Monday, November 30, 2009

December Events Calendar Released!

Our new December events calendar has been released! Click the 'Events' button at the top of this page or see the embedded calendar to the right.

We have lots of great events planned for December including our Christmas Pageant with live performances from some of our members, a holiday charity auction, our first Dominion Staff appreciation day and so much more. Look for our special holiday version of Trials and Punishments, 'Naughty or Nice', a massive Girls versus Boys snowball fight on Christmas Eve, and many, many more special holiday events. We'll wrap up the year with our second annual Bacchus Festival on New Year's Eve, an evening of sexy decadence and debauchery.

There are a few more events in the works including our Kinky Christmas Photo Exhibition at The Dominion Art Gallery (if you haven't entered yet make sure to see the sign on the Castle wall for details). We are also planning a Second Life Photography Workshop, for those of you who would like some tips and hints about taking photos in SL, and a couple of other surprises.

Our weekend parties have become very well known and we have more fantastic themes planned including our Dominated & Incarcerated Prison Party, and our Enchantment Under The Sea Ball. Its always a great excuse to dress up and come and party to some great music.

Check our events calendar regularly for more information and announcements of other events. Here's to a safe and happy holiday season, and a fun filled December!

A Beautiful Night Cap

A couple enjoying the music

The hostess and DJ, Lady Eloise, dancing with Rile

Lady Eloise's wintery Night Cap set

Lady Eloise did a gorgeous wintery set for tonight's Night Cap, a perfect showcase for this sexy, sultry, romantic event. As always, a big thank you to Lady Eloise for not only hosting and DJing, but for building a beautiful setting for the Night Cap every Monday. Thanks El!

New Exhibit At The Art Gallery: Dommes of Dominion

Lady Joie Arai's new show, 'Dommes of Dominion' opened yesterday at the Dominion Femdom Art Gallery. If you haven't seen it yet, it is spectacular. There are many gorgeous photos of some of our most well known ladies on exhibit, and there is also a fantastic coffee table book for sale, complete with all of the photos on display as well as many others.

The Dommes of Dominion show is on for two weeks. Make sure to get over to see it and pick up your own keepsake copy of the book before it's too late.

A big thank you to Lady Joie for allowing us to display her work and a special thank you to our gallery Curator, Lady Janice Jupiter, who has taken the Art Gallery and made it her own. She has a number of other shows in the works and has made the gallery one of the most interesting 'must see' places at Dominion. Make sure to check out the sign in the courtyard with all the details about our Kinky Christmas photo contest. We'll have a brand new display for the holidays and hope you will all participate!

A Discussion on Abuse

Lady Mandalay with Bret and Lady Maisy

Miss Jade with Kirk and Miss Tora with Erique

Lady Coco

Lady Syriana with Loth and Rile

A view of the group

Sunday's discussion was on the topic of abuse. We all know it happens, whether its with a new Domme thinking every sub wants to feel the heel of her boot or in the most established relationships. It can happen to Domme or sub and it can make you feel helpless.

We covered far too much information to summarize here, but if you feel you are being mistreated there is help. Contact one of our staff members or myself and we can help with resources or just an ear to listen. If you are suffering abuse in real life, there are a number of places you can turn. Talk to your friend, family, call your national abuse hotline, or the police if necessary. The important thing is to speak up and be heard.

D/s and BDSM should always be safe, sane, and consenual. If you are being forced to do things that hurt you emotionally or physically, or in a situation where 'no' is not heard or respected, you are in an abusive relationship. Speak up, get help, and be heard. BDSM is NOT abuse.


Our new Mr. Dominion David Lorefield

Some of the boys posing during the swimwear competition

Lady Janice looking on from the audience

Homerus performing a show stopping dance during the talent portion

Pajako demonstrating his photography skills

Russell in his fetishwear 'outfit'

Most of our contestants doing a jig at the end of the event

Our lovely judges Miss Pamela, Lady Eloise, Lady Sue, and Lady Zarita

Saturday we held our first ever Mr. Dominion Beauty Pageant and it was a big hit. Six of our subs competed: Homerus, Pajako, Elite, David, Russell, and Kees, and they were all fantastic. Our crowd was dazzeled by their style, their talent, and their ability to answer some tough questions under pressure. In the end, our judges had to choose our winner, Dave Lorefield. Congratulations to David and to all of our boys who did such a stellar job competing and entertaining our Ladies.

