Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food Fetish Photo Contest!

The Dominion Art Gallery is holding a new series of fetish themed photo contests with some fabulous prizes for the winners!

The next theme is FOOD - anything to do with food play - the kinkier the better! Some ideas here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_play

The contest begins on August 31st and runs until September 17th.

The Rules:

1. Entries must feature a food fetish theme with a Femdom element.

2. All Entries must be sent to Janice Jupiter as a full perm texture, called FOOD FETISH CONTEST [Picture Title] [Entrant's Name], by September 17th.

3. The dimensions of the picture should be either 1024*512, 512*512 or 580*360 (see this website for help: http://www.talia-tokugawa.co.uk/guide/image-sizes-for-sl/).

4. Entrants are only allowed to submit 2 pictures into the contest.

5. Post processing of images is allowed and encouraged, but the majority of the picture should come from Second Life (i.e. no stock backgrounds but small embellishments are fine)

Judging Panel:

Evangeline Eames
Joie Arai
Maztor Giles

By entering you agree to your picture being displayed in the Dominion Art Gallery. You do not need to be a Dominion member to enter.

Entries will be displayed and winners announced in the Dominion Art Gallery on September 19th.

Remember we have a great photo studio at Dominion for members to use:

As well as stores with fantastic Femdom poses at Dominion Fetish.

There is a 1500 linden prize for 1st AND a 3000 linden Goddess Revenge HUD from Digital Dream, 1000 for 2nd, and 500 for 3rd!

Please contact Janice Jupiter, Dominion Curator, with any questions.

Good luck!

Ego Trip!

Okay so the playlist for today's casual dance was put together by me! Totally self indulgent but hey, thats the perk of owning the DJ. Here's a fav from the set. Enjoy!

Girls Aloud: Female Chauvinist Pigs?

Lady Sanjana and Lady Callianne

Lady Nattasha and Jonny

Subs listening in

At today's Girls Aloud event we read excerpts from Ariel Levy's 2005 book, Female Chauvinists Pigs: Women And The Rise Of Raunch Culture. Reviewer Kristine Huntley describes the book here:

"With the rise of such magazines as Maxim and FHM and the popular video series Girls Gone Wild, raunch culture has never been more mainstream. The reason, Levy posits, is because women are getting in on the act and participating in their own exploitation. Levy takes a hard look at this new pop-culture phenomenon to see how smart, intelligent women buy into sexual stereotypes. She tags along for a night of Girls Gone Wild filming during which college girls strip down, fool around with each other, and regret it all in the morning. Talented female athletes, actresses, and musicians feel the need to strip down to almost nothing and pose provocatively for men's magazines. Levy notes how the anti-woman attitude has even invaded lesbian culture as sexually adventurous lesbians refer to themselves as 'bois' and resist the attempts of "femmes" to get them to settle down. Even the very traits associated with women are considered inferior as many women attempt to "just be one of the guys." A piercing look at how women are sabotaging their own attempts to be seen as equals by going about the quest the wrong way, Levy's engrossing book should be required reading for young women."

Check out the book here: ariellevy.net

A big thank you to everyone who came out for the event. It was an interesting hour.

Monday, August 30, 2010

An Hour At The D

By popular request, from The Dominion's Got Talent event, here is 'An Hour At The D'. Enjoy!

3. **Hanna** As we begin, I ask you to close your eyes. Feel the cool air blowing lightly off the water, the rustle of the leaves overhead and the warmth of the never ending sun on your skin. You are of course, in the Dominion Courtyard. As we know, this peace and quiet is unlikely to last long....

1. **Silk**
2. *Disclaimer: no boys were harmed in the writing of this, and no offense is meant to any featured in our story today*

4. **Hanna**
5. Epi is weeding quietly in the corner by the chairs, the same patch of grass where the weeds always grow, no one could say he just sits around. Jerbo is towards the back, quietly watching and listening to the conversations which jump back and forth across the circle. Miss Mandalay spanks Bret's sexy butt, to the response ..

6. **Zaira**
7. "I love you more than infinity!"

8. **Hanna**
9. Lady Miyani lounges on the couch with Gia close by. Even though to the unaware it may seem like her attention is not on the crowd, when one of the various boys steps out of line and forgets to kneel, she is straight on it. The boy is still trying to work out how to kneel when Miss Destiny arrives.

10. **Gia** ((Miss Destiny's voice))
11. "Hello Busty.. it's good to see you online. Did you hear that I'm totally innocent of all charges brought against me?"

12. **Hanna**
13. And if she's not, she won't go down alone!

