Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Friday's Big Party Is....


Join us this Friday, October 2nd at 3 pm SLT for our Military Fetish Ball! You've all been drafted in to our kinky army so get on those uniforms and come down and party! There will be mayhem, fun, and of course, a little military discipline! Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana will be leading the training in our own version of boot camp,so boys, get ready to serve!

See you here!

The October Events Calendar Is Here!

I've just finished our October events calendar and it is going to be a big month for us at Dominion. October 17th marks our one year anniversary and we have a week of amazing activities planned including special versions of all of our events. Look for our special Supreme Court where banned individuals can appeal their ban, our week long Mistress Auction, a retrospective Discussion Group, a special one year photo exhibit and so much more.

We've also added a few new activities including rotating photo exhibits at our new Art Gallery (watch for our Grand Opening this Sunday), and Designer Showcases, where our fetish retailers host gatherings at their stores to demo their products, answer questions and hear from you, the people they are designing for. Our first Designer Showcase is this Sunday at 2 pm SLT with Vesta from Something Spunky. Make sure to join us!

All of your favourite events are returning, such as our hunts and auctions, and we have a fantastic assortment of themed Friday parties. Get ready for the most amazing month ever at Dominion!

You can find our events calendar to the right of this blog, or click the 'Event' button at the top of this page for a bigger view.

Here's to a great October!

BDSM 1,2,3

Tonight's Fetish Broadcast was parts 2 and 3 of our series on BDSM from the Fetish Flame website. There really was some great information there. If you didn't get a chance to hear the programs you can download them here:

We'll be back in two weeks with another broadcast! Thanks for coming out everyone.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amazing New FREEBIE In The Fashion District

See it on our Style blog. Just hit the 'Style' button on the top of this page or go here:

Grab it while you can Ladies!

Back On Track

Finally, after two wins for the boys, the Ladies reclaimed their crown at Trivia. It was VERY close with a score of 10-9. This now makes the total wins 11 for the Ladies and 3 for the boys. Great job Ladies! See you all in two weeks for more Trivia!

Post It!

I was over at HOX a couple of weeks ago to cover their opening for FEMDOM Magazine and saw a really cool and interactive bulletin board. I talked about it so much Maz finally just bought me one to shut me up. Didn't work. I set one up tonight to the left of the Castle doors. It's really cool and allows anyone to leave a note or a photo. I have set it to group use only so just make sure you have your Dominion tag on. Have fun!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dominion Art Gallery

Its been a busy month but I am finally turning my attention towards completing Dominion Luxe! After the success of our recent Photo Exhibitions, I am repurposing some of the shops and turning a few in to a permanent Femdom Art Gallery which will feature rotating exhibits (don't worry, our free menswear store Gratis is staying as well as a nice collection of menswear shops). Lady Janice Juipter, who is one of our fantastic photographers at Dominion and also a photographer for FEMDOM Magazine, has agreed to oversee the Art Gallery as Curator. She will be arranging the works and planning future shows. If you are interested in exhibiting at some point, please drop her a notecard. Look for our first show in the next week or so.

My thanks to Lady Janice for her support and enthusiasm. There are some amazing artists at Dominion and throughout SL. This will be a fantastic way to support them.

Big Balls

I came in this morning and saw a giant bowling lane in the courtyard, much to my amazement. Turns out Lady Syriana and Lady Zarita were trying to use the boys as pins and get a game going. The game itself was a not functioning properly, so in the end we had to rez a giant ball and drop it from the air to get the desired effect. Don't worry, no one was seriously harmed in this incident.

Inside The Pit

Loth sent me this photo of himself titled somthing like, "This Is What Happens When Loth Is Left In The Pit". What a baby. It was only a few hours!

Double Take

Destiny sent me this photo of her and I taken earlier today. Is it just me or is she looking more and more like me every day? Ever see Single White Female? I'm just saying. I'm on the left by the way.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Continuing Discussion

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Another Big Confessions

The crowd at Saturday night's Confessions

Lady Staceybee and Michael and Miss Destiny and Jamie and Iam

Lady Maisy with Russell and Pedro

Miss Coco with Willy and Lady Zarita with Andy

Lady Eloise and her boy Wolf

Lady Ravanys treated us to EIGHT confessions this week with a huge variety including a secret confession of stolen panties, and some sexy fantasies and works of fiction. If you didn't make it to Confessions, make sure to check our Confessions Blog for an archive of all of the past confessions. Just click the button to the right. Some of them are truly wonderful.