I would also like to thank our friends and sponsors who generously donated some of the prizes to Mr. Dominion: Black from Black Velvet Animations, Daphne from Kayliwulf Kingdom, Ilayda from Queendom and Bianka from Hugos Designs. Thank you all for your support!

A special thank you to our judges, Miss Pamela, Lady Eloise, Lady Sue, and Lady Zarita for making the very hard choice of who would be our first Mr. Dominion. You were all fantastic.

Thanks for coming out everyone! It was a great time.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zarita Finally Submits?

I found this in my inventory tonight. I believe that is LadyRavanys in red, with Lady Zarita at her feet. No idea who gave it to me or what was happening. Explanations anyone?

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

What a great party we had tonight at our Wizard of Oz Bash and wow..did everyone come ready to party. There were so many of you in amazing costumes it was hard to keep track of who was who, so forgive the lack of captions! Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana spun their usual fantastic sets of music, making it a really memorable evening. Thank you everyone and I hope you enjoy the photos. There were so many wonderful shots I had to include as many as I could.

See you next Friday for another big bash at Dominion!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This Friday's Big Party Is....


Join us this Friday, November 27th at 3 pm SLT for our Wizard of Oz Ball! Take a trip down the yellow brick road and get ready to party with the munchkins, witches, flying monkeys, and of course, a Dorothy or two! Lady Syriana and Lady Eloise will be spinning some fantastic music, so don't miss it. Just click your heels together and click teleport!

See you here!

More Mayhem At Trials

The crowd watching the precedings

Lady Joie presiding

My favourite wish was granted, Lady Joie made Maz a puppy for me

While our American friends celebrated Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a little more mayhem at our weekly trials. Our cases included Lady Maisy's boy Russell, who was a tad...merry as he celebrated the holiday, and my Maz, who I asked be made in to a dog (I've always been jealous of the Dommes with the little doggies. Now I have my own!).

As always, thank you to Lady Joie for presiding, and for all of you for participating. See you next Thursday, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends and family.

Time To Dance

Overlooking the dance floor

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Persephone and Decider

Lady Carla and Dex

Loth and Chattel, ordered to dance together by Lady Syriana

Yesterday's dance party was just part of a very busy day that included our biweekly discussion at The Fet in SL,our casual dance, and our Bedtime Stories event.. The most extraordinary part of the day is that Lady Syriana ended up leading all three events as Lady Eloise got called away for some RL at the last minute and couldn't DJ the dance. Lady Syriana graciously stepped in at the last moment.

We had a huge turnout at The Fet for our biweekly discussion, which is gaining quite the reputation. It's great to see some new faces and hear some different opinions during this discussion group. We do like to talk at Dominion! Make sure to join The Dominion Femdom Group on if you don't already belong. We have some fantastic discussions going on there as well and we'd love to hear your thoughts. Its free and its fun!

Yesterday's events ended with Lady Syriana continuing to read from 'The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty' up at the Confessions Bar. If you haven't been to our Bedtime Stories event, you have to join us sometime! It is so relaxing to sit back and listen to Lady Syriana read this well known and titallating story.

My thanks to Lady Syriana for all of her hard work hosting yesterday and to all of you who came out for our events. On a personal note, I'd just like to say Happy Anniversary to my partner Maz, who I met two years ago yesterday. Every day has been better since we met. I love you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sissification Broadcast

Tonight's Fetish Broadcast was on the topic of sissification from the website You can also find all of their podcasts on itunes. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

The Ladies Come Up From Behind

Today's Trivia started off with the Ladies missing a couple questions, however they managed to come up from behind (ahem) and win today's Trivia Event with a score of 8 - 7. Congrats ladies!

Kinky Christmas Photo Contest!

The Dominion Art Gallery presents our Kinky Christmas Photo Contest!

