Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Joie Arai Exhibit!

Get ready for a new show at The Dominion Art Gallery this Sunday featuring the works of Lady Joie Arai!

Cannibal Feast!

Our Cannibal Feast!


Lady Summer and Misty

Lady Lauren

Lady Noirran

Lady Dalia

Miss Pamela

Lady Veronica and Nin

Thank you to all of our DJs and to everyone who came out for our big Cannibal Feast!  Hope you were satiisfied!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

This Friday's Big Party Is....

Get ready for some delicious tunes and more at our big Cannibal Feast Bash! We'll be getting all savage to some amazing music.  Don't miss the hottest and tastiest party on the grid!

A Red Hot Fetish!

A few shots from tonight's Fetish Party!  The theme was RED HOT as you can see. Welcome back to our kick ass DJ, Miss Pamela!


Her Judgery, Lady Persephone, handing down the business

Monty on defense


Lady Veronica and Nin

On Trial with a pig looking on (naturally)


Spinning on the wheel


Miss Eva

We had a bit of a piggy theme

We had a blast at today's Trials that included some colorful defense from Monty, some justice and kindhearted punishments from Lady Persephone, compelling testimony from our Officers and of course, some whimpering (and snorting) from our subs. Thanks for coming out for the fun everyone!

Interview With A Sub: Duncan

Interviewing Duncan


Lady Eloise

Lady Jolene

Lady Olive

Lady Raffi with Owen and Velveteen

Interview With A Sub!

Leasha (who took her first blog photos!)

A big thank you to Duncan for sitting down for our Interview With A Sub event earlier today. It was a fun  hour! Thank you all for coming out.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alt Music With Kris!

Alt Music Party!

Lady Lauren and Jay


Lady Janice


Thanks for spinning such great music Kris!

Lady Susannah

Lady Nej

Thank you all for coming out to our Alt Music Party today!  Fantastic music, Kris!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Club Noir!

Lady Noirran with Geist (wow!)

Club Noir

Lady Lauren

Lady Karma and Noodles

Lady Persephone


Lady Tempest

Lady Lobbie

Thank you to Lady Noirran and everyone who came out to today's Club Noir!