As always, a big thank you to our hostess, Lady Ravanys Lavendel who made this event such a big success! See you next Saturday!

Slave Hunt Free For All!

The crowd at Saturday's Free For All Hunt!

Saturday's Free For All version of our Slave Hunt was alot of fun with more Ladies than boys competing for top prize. At the end, it came down to Miss Madeleine and my Maztor Giles. The ladies were biting nails in the courtyard and preparing to go out and help take Maz down when someone shouted that Madeleine had got Maz and won the hunt. Cheers broke out as the ladies celebrated the win. Congrats again to Lady Madeleine and thanks to everyone for coming out for a great hunt! We'll be back to our regular Slave Hunt next time.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fashion and Glamour On The Cote D'Azur!

Lady Portia looking ultra chic

Lady Mandaly and Bret

Lady Aebleskiver: total rock star

Lady Jeanette and her boy Pink

The crowd on the dance floor

It was all glamour, champagne and amazing music at tonight's French Riviera party. Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana played some seriously wicked music and we had a huge and lively crowd. The hours literally flew by. Thanks to our wonderful DJs and to everyone who came out to party tonight!

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Freebie in The Fashion District

Check our Style blog for all the latest freebies and finds at The Dominion Fashion District, including this sexy minidress with sequined detailing. It's part of a giant fatpack with a ton of colors. Just click the 'Style' button at the top of this page to find out more.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Weekend: Maryblue Swan Photo Exhibit

Miss Maisy, by Maryblue Swan

Miss Jeanette, by Maryblue Swan

This weekend photographic artist Maryblue Swan will be exhibiting her works in the Dominion Courtyard. If you haven't seen Maryblue's work before, do make sure to come and check it out. the exhibit is titled, 'Proud Women', and features a number of ladies you may know. Come and check it out.

An Hour With Lady Zarita

Lady Leigh gave Lady Zarita her boy Hylarks for one hour today. And look what happened.

A Win For The Prosecution!

Solomon, sissified and put on display

Our new Dominion Prosecutor, Lady Sara

Lady Michela, testifying about her boy Darker as Lady Zarita looks on

Lady Zarita and her boy Low with Lady Sara, standing in front of penguinary evidence

Lady Joie spanking Loth for running away at last Trials

Dominion Justices Lady Tapika and Lady Joie

It was another interesting Trials today with a variety of cases including Lowhanger, up for illegal crashing, Loth on trial for trying to evade prosecution, and Solomon on trial for his big mouth, among others.

The biggest change at Trials today was the addition of Dominion Prosecutor, Lady Sara. For too long the scales of justice have been tipped towards the defence, with The Dominon generously providing counsel in the form of Dominon Defence attorney Jimmah Oh. Now, finally, the sides will be balanced. Btw, if you didn't see Sara in action today, you missed out big time!

One other big change is happening with our Trials. Lady Tapika, due to some real life issues will be stepping down as Justice for the time being. She has been invited to return to the position at her leisure and remains a High Mistress of The Dominion. For future trials, Lady Joie Arai will be our Supreme Justice of The Dominion..

Thank you to Lady Joie, Lady Tapika, Lady Sara, Jimmy, and everyone else who participated in today's trials! We'll be back next Thursday at 3 pm SLT.

p.s. The police uniforms are on order so watch group notices about the Dominion Police force..coming soon!

This Friday's Big Party Is....


Get ready for a night of glamour and great music at our French Riviera Party, Friday, September 25th at 3 pm SLT! Casinos, nightclubs, yachts, it will be a night of decadence for the beautiful people! Put on your party clothes and come shake it to some fantastic dance music with Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana.

See you there!

