Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's Trials and Punishments

Lady Tapika and Lady Joie look down at a boy named Andy who was found guilty of multiple typing errors.

Our regular Dominion Justices Lady Tapika Tomsen and Lady Joie Arai were back this week for today's Trials and Punishments. Three different boys appeared before our court including a boy named Andy (shown above) who was sentenced to a writing assignment, and a boy named Joshua, who was found guilty of leaving his avatar afk in the middle of the conversation area.

Lady Maisy and her boy Russell.

Lady Maisy brought her boy Russell before the Justices today to confess his crime of vandalism of Dominion property. Russell was sentenced to repay his debt to Dominion and will be riding a bondage horse naked and greeting our visitors for the next week.

Thanks to our Justices for another great Trials and Punishments. See you next Thursday at 3 pm SLT.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Released! The May Events Calendar

Here it is, the Dominion Events Calendar for May! We have some exciting things going on this month including a brand new event, live music, and more.

Tuesday's Femdom Media is going to become a special event, instead of a biweekly event. Look for more Femdom Media in the future with special guests such as Second Life artists and personalities. We will be holding at least one Femdom Media gathering in May. Femdom Media X will continue every other Tuesday and will now alternate with something brand new, Girls Against Boys, a fun trivia event that will look at sexual stereotypes among other things. Watch for our first installment on Tuesday, May 12th.

We also are welcoming back singer and guitarist Clairede Dirval for a live concert on Sunday, May 17th. You may recall that Clairede played at The Dominion for International Women's Day. She was a big hit and people have been asking to have her back ever since. If you didn't catch her last time, make sure you come and check her out. Think Melissa Etheridge or Stevie Nicks. She is AMAZING and totally, 100 percent LIVE.

Of course we have a whole host of fun themed Friday parties planned for May including an 80's style Headbangers Ball (Yay! Hair bands!), the Out Of This World Party which has a scifi theme, and much more.

Here's to a fun filled May at Dominion!

The Femdom Network Exchange May 1 - 10

There is a very exciting event that starts this Friday, May 1st, The Femdom Network Exchange Event. The members of the Femdom Network will spend 10 days hosting events at each other's locations to promote goodwill, community spirit, and of course fun! Check out the whole calendar of Femdom Network Events that is posted to the left of the Castle door.

The Dominion has been paired up with our friends at UltraFemme. UltraFemme is a fun and stylish Femdom oriented fetish club. If you don't know them, see the Femdom In Focus feature by Lady Tiffany Torgeson in this month's issue of FEMDOM Magazine (, or of course, just pop by!

UltraFemme will be hosting a Foot Fetish Party at Dominion this Saturday, May 2nd at 4 pm SLT. Get ready for some fun games, dancing, and more!

The Dominion will be taking our popular Femdom Confessions on the road to UltraFemme on Sunday, May 3rd at 4 pm SLT. Come enjoy the cool surroundings and hear some great fantasies and confessions with Sister Ravanys Lavendel.

Make sure to check out all of the fun events happening around the Femdom communities during the Femdom Network Exchange. Let's go out and support our sister Femdoms and friends and make some new ones! See you out there....

This Friday's Big Party Is.....

Join us this Friday at 3 pm SLT for our Dominion One Hit Wonders Party! Lady Deirdre Blaisdale and Lady Eloise Mureaux will be spinning some great music by some of the best one hit wonder bands ever. Come hang out in our cool vintage record shop and dance the night away to some of your favourite songs of all time! Don't miss it!

The Dominion Photo Contest Announced

High Mistress Blu Akina by Maztor Giles

At today's Femdom Media the first Dominion Photo Contest was announced. All Dominion members are welcome to enter. Here are the details:

-all photos must depict a Femdom scene
-photos are to be submitted via a texture in world to Evangeline Eames (winners will be required to provide a higher quality image for display purposes)
-textures must be 512 x 512 or 512x 1024
-all participants agree to have their work displayed publicly inworld or on the internet in any fashion we may so choose
-photoshop and other enhancements may be added to the images however please note that the images should primarily contain second life content

Submission Deadline: Friday May 8th

Winners Announced: Tuesday May 12th

Judges: Lady Joie Arai, hostess of The Dominion Flickr Group, FEMDOM Magazine Creative Director Maztor Giles, and First Mistress Evangeline Eames

2500 lindens first place
1500 lindens second place
1000 lindens third place

The winning images will be printed in an upcoming issue of FEMDOM Magazine.

