Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Party Tomorrow!

Don't miss our big Halloween bash tomorrow, October 31st at 2 pm SLT. It's just part of a really big weekend at Dominion. Check the events calendar for more details. See you here!

Earthshaking Trials!

The crowd looking on

Dominion Justice Lady Joie on the dias

Dominion Prosecutor looks down at Severin

Lady LaBioch and Jseb with a bar of soap in his mouth

Lady Sue spanking Mat

We had some very badly behaved subs that needed to be straightened out at Trials yesterday including Mat, who received a sound spanking from Lady Sue, and Jseb, who was sold to Lady LaBioch for a week of hard training. However, the most exciting (and scary!) part of Trials may have been Dominion Prosecutor Lady Sara describing how her house was shaking after which she disappeared for a good long while. Not to worry though, the utility company was just putting up a new pole in her yard. All is well except for her raspberries, and Lady Sara plans to fight for compensation for that (you know how lawyers are!).

As always, a big thank you to Dominion Justice Lady Joie, Dominion Prosecutor Lady Sara, and Dominion Defense Electra for the dedication and sense of fun they bring to this event every week. Thank you also to everyone who participated. We'll see you next Thursday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The November Calendar Is Released!

It's going to be a fun November at Dominion with some fantastic Friday parties including a Broadway Babies party, a Famous & Dead Party, and much more! Plus...we have another Designer Showcase this Sunday with Illayda from QUEENDOM demoing her product over at Dominion Fetish. We have more exhibits planned at The Dominion Art Gallery and a lots of returning favourites like Trials & Punishments and Bedtime Stories.

Also in the works is a Mistress Etiquette seminar where we will discuss generally accepted protocol when dealing with owned and unowned subs, and hear your views on what you think is appropriate. Watch notices for the time and date.

We'll also have the second of our monthly discussions at The Fet in SL, and a special Spa Event hosted mid month by Lady Sara and Lady Ysatis. Get ready to be pampered Ladies!

A really exciting event on the calendar is our Mr. Dominion Beauty Pageant scheduled for the end of the month. We'll be turning stereotypes on their heads as we have the boys compete in our own swim suit and formal wear pageants, as well as a talent contest and our own Q & A session. It's going to be ALOT of fun with some great prizes for the winning boy. Watch notices for details.

Click the 'events' button on the top of the page for our full events calendar.

Here's to another great month at Dominion!

Did You Know....

Just a little fyi: our Coat of Arms was carefully constructed with each piece having a specific meaning:

Torch: symbolizes endurance, guidance, and enlightenment
Chains: suggests the bearer bore the chain of obligation or obliged others because of services done
Wings: Swiftness and Protection
Swords: Justice and Honour
Latin Text: our motto, "aut viam inveniam aut faciam", translates as "I'll either find a way or make one"

You may also have noticed that we have a portrait of Minerva in The Dominion Castle. She is the Goddess of wisdom and war and our patron at Dominion.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Friday's Big Party Is....


Friday, October 30th at 3 pm SLT

Join us this Friday for The Dominion Upstairs Downstairs Party with DJs Lady Syriana and Lady Eloise! Its the high life for the Ladies as they get ready to socialize and dance in our elegant ballroom while the boys prepare to cater to their every desire! Ladies, bring your private butler, valet, chef, bodyguard, chauffeur, maid, whatever you prefer. It's going to be a night of opulence and indulgence!

See you here....

New Romantics At The Wednesday Dance

Lady Eloise all decked out and spinning

A view of the dance floor at today's Wednesday dance

It was a great dance party today with Lady Eloise playing a New Romantics set of music that was just fantastic. Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Lady Eloise for another killer set.

Halloween Preview

Epi and Nyc in the courtyard today, wearing some Frankenstein masks made by Eroyan

p.s. Thank you for the photo Janice! I love candid shots of happenings on sim. If anyone has any photos they would like to send just IM me and I will pass on my address.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Fetish Broadcast

Tonight's Fetish Broadcast was on the topic of Role Play. If you missed it, you can find the show notes at All of the Fetish Flame podcasts are available for download on itunes.

