Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Naughty or Nice Trials!

Her fabulous Judgery Lady Persephone

Lady Madeleine

Officer Khelan and Chloe

Lady Eva

Lady Brez on defense

Lady Veronica

View from the judge's seat

Lady Lauren and Hardy

Lady Carla

Jon Robbie

Lady JJ

Pig in the back

Parser before the judge

No comment.

A big thank you to Her Judgery Lady Persephone for hosting such a fabulous Naughty or Nice Trials!  We all feel so much safer and also judged in the most delectable way possible.  

Happy Holidays, Dominion!


Monday, December 20, 2021

Merry Christmas Dominion!

Thank you to Miss Pamela Emmons for another fantastic Christmas photo!  To everyone who came out - you look great!  To those who couldn't make it - you were there in spirit.

AND...don't forget to get your own Christmas Cards in for our Art Gallery Exhibit opening on Thursday.  Send them directly to Lady Mira inworld.

Merry Christmas Dominion!


Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Have you been good this year? We're about to find out!  Her Judgery Lady Persephone presides over our annual Naughty or Nice Trials this Thursday at 2 pm SLT!


Frosty Words & Music!

Skye opened our event with a beautiful live musical performance

Lady Persephone and Jon

Lady Mira and Lady Nohemi

Lady Mira shared two very entertaining festive readings

Kris played a few beautiful songs - no idea why he has no shoes

Lady Nohemi, Creature, Morri

Lady Madeleine

Lady Khelan

Skylog and Nela

View from the stage during Kris' performance

Lady Eva

Thank you all for coming to our annual Frosty Words & Music event!  A special thank you to our performers:  Skye, Lady Mira, Lady Persephone, and Kris.  The readings and music were wonderful!  I hope we helped you get in the festive mood.

Winter Pictionary



Lady Peregrine with Cam and Meldoran


Lady Khelan

Lady Phen

Lady Veronica



Thank you to Lady Peregrine for hosting Saturday's Winter Pictionary! Congratulations to our winners:

1st:  Lady Phen
2nd: Cam
3rd: Skye


Kinky Elf Dance Dungeon!

Our Kinky Elf Dance Dungeon!

Lady Fleur and Seed



Our fearless DJ Miss Pamela Emmons

Rorke and Eric

Miss Eva


Lady Persephone and Jon


Lady Lea

Dancing elves!



Thank you all for coming out to our Kinky Elf Dance Dungeon!  You all looked fantastic!  As always a special thank you to our fabulous DJ Miss Pamela Emmons.  See you next time!