Have fun!

Monday, April 27, 2009

More Photos From Friday's Goth Party

I was checking out the Dominion Flickr page hosted by Lady Joie Arai ( and I saw these great photos from Friday's party that were taken by Lady Janice Jupiter. They are really outstanding. If you haven't checked out all of the Dominon Flickr photos, you really should. There are some amazing images by some very talented people.

Thank you again to Lady Joie for hosting the group and to all of the photographers who have taken such wonderful photos of Dominion.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vinyl Cafe Treasure Hunt Starts NOW!

The Vinyl Cafe has a brand new Treasure Hunt that starts TODAY just for members of The Vinyl Cafe Addicts Group! Not a member? Join today! It's easy and it's FREE. Just touch the group joiner sign at The Vinyl Cafe or search for us in groups.

Now you're ready to start hunting!

All over the Vinyl Cafe Shops and the Dominion Fashion District you'll find hidden treasure chests filled with freebies! All of the Treasures in this hunt are high quality and super fashionable stilettos and boots! Many of the stiletto sandals feature prim toes and feet, and gorgeous designer details like bows, buckles, flowers, and spikes. Come and grab all 10 pair of these hot shoes and boots in a rainbow of colors for spring.

Be sure to have your Vinyl Cafe Addicts tag activated and just click on the little treasure chests you find hidden all over The Vinyl Cafe sim and The Dominion Fashion District.

Have fun!

Sunday At Dominion

After a very busy Friday and Saturday at Dominion, a laidback Sunday was a much needed respite. Our activities started off at 12 noon with Miss Destiny Teardrop's weekly Discussion Group at The Dominion Arena. Today we discussed switching and we had a huge turnout for this topic that inspires much debate. There were a variety of opinions expressed and experiences shared. As usual, we could have gone far past the scheduled one hour length. However, we had a new event that directly followed the Discussion Group and we had to wrap it up.

Today was the first of our Mistress Mentoring Discussion Groups. This event is designed to encourage our Ladies to exchange thoughts and experiences, and to offer support and a feeling of community. It was a great opportunity to relax and spend time chatting with some of our ladies.

If you are a new mistress, or just feel that you need some support please feel free to contact our mentors via our Mistress Mentoring mailbox. There is a Mistress Mentoring Sign located at the info centre on the wall of Dominion Castle. Touch it to recieve a notecard requesting your info. Once you have filled it out, just drag and drop back on to the sign (which also acts as a mailbox). One of our mentors will respond to you within 24 hours. All inquires are confidential.

Thank you to our mentors and program heads Miss Destiny and Lady Ravanys for their hard work and enthusiastic support. We will be back in two weeks with another Mistress Mentoring Discussion Group.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mistress Mentoring Session This Sunday at 1:30 pm SLT

By popular request the Dominion is starting a Mistress Mentoring Discussion Group, hosted by Miss Destiny Teardrop and Lady Ravanys Lavendel. These discussions will be for Mistresses only and will take place every second Sunday following our regular Discussion Group.

We have created a calm area on a platform in the sky so that the Ladies can gather in complete privacy. This area will remain available between meetings as a quiet place for our mentors to meet with Ladies one on one. In the future we also plan to house some resource material here.

Ladies who are looking for one on one mentoring can drop a notecard with their request in a mailbox that will be provided at the Dominion Info Area outside the main castle.

Our first session starts tomorrow, April 26th. Please watch group notices for an LM and other details.

Today's Femdom Confessions

Lady Angel Keen and her boy Holden.

Sister Ravanys weilds her ruler at today's Femdom Confessions.

Lady Vulpe Thor and her boy Ronald.

After the movie premiere a large number of the party guests stayed on for Femdom Confessions in the Confessions Bar. I am continually impressed by the quality of writing at this event and it is great fun to hear a little bit about the fantasies and desires of our friends. Thank you to Sister Ravanys Lavendel for hosting and for all of you who came out to participate or contributed a piece of writing. See you next weekend!