Get into the Christmas spirit Femdom style and create a piece of festive art with a fetish twist.

The Dominion Art Gallery is holding its first official contest with some fabulous prizes for the winners! The contest begins on November 25th and runs through till December 12th.

The Rules:

1. Entries must feature a festive theme with a Femdom element (see the promo poster as an example).
2. All Entries must be sent to Janice Jupiter as a full perm texture in a notecard, with the entrants name, by December 12th.
3. The dimensions of the picture should be either 512*512 or 580*360 (see this website for help:
4. Entrants are only allowed to submit 3 pictures into the contest.
5. Post processing of images is allowed and encouraged

By entering you agree to your picture being displayed in the Dominion Art Gallery. You do not need to be a Dominion member to enter.

There will be a cash prize as well as some special treats, more details to follow!

Please contact Janice Jupiter, Dominion Curator, with any questions.

Good luck!

Mr.Dominion this Saturday!

Boys, this weekend is our big Mr. Dominion Beauty Pageant....details are below:

Join us this Saturday at 12 noon SLT for our Mr. Dominion Beauty Pageant! Boys, here's your chance to show off your pretty avatar, your talents, and your ability to think on the spot!

There are BIG prizes for our winner including a 5000 linden cash prize. Boys, if you want to enter fill out the form below and send it to Evangeline Eames before 10 am on Saturday.

SL Birthday:
Are you owned:
What is your talent:
Why do you want to be Mr. Dominion:

All applicants must have their Mistress' permission to participate if they are owned. You must be available to be here from 12 noon to 4 pm SLT this Saturday, November 28th. You must also:

-have a formal wear and swimwear outfit to model
-have a talent for the talent portion of the contest
-hear voice as this event will be hosted in voice

See you here!

New Fashion FREEBIES!

Check our Style blog to find out about our brand new freebies, including this Vintage Lingerie Fatpack. Just click the 'Style' button at the top of this page.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our New Resource Centre

The Dominion Resource Centre at Dominion Luxe

Yesterday we finished installing the new Resource Centre at Dominion Luxe. This calm and relaxed meeting place includes information about Dominion, Femdom and BDSM in SL, and other information about your avatar and Second Life.

The Resource Centre is open to everyone to check out. Those who are more experienced in Second Life might be surprised to find that much of the information is helpful to them as well. Sit back, grab an espresso, and enjoy the read.

I owe a huge thank you to Lady Joie Arai, who worked so hard to put this Resource Centre together. She spent a lot of time organizing and preparing this information for the simple reason she stated to me: "It's something that's important to me". It is a fantastic resource to our members and visitors. Thank you Joie.

You can reach our Resource Centre at Dominion Luxe by clicking the sign above the gift table near the Castle doors, or simply by looking up Dominion Luxe in search. There you will also find our free menswear store, Gratis, and our Femdom Art Gallery. We hope you enjoy visiting.

Spa Event!

Relaxing by the pool

The ladies chatting and being pampered

Cocktails all around

Our tropical spa setup

I loooooved yesterday's Spa Event, much more than I anticipated actually. It was great to have the ladies relaxing and chatting and to watch the boys pampering us. I was VERY impressed with the emoting and how much the boys enjoyed serving. We will definitely have to do this again soon.

My thanks to the lovely Lady Ysatis for hosting this event with me and for helping to come up with the idea along with Lady Sara. It was great fun and a big success. Thank you again Ysatis and thank you to everyone who came out to lap up the sun and enjoy our Spa Event.

A Discussion On Gor

Yesterday's Discussion Group

Lounging and listening

One of our Gorean guests, Retief, in blue

Lady Sophiaa and Variance, our other two guests from Gor

We had a big and very interesting discussion yesterday on why Goreans and Femdoms don't get along so well. Our own Lady Cat graciously arranged for some Gorean friends to attend and it really was an interesting discussion. Were there any conclusions? Well I think I did reach some myself, which I will be covering in a post on our Fetlife forum. Make sure to join in to our discussions at I look forward to seeing what all of you have to say about this controversial topic.

Thank you to Lady Cat for her assistance, and to our Gorean guests for attending. See you next Sunday!