14. **Zaira** ((Miss Zaritas voice))
15. "Well Hello Dewdrop.. do I not get a hello anymore? I should be FIRST on your list, with how much you love me, and I'm your superior after all."

16. **Hanna**
17. ....closely followed by that oh so familiar laugh. Miss Destiny's tone is easy as she responds...

18. **Gia** ((Miss Destiny's voice))
19. "No Sheila... I'll get to you"

20. **Hanna**
21. ....and moves though the courtyard to a chair, though a sea of hellos, hi's and hola's.
22. The conversation at quick pace moves forward like so..

23. Gia ((Miss Destiny's voice)) -- "So have you read my blog today Sheila?"

24. Zaira-- "No Dewey, I hear enough of what you have to say here, Do you think I have time to read about it as well"

25. Gia ((Miss Destiny's voice))-- "Oh but you like to know the details of what I'm doing. I know you love me Sheila"

26. **Hanna**
27. .. Miss Zarita's laugh runs clear

28. Zaira -- "mmmmhmmmm that boy of yours should never have helped you set up a blog, he should be on trial for that, who else is on trial tonight?"

29. **Hanna**
30. This friendly discussion is only cut off as everyone gets tangled in reading 3 .. 4.. then 5 notices coming out one after the other on shoes, hunts, and the plans for the day seconds before Miss Eva enters, leathered up ready for trials she offers her hello's in all directions. Miss Kivrin grinwaves to her.
32. Miss Mandalay spanks Bret's sexy butt.

32b. *Zaira** "I love you more than infinity."

32c. **Hanna* Miss Eva proceeds to scan the courtyard for anything or anyone new, talking in passionate, animated detail about the latest shoes she has found. Miss Violet appears...

33. **Gia** ((Miss Violet))
34. "hello ladies...hello boys and girls"

35. **Hanna**
36. Towards the wall, a woman arrives in fully kitted latex, and the boys fall over themselves to greet first, Hi Miss.. Hello Miss.. Hi Lady.. before she move to the side and kneels. At this Miss Eva is straight there ..

36a **Gia** ((Eva's Voice)) "hello are you new to the dominion? are you really female or a sissy? can you voice?"

36b **Hanna** As the females soft voice fills each persons speakers, the surprise.. or shock is clear in Miss Eva's voice...

36c **Gia** (Eva's Voice) "oh.. you are a girl"

36d **Hanna** ...and the interest moves on to trials pretty swiftly after this and who might just be up to being the sought after title, "edge of the week".

37. **Hanna**
38. Zaira appears, with a boy rezzing in hot on her tail. With Miss Eva still recovering from the surprise of a female voice, the others sling some rope, and pull him in with hello's.

39. **Silk (other male voice)**
40. "Hello Miss Zaira..."

43. Zaira ((Miss Zarita's voice)) -- "she's not a Miss, look around you boy, Ladies don't kneel here and I can almost see her breakfast in that outfit she almost has on, little slut"

46. **Silk (other male voice)**
47. "I am sorry Zarita. ... Hello Miss Evangeline, Miss Destiny... Hello Miss Busty..."

50. Zaira ((Miss Miles)) -- "thats Miss Miles, thank you"

51. **Hanna**
52. ...and a collective groan from dommes and a few subs alike at the number of slip-ups while greeting... as the rules are offered to him, with Miss Zarita's interjection of...

53. Zaira--((Miss Zarita)) "there will be a test at the end, read them well"

56. **Hanna**
57. A few trial cases rounded up and the new boy tested and added to the line-up before Miss Medussa arrives "Hola guapas" warms the ears of each there. Miss Mandalay spanks Bret's sexy butt.

57a. **Zaira** "I love you more than infinity."

57b. *Hanna* And, with the boy passing the rules test, Miss Maddie lays claim on him for the upcoming auction on Saturday with a cry of...

57c **Zaira** (Madeleine Broome) "get em young and raise em how you want um"

57d. **Hanna** Miss Zarita claims a confession...
57e. **Zaira** (Zarita) "I'm sure you have something to confess, you're in a femdom"

57f. **Sue** (Own Voice) "how do you feel about bi play?"

58. **Hanna**
59. As trials approach, everyone moves very very very slowly across to the courtroom and the first boy takes the stand before Judge Joie.

59a. **Gia** (Destiny) "How very dare he!"

59b. **Zaira** (Zarita) "Off with his head"
59c. **Gia** (Eva) "Do you take it up the ass?"

60. **Hanna**
61. "What can I say, sell me your soul and I might be able to help you afterwards" are all the words of defense Ero offers, though she does "nibble" a few others in the process. The amusement takes over for the girls and both Gia and Zaira decide to comment on a possible punishment.. which both get a "shuddup" from Miss Eva instantly.