The World Premiere of Adventures in Pameland!

Miss Pamela Emmons stands in front of the movie screen during the opening credits of 'Adventures in Pameland Chapter 1'.

The red carpet outside the Dominion Theatre. The who's who of the Dominion came out to see the much anticipated film.

Approximately 40 people came to watch the premiere. If you weren't lucky enough to get in, the clips are shown below:

Today's Slave Hunt

The winning Lady from today's Slave Hunt, Lady Della Demonia.

The Ladies survey today's captures.

Today we were back to our regular Slave Hunt at Dominion. Our winning Lady was Lady Della Demonia, who easily captured four of the subs. Lady Della wins the title of DOM High Huntress and a pair of EVA boots. The sub avoiding capture the longest was Mandel Twine, who won 500 lindens. Congratulations to them both. Thank you to our Mistress of the Hunt, Miss Destiny Teardrop, for another great event. See you for the next hunt two weeks from today.

Last Night's Night Of The Living Dead Party Was To Die For!

DJ Lady Deirdre Blaisdale and her boyfriend Ithel rock out on top of the hearse at last night's 'Oh My Goth, It's The Night Of The Living Dead Party!'.

A gargoyle looks over the graves in our haunted graveyard.

A collection of vamps, goths, ghouls, and zombies came out to party with us last night. The costumes were AMAZING!

Thanks to DJ Lady Deirdre and MC Maz for all of the great music last night (and also Lady Samirah Whitfield for picking up a third, unscheduled DJ set). Thank you also to everyone for coming out to another great Friday party at Dominion!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

FEMDOM Group Gift in The Fashion District

The FEMDOM Group is giving away a new group gift in The Fashion District. Included are two sexy corset sets, a pair of bronze laced knee high boots and a spanking chair and paddle (previous Dominion Group gifts - you may already have these items). If you don't already belong to the FEMDOM Group just click on the group joiner signs on either side of the display and then get your free gift!

The FEMDOM Group is an events group that tells you all about the latest Femdom related events in Second Life. Approximately 12 different Femdoms promote events in this group so it's a great way to hear about what's going on.

We hope you enjoy this fun gift!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Adventures In Pameland WORLD PREMIERE EVENT!

You've waited. You've been lusting for it. Finally, the time has come. The Dominion is proud to present the World Premiere Exclusive screening of Adventures In Pameland, starring the one and only Miss Pamela Emmons! Join us at the Dominion Arena at 3 pm SLT this Saturday for the red carpet event. Formal attire please! Be forewarned, this is a short film (very short, ahem, at 4 minutes), but well worth the fuss! After the film everyone is invited to continue the fun with Femdom Confessions with Lady Ravanys Lavendel at 4 pm SLT. Don't miss it!

Looking For Some Privacy?

If you are looking for privacy and haven't discovered our private Salons, you really should check them out. They are charming, quiet, and private places to relax, play, or get away from the crowd. The Rome Salon and The London Salon can be accessed via a hotel style teleporter system located in the lounge in the main castle. The hotel style teleporters assure privacy, as they will not allow others to teleport in once the salon is occupied. Also, people cannot enter the salons in any other fashion (TP, fly and sit), without being ejected. Make sure your main Dominion group tag is activated for the teleporters to work. The Salons are totally free for members to use.

Each of the Salons has a comfortable seating area, a selection of Dictatorshop equipment, a full sex and cuddle bed, and the London Salon has a fantastic 1200 linden concrete spa tub with an amazing menu.

If you are interested in purchasing your own London or Rome Salon check them out at The Vinyl Cafe. Frankfurt and Taj Mahal editions are also avaialable. These skyboxes come in at under 25 prims and are priced at 250 lindens.

We hope you enjoy these luxurious and private little getaways at Dominion!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Friday's Big Party Is.....

Oh My Goth! It's The Night Of The Living Dead Party at Dominion!