We'll be back in two weeks with another Fetish Broadcast!

New Exhibit At The Art Gallery

A view of the gallery with Lady Janice's new exhibit

Tamed, by Lady Janice Jupiter

A new exhibit of artwork by our Gallery's Curator, Lady Janice Jupiter, opened today at Dominion Luxe. The show has a caberet style theme and features a number of dramatic Femdom scenes.

The works on exhibit are for sale as limited editions of five. All of the proceeds go directly to the artist so this is a great way to support original art in Second Life. Lady Janice has generously offered the piece above, 'Tamed' as a gift. Just head over to the gallery and get your copy.

The Dominion Femdom Art Gallery is located at the Dominion Luxe sim. Just use the teleporter by the castle door. The Gallery is a permanent addition to our community so make sure to watch for rotating exhibits. If you produce Femdom art and think you may be interested in exhibiting, please contact Lady Janice for more information.

A big thank you to Janice for her hard work overseeing the gallery, and congratlations on a wonderful exhibit!

Today's Trivia

The Ladies were back on top today winning the event 10 - 9. I just can't stump this crowd! I am always so impressed how smart everyone is. Congrats Ladies! See you in two weeks for more Trivia.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lady Bethany and Marcus Collaring

Lady Bethany and her boy Marcus during their collaring ceremony with Lady Syriana officiating

The view of the set

Yesterday Lady Bethany officially collared her boy Marcus at a beautiful ceremony in the Dominion Forest. Lady Syriana opened the ceremony, but it was Lady Bethany who did most of the talking, pledging her devotion to her boy Marcus while he pledged hers in return. It was truly lovely. Our best wishes to them both!

An Important Discussion

Yesterday's Discussion Group

Miss Tora, Miss Coco, Lady Sophie, Lady Maisy

Miss Jade and Miss Rhianon with Merlin

Miss Destiny with Iam and David

Some of the group listening in

We had a huge turnout for our Discussion Group yesterday and it couldn't be on a more important topic: how we deal with the end of a D/s relationship. There were so many great thoughts and it was really great to hear so many of the subs contribute.

Our Sunday Discussions continue on Fetlife. Make sure to join in and share your thoughts. Just visit and search for The Dominion Femdom group. It's free and we would love to hear from you.

A big thank you to Miss Destiny for doing another wonderful discussion. I know things are very busy for her right now and I appreciate her continued hard work and dedication. Thanks Destiny!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Miss Maddie

So, I couldn't continue my homages to friends this month without including one of my closest friends, our Managing Editor at FEMDOM Magazine, and our Mistress of Auctions, Miss Madeleine Broome.

Madeleine is another one I can't remember meeting, however I do remember the first time I really took notice of her. We were both in a meeting at another Femdom discussing a proposal on a voice verification program. I was presenting it and Madeleine was one of the group preparing to vote on the proposal. When I finished my presentation many of the ladies nodded in approval. I was rather satisfied with myself and then I heard a voice of dissent from one side of the room. It was Madeleine. I can't recall all of her objections, but they focused on the lack of reliability of the process and the general ridiculousness of it. I thought, 'Who is this??'. I was all ready to push my little proposal through but Madeleine wasn't gonna let me get away with it that easily. Long story short, thats when I first learned not to expect Madeleine to lay down just because its what everyone else is doing.

Soon after this I joined the staff of this Femdom, where Madeleine also happened to be a judge. I got to know her better, and although we didn't become close I did get to see how smart, reasonable, and fair she was. I found that she had a lot of common sense, which, as my mother used to say, actually isn't so common. I also had a chance to see what a great wit and dry sense of humour she has. My suspicion of Madeleine pretty quickly turned to affection and respect.