62. **Miss Sue** ((Miss Joie's voice))
63. "No.. I know what I'd rather have from him.. Do you have privacy at the moment?"

64. **Hanna**
65. Miss Joie's voice softly purrs out, in an oh so teasingly arousing tone. The poor boy doesn't know whats hit him and his excitement at ..

66. Miss Sue (Miss Joie's voice) -- "strip, get a belt and leave your mic on "

67. **Hanna*
68. as the ladies laughter in the background is clear. He is for once good, and quickly gets the hang of counting off the slaps across his ass.. though some would doubt it was his ass, and is very eager as Miss Joie adds

69. Miss Sue (Miss Joie's voice)-- "thats it.. take your cock.. and rub it nicceeeee and slowwwwwwly for us.. upppp and ddownnnnn"

70. Silk (other male voice) -- "yes your judgery" .... male moaning sounds

71. Miss Sue-- "now don't you dare cum.. you let me know when you're close"

72. Silk (other male voice) --**more male fake moaning **

73. Gia -- (Miss Destiny 's voice )"oh, I think I'll need to have tea after this"

74. Silk (other male voice) --** male moaning ** .. asking to cum

75. Miss Sue (Miss Joies Voice) -- "Thats it.. should we let him cum ladies .. what do you think?"

76. **Hanna**
77. As the cries of laughter run out, and many comment on how good he sounds, the punishment of edging twice that day.. and each day until the next trials is given much to this new boys surprise.. and he is removed from the front. As the next boy appears, Miss Destiny announces

78. **Gia** (Destiny)-- "right I'll be right back"

79. **Hanna**
80. and cries of "Tea!" come up from the ladies.
81. Next the Patrick Stewart of the Dominion reads in his distinctive tone ....

82. **Silk in his own tone**
83. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
84. Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

85. **Gia** ((Miss Destiny)) *female moaning in the background*

86. **Silk own voice**
87. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
88. And summer's lease hath all too short a date".

91. Gia -- *female moaning*

92. **Hanna**
93. ...there is much appreciation from all sides.. including a few comparing it to the infamous Gregie saying -- "pussy" --- but Officer Rozen spins around...

94. **Miss Sue as herself**
95. "Does someone have their mic on? who is that moaning?"

96. **Hanna**
97. ...and silence falls over the courtroom...

98. Gia -- *soft moaning female*

99. **Hanna**
100. As they attempt to work this out, there is some laughter and calls that it is in fact, Miss Destiny making tea..
101. Trials continue and Chattel is up.. for something that no one is overly sure of .. worms get under everyones feet, and he turned up the grass with his worm-ness.. the trial is interrupted by the ever increasing ....

102. Gia -- *female moaning sounds*

103. **Hanna**
104. ...As punishment is passed Miss Destiny returns, sounding very refreshed ....

105. Gia-- "Okay, I'm back everyone.. what have i missed?"

106. **Hanna**
107. ...must be that Earl Grey working his magic.

109. **Zaira** No one could ever say that life at the Dominion is dull, It is varied and vibrant, full of the life and energy each person breathes into it.. or spanks out of it.. We all have our memories, moments and habits, and each persons variety makes the Dominion what the Dominion is. Dominion, I love you more than infinity. *moaning from Gia and Silk*

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Edging!

Lady Pamela being offended

Miss Miles and Loth

Lady Janice and Dany

The discussion group

Miss Destiny and Lethal

The sub brigade

Today's Discussion group was part two on the topic of edge play, a topic which seems to fascinate many of you! A big thank you to Miss Destiny for hosting and doing her usual amazing job!

This discussion continues on Fetlife.com, the social networking site for kinksters. If you aren't on Fetlife yet, you must check it out. Just click the FL icon on the top right hand corner of this page and join The Dominion Femdom group for this and many other discussions. Its free and its fun. And friend me! I'm EvaEames on Fetlife.

Rocking The D With DJ Pam E

Lady Pamela, rocking the house

A motely crew enjoying the tunes

Lady Janice going Aussie on us

A big thank you to Miss Pamela for rocking the Dominion for our Saturday D Lounge. It was a blast. We were all surprised to see UK based Lady Janice stroll in around 7 pm SLT. Ah those late summer nights!

If you haven't been to the D Lounge when Lady Pamela has been spinning, you haven't heard the amazing 'bumpers' her sub Billy did for her. Check out a couple here. So professional Pammy!