Join us on Friday, April 24th at 3 pm SLT for our Night of The Living Dead Party at Dominion. Vamps, zombies, ghouls, goths and other creatures of the night are invited to come party with us to great music with DJ Lady Deirdre and MC Maz. We're DYING to have you join us! See you there...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yesterday's Discussion Group

Lonnie Miles, Kilo Hanly and Absinthe Menges at Yesterday's Discussion Group
Our Discussion Group Hostess, Miss Destiny Teardrop

Kael Moonwal, Peoney Feld, Rhys Seiling, Destiny Teardrop, and Ravanys Lavendel

Thank you to Maztor Giles for the lovely photos. See you next Sunday at 12 noon SLT for our next Dominion Discussion Group.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Weekend of Milestones....

It's been an emotional weekend for me at Dominion, in no small part due to the marking of our six month anniversary this past Friday. On October 17th, 2008, we threw our grand opening party, a masquerade ball in support of the American Cancer Society. It was an amazing night and many friends, aquaintances, and strangers came out to support us and to see what the fuss was all about. It's been a wild, blurry, crazy, exhausting, and fun filled ride since that first wonderful evening. Time does indeed fly.

Yesterday we also reached 1000 members in our Dominion group; no small feat in just six short months. I am thrilled that so many great people have come out to join our community. To each of you, I thank you for your support.

A special thank you to all of our High Mistresses, Ladies of The Dominion, and the Dominion Mistresses. It sounds corny, but in the most sincere way possible I call them sisters. Many of them you have seen mentioned in this blog, but there are oh so many more. Sometimes we fight or drive each other nuts, but no one can say they have more fun or more camraderie than we do. We have the best group of Dommes anywhere. I am honoured to have their support and will work hard to deserve the faith they have put in me. From the bottom of my heart, I thank them all.

I'd also like to thank a couple of the people who have gone from Dominion, but to whom I am indebted. Lady Shiloh Fouroux was one of my earliest supporters and our first Mistress of The Hunt. Although we parted ways, I am forever indebted to her for her work and committment in those early days. Syr Aryon Dagger, an old 'war buddy' came to support me and spent endless hours keeping watch on our members, the sim, and on me. Thank you Hwasie. I know you are off on new adventures and I continue to cheer you on. To the many others who made their home at Dominion for a short time and moved on, thank you. I wish you all success and happiness whereever you may go.

This journey would not have been worthwhile or even possible without a few cherished souls. Maz, my love, my anchor, my partner, my best half, thank you for holding my hand the whole way through. Van, my sweet boy, my baby, my treasured heart. I love you. Thank you for being here for this adventure.

I look around in wonder sometimes, thinking, "how did this community happen?". I didn't plan it. I didn't make it. It's some weird combination of luck, timing, and yeah, some hard work. More than anything, I want it to continue. I look forward to what the next six months holds. I wonder who will be here for the ride, what new people will walk through the door. Most of all, I hope you will all continue on this adventure with me.



New FREEBIE from Black Arts in The Fashion District

Come and grab the latest FREEBIE at The Dominion Fashion District! Black Arts has some AMAZING clothes and shoes and now they are giving away this gorgeous dress shown above for FREE! It has a sexy low cut front and back and a beautiful flowing skirt that looks amazing when you walk. Head down to the Fashion District and grab it. Thanks to Black Arts for this great free dress. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dominion Reverse Hunt Video

Dominion member GunGrave Gerstort filmed last week's Reverse Slave Hunt at Dominion. Check it out! If you haven't done it you have to try it next weekend. We will be back to our regular Slave Hunts. Thanks GunGrave!

Saturday at Dominion

Lady Zarita Shan sits with Fawaz Mavinelli at her feet at today's Femdom Confessions.

It was a busy day at Dominion today starting out with our biweekly Slave Auction. Miss Destiny Teardrop stepped in for Lady Madeleine Broome who was off on an RL adventure. We had 6 great boys for sale and the ladies came prepared to shop. Good luck to everyone and thank you to Miss Destiny for stepping in.

We sent out a new group gift today, a set of the charming, yet very appropriately named , 'Dominion Asskisser' poseballs. Ladies, if you didn't get them yet, go back in group notices and grab them. They are lots of fun.

Lady Ravanys Lavendel lead an increasingly popular Femdom Confessions event at 4 pm SLT. There were more fantastic confessions for everyone to enjoy and a big game of Truth or Dare. This event has become rather legendary at Dominion, in no small part due to it's hostess, Lady (or, ahem, Sister) Ravanys. Come check it out next Saturday.