As the situation at this other Femdom deteriorated in to bickering and feuding, I got to see Madeleine in action. She didn't tolerate any bullshit or grandstanding, and wasn't afraid to call anyone on it. One of my favourite memories of Madeleine was hearing her take down a particularly ridiculous and loud mouth Domme in group chat. This Domme was a total bully but Madeleine wasn't having any of it. After berating a number of people this Domme turned her attention towards Madeleine, Madeleine responded, "Do you want a piece of me old Lady? Let's go.". The other Domme immediately backed down, knowing she was out of her league. I loved it.

When I started Dominion Madeleine was one of the first Ladies I invited to come over with me. I wasn't sure she would agree to it. I knew she had pretty much had enough of the politicking and bullshit that was running rampant in the Femdoms at the time, however, I also knew Madeleine hates being bored, and that was probably what enticed her to accept the position in the end.

Dominion had lots of problems in the early days, settling in and finding our direction. Many of the ladies here were drama queens or required a lot of hand holding. Not Madeleine. She was always reasonable, professional, and reliable. Over time I grew to rely on her and trust her completely. She became my sounding board for whether or not something is 'right', and she is still often the one I IM and ask for advice when I am unsure how to act.

Madeleine and I have spent lots of time joking around and having fun...she has a great sense of humour and an appreciation of the absurd. She is virtually impossible to offend with a joke, but has an old fashioned sense of honour and integrity. If she sees lapses in yours or in how you treat her, you are not likely to get the time of day.

As many of you know, Madeleine is also the Managing Editor of FEMDOM Magazine. When I first started the magazine I was totally naive and had no clue what I was doing. Luckily, Madeleine came in and helped me put it together from the ground up. So much of the magazine is Madeleine. I do lots of the networking and of course Maz does the visual, but Madeleine is the one who guides us with the direction and quality of the magazine. If she ever leaves we most likely will have to fold. Thats how important she is to the process.

Madeleine once said to me that she can be someone's 'best friend or worst enemy, your choice'. I believe it. She's been a wonderful and sincere friend to me, someone whom I love and think the world of. She does still scare me a little, mostly because I do look up to her alot. If I should ever be so unfortunate to lose her good favour, I know I will have seriously fucked up.

Some of my favourite times in SL are in the evenings when Madeleine and I are IMing and comparing notes, or she is regaling me of her life with her collection of characters, or her adventures in the netherworlds of SL. Maz will be on Skype with me and hear me laughing and say, "that must be a Madeleine conversation". I can't imagine being here without her smartass remarks, her good advice, or support. I really feel so lucky and privileged she has chosen me to be her friend.

Disco Sissy At D Lounge

Lady Pamela and Sean at tonight's D Lounge. Sorry I missed it, I heard Lady Syriana did another killer set. Thanks for another great Saturday evening Syri!

A Laidback Confessions

Miss Maylea with Pajako and Miss Staceybee

Miss Crissy and Mel

Lady Ravanys with Cole and Eric

It was a great and laidback Confessions tonight that included an amusing tale of a webcam conversation gone wrong and some funny and touching answers to 20 questions. As always, a big thank you to our hostess, Lady Ravanys for leading this event, and to all of you for coming out. Confessions will be preempted by our big Halloween Bash next week, but we'll be back in two weeks for more! See you then...

Today's Slave Hunt

Lady Jade

Lady Florence

Lady Jade and Lady Michela taking down Maz

Lady Michela with Lady Jade

Today's hunt had the Dommes and the subs very evenly matched. The Dommes started bringing in the subs very quickly, with Satoumi being the first one captured.

The hunt ended in a 4 way tie between Lady Michela, Lady Janice, Lady Jade, and Lady Florence. In order to determine a winner we had to have a shoot off with Lady Michela taking the title of DOM High Huntress in the end. For the second hunt in a row, Eroyan Barmy evaded capture the longest. Congrats to both of our winners!

Its a reverse Slave Hunt next time everyone so make sure to come out and give it your best shot. See you here!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Big Disco Roller Ball!