The Femdom Network Garden Party

A shot of the pond

Lady Mandalay and Bret

A view through the trees

Thank you to everyone who came out to party with The Femdom Network at our summer Garden Party on Saturday. It was a great way to kick off our Home & Garden Tour, which I hope you all enjoyed. A special thank you to Lady Mandalay for stepping in to DJ at the last minute. Gorgeous music Mandalay!

Check out the Femdom Network blog at http://femdomnetwork.blogspot.com for more party photos and a few photos of homes on the tour. Look for a FEMDOM Magazine feature with many more photos when we drop our next issue, coming soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trailer Trash Bash!

Lady Thalia and Wheels

Lady Nattasha and Jonny

Lady Hannah

Lady Cherrie and Rosie

Iam and Medussa

Rocking the Trailer Park

A big thank you to Lady Medussa and Lady Syriana for rocking the Trailer Park last night...what a blast! Thank for coming everyone!

Let Me Entertain You

Carl entertaining the troops in the courtyard. Why is he Santa? Well you had to be at last week's Trials I guess.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This Friday's Big Party Is....

Our Trailer Trash Bash! Come and party to some great music in our very own Dominion Trailer Park! There will be plenty of beer and bbq so get ready for a rip roaring good time. See you here!

Then, Saturday at noon we'll class up the joint with an elegant garden party to kick off the Femdom Network's Home & Garden Tour. Join us for some romantic music in our summer garden before touring some of the most interesting homes in the Femdom community. Visit the Femdom Network blog for more details at:


Here's to another great weekend!


Miss Destiny stepping in as judge

Kyna on defense

Miss Destinee and Conor

Lady Aphrodite and Buck

Watching the show

A big thank you to Miss Destiny who stepped in as judge at yesterday's Trials (even though last week she was a defendant..go figure) to Lady Zarita for prosecuting and Kyna for defending (sort of). Favourite punishment doled out? Perhaps having Chattel turned in to a lovely kajira and sent off to Gor. I hope their are photos! See you next week.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interview With A Sub: Emma Neilsen

Emma, our interviewee

A full house

A big thank you to Emma for agreeing to be interviewed last night. It was a great hour!

70's Dance!

Lady Cougarre

Lady Mandalay and Bret

The dance floor

Lady Zarita

A big thank you to Gregie for his first DJing gig yesterday. I loved the 70s music! See you all next week.

Courtyard Hijinks

No idea what is going on here but its Miss Destiny and Lady Joie with Iam, Effy, and Emma looking on.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Dominion Hot Summer Nights Sale ON NOW!

There is an amazing 99 Linden Hot Summer Nights Sale going on at The Dominion Fashion District and Dominion Fetish. Fantastic designers like Hugos, Leezu, Ibizarre, Angel Dessous, Boom! and so many more have marked down one of their great items to just 99 lindens. There are some gorgeous outfits, sexy boots and stilettos, a hot outfit for the guys from Rfyre, and even some Femdom animations over at Something Spunky. Just touch one of the Hot Summer Night Sale signs in the Fashion District for a complete list of participating shops then look for the gold star beside each sale item. If you want to see photos of some of the sale items just visit our style blog here:


or touch the 'style' button at the top of this page. Shop at home and support Dominion AND enjoy fashions from some of Second Life's top designers. The sale ends August 31st so don't miss out!

Bunny Brickworks Exhibit Opens!

Our artist, Bunny Brickworks

Admiring the work

Checking out the show

Our curator, Lady Janice

Another fantastic turnout

Some of the crowd

The pieces are amazing

The art crowd

Kudos to our gallery curator, Lady Janice Jupiter for another amazing show at our Dominion Femdom Art Gallery. Thank you also to the artist, Bunny Brickworks for agreeing to exhibit here. It's a real honour to have you at Dominion, Bunny!

Thank you also to everyone who came out to support the show. I know many of us are very proud to have such a great gallery at Dominion. Thank you again for all of your hard work Janice!

This exhibit will be on for the next few weeks. Make sure to check it out while you can!

An Edgey Discussion

Lady Brenda and Lady Londa with Steve

Lady Bambi and Lady Medussa

Gia, Silk, Zaira, Shy, and Kyna

Lady Joie and Lady Hanna with Wheels and Emma

A full house

I was sorry to miss this discussion on edge play. I heard it was fascinating and that Miss Destiny did her usual fantastic job (welcome back Destiny!). It was such a popular topic there will be a part 2 next Sunday.

Make sure to chime in on this discussion and may others in our Dominion group on Fetlife.com. If you don't know Fetlife, it is the free social networking site for kinky people. Join over 300 Dominion members already there. Just click the 'FL' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page.