your own frame!!

  MESH DESIGNERS!! YES THIS MEANS YOU!!! I am also looking for mesh designs aka YOUR art aka busts, statues, etc etc. One of a kinds would be amazing. We will also be dedicating a room in the gallery for any mesh designers that would like to exhibit their art. Please send an application in notecard form to me.

Send all notecards to:  Raveshaa Resident

THANK YOU! I am excited to be able to host the NEW Dominion Art Gallery and be in awe in all the amazing art we as a family create. <3 p="">
Hope I was able to confuse most of you. If so, then my work here is done... * exit stage left *


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