The crowd at tonight's Disco Roller Ball

Miss Serenity and Magik

Lady Busty and Beau

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Miss Labioche with Zapt

Lady Crissy and Mel

Wow, what a fun night! Our Disco Roller Ball was a blast and everyone came ready to boogie! Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana did not disappoint with both ladies playing killer sets of music. As usual, the costumes were spectacular! Thank you to our wonderful DJs and and to everyone who came out for another fantastic Friday night party. See you next week!

Dominion Public Health Services

Lady Coco dropped this photo and the following note on me late last night:

Thursday night must have been a full moon as all the boys landing at Dominion were behaving very cheeily. So Busty in all of her graciousness decided to hold an enema clinic in the hopes of 'cleaning up their acts'. One by one they lined up and one by one they received their enemas. Here is a photo for your enjoyment. :)

Cat and Mouse

Lady Cat with her boy Lucian, who is dressed as a white mouse by order of the court. Cute, hey?

Back To 'Normal' At Trials

Lady Syriana and Loth, who was turned in to a sheep for repeatedly saying 'eeewwww'

Dominion Prosecutor Lady Sara

Dominion Justice Lady Joie with Eroyan in her 'Tiny Ridge Gang' getup

The crowd looking on

Dominion Defense Electra with a new set of crayons to occupy her during trials

We were back to our regular trial proceedings this week and boy, did the court have a heavy case load. Lady Joie handed down the judgements at lightening speed. The most amusing judgement was perhaps on Loth, who was turned in to a sheep for saying 'ewwwww', while I was describing some perfectly harmless activities. Imagine!

A big thanks to Dominion Justice Lady Joie for presiding, to Dominion Prosecutor Lady Sara for another kick ass series of prosecutions (so funny!), and to Dominion Defense Electra for managing to mostly stay in the lines while coloring (also hilarious..thanks Electra). See you next Thursday!


Lady Eloise did this fantastic Halloween themed set for Monday's Night it! A BIG thanks to Lady Eloise for throwing our most sultry, sexy event of the week with her Night Cap slow jam. She packs the house every Monday at 7 pm SLT. Come and check it out! Thanks El!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Friday's Big Party Is.....


Join us at 3 pm SLT on Friday, October 23rd for our Disco Roller Ball with DJs Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana! Strap on your roller skates and boogie the night away to amazing music! It's going to be a great time...don't miss it!

The First Claiming Of Beauty

Tonight Lady Syriana began reading The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty at our Bedtime Stories event. Let me tell you, it was a stellar reading! Lady Syriana has such a soft, soothing voice she is delicious to listen to. Join us every Wednesday at 5:30 pm SLT as Lady Syriana continues to read this well known novel.

Intro To RLV

Lady Sue Rozen leading the Intro To RLV Class earlier today

Earlier today we had a great turn out for our Intro To RLV class. Led by Lady Sue, the class outlined the basics of RLV and explained how to get started. It can be intimidating to get started with RLV but very rewarding if you take the time. Lady Sue suggested Marine Kelly's website for more information:

I big thank you to Lady Sue for all of her hard work preparing this course and to all of you for coming out!

New Kids In Town

For reasons unbeknownst to me, Loth and Eroyan donned tiny avies and rode around as cowboys on little horses yesterday. Eroyan said they have formed some sort of posse and named themselves the 'Tiny Ridge Gang'. Lock up your daughters and hide the silver folks.

More Media X

Lady Syriana and Maddox

Lady Medussa and Lady Aebleskiver

Lady Tamar and Xavier

Lady Sophie and Alexi

It was another fun Media X yesterday although no one did their homework! I hope to see some more clips from all of you next time. Luckily, Gregie brought a bunch of clips to choose from. Here are the ones I chose to share with the group. Enjoy!
[7:51] Goddess Starla puts a strap-on her chaste husband slave and pretends he is her ex-boyfriend while he fucks her with it.

[10:37] Teased Tied And Tormented

[10:16] Femdom Handjob Tease and Denial with clothes pegs

[5:44] Lesbian Femdom Torture

[2:12] Captive Male - pain and pleasure, and Ladies cum first