Lady Syriana Paine and her dance partner Den enjoyed the music earlier tonight on the dance floor.

After Femdom Confessions many of the crowd stayed and enjoyed some great music provided by Lady Syriana: a great way to wind down and end the day.

Thanks to all of our event hostesses today, and to everyone who came out. It's been a really fun day at Dominion.

New FREEBIE At The Vinyl Cafe In The Fashion District!

The Vinyl Cafe in The Dominion Fashion District has an amazing Group Gift fresh for spring! This FREEBIE includes: Apple Green Stilettos with sculpted prim feet and toes! Matching Green Sequin Top. AND...A Stylish B&W Living Room Set complete with SexGen Love Sofa, a chaise & chair, multiple poses in the pillows and color change menu on the ottomans.

Hurry to the Dominion Fashion District to grab it! This Fantastic Group Gift will only be available for a limited time. Be sure to have your Vinyl Cafe Addicts group tag activated to get them!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tonight's Rio De Janeiro Carnival Party!

Lady Eloise Mureaux, above, spun some AMAZING latin music at tonight's Rio De Janeiro Carnival Party. Thank you to Lady Eloise and Lady Deirdre Blaisdale for another great evening of music.

Thanks also to the great crowd who showed up to salsa, merengue, and shake their tail feathers tonight. The costumes were wonderful! See you next Friday for another fun party at Dominion.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's Trials and Punishments

Lady Joie Arai and Lady Absinthe Menges presided over our Trials today at Dominion. Lady Absinthe kindly offered to step in for Lady Tapika, who was ill today.

This boy was brought before our judges for his lack of effort towards his avatar and his profile. If you can believe it, this avatar rezzed in 2006! Yet he still has almost everything newbie and didn't even bother to fill out his profile. A sad lack of effort for a boy looking for a Domme! He suffered quite the tongue lashing before the Justices passed him some items for his avatar and gave him some valuable advice.

Lady Ravanys brought her sissy maid Zoie forward, confused as to his real gender. Some days Zoie would have a male av, some days a female av. The judges solved this problem by making Zoie a power ranger. What girl didn't want her own power ranger? Lucky Lady Ravanys :P

Shy Rodenberger was also punished today for dirtying MadamA's boots and had to clean them thoroughly, and our most heinous offense was vandalism by a little slut named Saria, who has been imprisioned in the Dominion Dungeon for one week.

Join us next Thursday at 3 pm SLT for our regular Trials and Punishments at Dominion.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The New Issue of FEMDOM Magazine is Here!

We've just released this month's issue of FEMDOM Magazine. You can get a copy in world at the Dominion info centre (or at other Femdoms and locations). It can most easily be read online at

There are great articles in this issue including a very interesting look at smoking and giantess fetishes, International Women's Day coverage, fashion features, and our popular 'Brilliant Advice' article, featuring our own Lady Angel Keen and Lady Pamela Emmons.

Thank you to all of our staff for their hard work and support, and a special thank you to our Managing Editor, Madeleine Broome and our Creative Director, Maztor Giles. These two do the vast majority of the work. Please send any compliments to them.

If you would like to participate please feel free to contact myself or Madeleine. We are always on the look out for writers especially.

We hope you enjoy it. See you in a month with issue four!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friday's Party is: Rio de Janeiro Carnivale!


Join us at The Dominion on Friday, April 17th at 3 pm SLT for our Rio de Janeiro Carnivale Dance Party! DJ Lady Deirdre Blaisdale and DJ Lady Eloise Mureaux will be spinning some amazing Latin and party music. Come ready to Samba!

Lady Joie Arai on Flickr

Lady Joie Arai with her boy Tommy Warden.

At today's Femdom Media Lady Joie Arai discussed photography in Second Life and the Dominion Flickr group that she hosts. Some of our members have amazing photos posted there.

If you haven't seen it yet you have to check it out:(

We are also planning a photo contest in the near future. Watch for more details.

Thanks to Lady Joie for her great presentation today, and also to Miss Destiny Teardrop who did a wonderful erotic reading. See you at Femdom Media X next Tuesday!