Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Squirrel Infestation!

Yes, we do have a squirrel infestation at Dominion and I have a plan to deal help with it! Now if only Jimmy's Mistress will agree to it.....

Today's Trials

Sitting in for Lady Joie

Marcus, turned in to a witch for telling fortunes and failing badly at it

Defense Attorney Jimmy with a perpetual hard on. Sure Trials are exciting, but still!

The crowd looking on

Substeve, who offended the Ladies by wearing a hat, was kindly given a new hairstyle

Lady Joie slept in (gasp!) for Trials so I had the pleasure of stepping in and dishing out a few punishments. My favourite was making Substeve wear the same giant afro Miss Destiny wore to our disco party last week. I think its a big improvement and will help him stand out in the crowd. Thanks for coming out everyone!

Interview With A Domme: Miss Destiny

Listening in

Lady Xeandra, Lady Violet with Derek and Jonas and Lady Violet

Miss Destiny and David

Lady Eloise and Graves with Lady Sue

A shot of the crowd

Today's Interview With A Domme was with Miss Destiny and we had a huge turnout. It had to be one of the most interesting and poignant interviews to date. Thank you Destiny for sitting down and talking to us and to everyone who came out to join in.

Easter Nightcap!

A few snaps from Lady Eloise's gorgeous Easter Nightcap. Thank you for all of your hard work on the set and music Eloise. Gorgeous as always.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Old Guard Discussion

Lady Joie leading the Discussion Group

We had a big turn out for this topic

Yesterday's discussion was on the Old Guard: what is it and what it means to us. Lady Joie discussed the history and how many of the Old Guard practices have affected how the BDSM community interacts today. It was VERY interesting and I thank Lady Joie for the hard work she put in to orchestrating this talk.

Our discussions continue on Fetlife.com. Just click the 'FL' icon on the top right corner of this page and join in.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Confessions

Lady Maisy with Russell and Jacque

Lady Janice with Trevor and Lady Sue

Lady Eloise with Miss Destiny and Neku and David

The crowd listening intently

I had to miss Confessions last night but Lady Syriana said there were some fantastic stories, all of which will appear on our Confessions blog for your reading enjoyment. My thanks to Lady Syriana for leading this event, and for treating everyone to more great music at last night's D Lounge that followed. See you next Saturday!

Slave Auction

Miss Destiny and her boy David

Lady Crissy and Fred

Lady Natsumi and Yopper

Watching the show
Looking on

At Saturday's Slave Auction, Miss Destiny stepped in as auctioneer for Lady Madeleine, who was away. It was great to hear Miss Destiny ask her infamous question in her lovely British voice. I missed it!

Thank you to Miss Destiny for a wonderful job leading the auction, and to all of you who came out for the fun.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Issue Ten Of FEMDOM Magazine Is Here!

The brand new issue of FEMDOM Magazine is here! Grab a copy at Dominion, or even better, read it online at www.FEMDOMmag.com. There you'll find a better quality, faster loading reading experience, and online only content. Enjoy!

Disco Inferno!

The dance floor

Lady Tehgan and Lady Syriana and Justice

Lady Medussa

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Maisy and Tate

Lady Lauren

Lady Destiny and Neku

Lady Jeanette

Thanks to everyone for coming to party with us at our Disco Inferno bash earlier tonight. Fantastic costumes! As always, a big thank you to our DJs Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana, who really did an amazing job with the music. Thanks everyone!

Geisha Tea Party!

Enjoying the tea

Lovely ladies

Lady Mandalay

Lady Eloise

Lady Cosette

Lady Medussa and Lady Maisy

Lady Sadie and Darker

Lady Violet

Here's a few snaps from our Japanese Tea Party earlier today. Great job serving boys, and Ladies, you all looked lovely! Thanks for coming out everyone.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Friday's Big Party Is....

Our Disco Inferno Ball! Get ready to shake it to some of the best disco music ever! See you here!

Police Interrogations

Officer Ziplon and Chief Shan with Trias

Officer Eames with Gregie

Chief Shan working over a suspect

Officer Mavnedorf and Trevor

Overlooking the interrogation area

Earlier today we had some interrogation exercises led by Police Chief Shan. We did end up having to execute a few suspects, but it was all in the name of keeping the peace. Thanks to our Police Force for all of the fun!

BDSM Workshop

Demoing a gag...yes I know more than one person is going to enjoy this photo

Lady Petra and Lady Pearl

Lady Syriana and Marcus

Lady Ravanys in a rage and choking me

At today's BDSM Workshop I went through the Dari's Big Box Of Junk, a fantastic freebie from Darien Caldwell that she gave out last year. There are great armbinders, gags, blindfolds, collars and more, all free and all full perm. If you don't have the box already just go to Darien's profile and click the link to her 'tomb' (she's since left SL), and get the box yourself.

At the end of the demo Lady Mandalay rezzed her interrogation chair and I foolishly got on it. You can see the result above.