Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Midsummer Night's Dream!

Lady Annalisa and Lady Cheryl

Lady Dalia

Lady Erin

Lady Eva

Lady Eva and Kristopher

Lady Gianna

Lady JJ

Lady JJ version 2!

Lady Joie and Erik

Lady Lisa

Lady Madeleine

Lady Noirran


Lady Peregrine and Cam

Lady Peregrine

Lady Summer and Damon

Lady Tika



Our Midsummer Nights Dream!

The biggest beast

Thank you to Kristopher for some amazing music and to everyone who came out for our annual Midsummer Nights Dream Ball!

Shakespeare In The Park!

Lady Cheryl

Lady Dalia

Settling in

Lady Eva

Lady Lisa


Lady Noirran

Thank you to our lovely producer Lady Dalia, our spectacular performers, and to everyone who came out for our Shakespeare In The Park event yesterday!


Pat making some sort of pokemon offering to his Mistress!

Friday, July 29, 2016


Lady Aeianna

Our big Mingle!

John Robbie

Lady Wyrm


Miss Eva


Lady Selena

Thank you all for coming out for our big Speed Mingling event yesterday!  I hope you had a great time!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Black & Blue Munch!

Our Munch crowd

Lady Lorelai

Lady Anguish

Lady JJ and Lady Diana

Lady Pearly

Lady Ravenn

Alex, Lewtonr

Lady Dalia

Thank you all for coming out to yesterday's Munch on rape play!  It was a provocative discussion and I appreciate all of the thoughtful comments.  I hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Midsummer Nights Dream!

Join us this Saturday at 1 pm for our annual Shakespeare In The Park event!  Lady Dalia hosts an hour of classic readings followed by our Midsummer Nights Dream Ball directly after. Costume dress encouraged but not required.  If you'd like to read something, please contact Lady Dalia Fermi.

Hope to see you then!

Sunday Discussion

Lady Aeianna and Erik


Sunday Discussion

Listening in

View from the back

Lady Dalia

Lady Holly and Lady Noirran

Lady Diana and Sky

Lady Diana

Lady JJ

Lady Lisa and Passion

Lady Lisa and Passion with Lady Maisy and Rex

A big thank you to Lady Lisa for another Sunday Discussion event.  But what I want to know is - why are so many of you NAKED??