Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Secrets

Some of you may know that we have a couple of secrets set up in the courtyard. Over by the statue in the conversation area there are three buttons that will help to put a sub in to a cage on a small island in the water. One button teleports the sub (you have to get them to click it - I'm sure you can manage that), and the other buttons lower the cage and shut the doors. Fun!

There is also a floor panel on the east side of the courtyard near the prison cell that opens when you say 'surfs up' in local chat. There is a handy ramp there that allows you to roll a sub out in to the water or even rez a jet ski and hit the water yourself.

Last night I added another floor panel next to the existing one that opens when you say 'open sesame'. Under that panel you will find an rlv compatible padded cell with time lock, mouselook, and other punishments. A great place to stick an unruly sub. Check it out Ladies!


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