A Few Snaps From The Casual Dance

Lady Celina and Aceup

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Miss Destiny with Tarl and David

Lady Callianne and Homerus

The crowd on the dance floor

Thanks to everyone for coming out to yesterday's Wednesday Dance! Another killer set of music Eloise! Cheers!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dominion Fetish Heartbreaker Boot Hunt!

It's time for another hunt! Head over to the Dominion Fetish sim and try and find the six little broken hearts stuffed with these sexy boots in different colors. The hearts are hidden all around the Fetish sim and are pretty tiny so make sure you look carefully. The hunt ends on September 30th. Good luck!

Newness In The Fashion District!

This gorgeous skin is a FREEBIE from one of our new stores! Check the Style blog for details and more photos of great finds from our Style bloggers at Dominion (click the Style button at the top of this page).

Wanna be a Style blogger? IM me and I'll add you.

Happy Shopping!

Today's Media X

Lady Sue and a bunch of naked boys

Lady Roxana and Dorsel

Lady Syriana and Maddox

Todays' Media X flew by as a bunch of people brought in clips to share. The most amazing one was a clip on sounding provided by Lady Sue. You have to see it to believe it, but it was the biggest sound I've ever seen! I can't find the link for it, but if anyone still has it and can post it I would appreciate it.

Sue also gave me this link that illustrates Femdom images in mainstream fashion. It's everywhere! Check it out here:

See you next time for more Femdom Media X!

This Is Why I Can't Sleep At Night

Lady Zarita and...Lady Persephone I think? Having another spontaneous combustion event a la Zarita Shan. No idea whats going on except the boys are in rollerskates and there are derelict cabs and pylons everywhere.

*calls her insurance agent*

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Stores In The Fashion District

We have three fantastic new stores in The Fashion District: Mimikri, Dutch Touch, and Moxie Polano. Check out the Style blog for photos and more details. Just touch the Style button at the top of this page.

The Dominion Fashion District has some of the very best designers in Second Life. Make sure to check out all the great styles at our stores. Enjoy Ladies!

Mistress Mentoring Special Event

From September 17 - 28th, the organizations of The Femdom Network are holding educational themed activities as part of the Network's Back To School Event. Earlier today, Dominion held a special version of it's Mistress Mentoring Event as our contribution to this great series.

Twenty-five ladies registered for this event which was held at the Dominion Sanctuary. There we all shared a little information about ourselves, and thoughts about what we have learnt in our journey as Dommes. It was fantastic to hear from all of the Ladies, including many new ones.

I also asked our Mistress Mentors to write a letter to their fellow Dommes. I would like to share these amazing letters with you here.

Sisters of the Dominion,

First, I'd like to thank you on behalf of Eva, Destiny, Ravanys, and myself for coming today. We believe very strongly in the Sisterhood we've formed here and that we can all learn from eachother, share in our triumphs and challenges, growing and becoming better, stronger women together.

Thinking years back to when I first got into this lifestyle, I wish there had been a support group like this. Women I could talk to without feeling threatened or like I was somehow inferior because I was new. Make no mistake Ladies, none of us are better than the other, we are equal with different levels of experience, and the woman with 2 months experience may have gone through something that another has not in the 10 years of her time in this lifestyle. Also, sometimes a fresh set of thoughts and perspectives can help to some of us that have been doing this so long it seems like old hat. We are forever learning and evolving, and more than happy that you've chosen to come and share part of your journey with us.

Each and every time, as a Mistress Mentor, I learn from the women mentored as well. It's one of the things I love about doing it. Also, if you have a misconception that only new Mistresses may want or need mentoring, shove that thought right out of your head. We ALL need it from time to time. Another thing I love about our Sisterhood here is that we all have different experiences and backgrounds, and each one can share and add to our collective. We stand, we learn, we grow... together.

For the new Dommes, welcome to this lifestyle, and the best Sisterhood you'll ever find. We welcome your thoughts and questions, observations, challenges and triumphs! What you may think is something little to be happy about, share with us, we want to celebrate that with you. By the same token, there is no challenge too big, not together.... we can do anything, together.
For the seasoned Dommes, thank you for being here. Your experience and knowledge is a welcomed blessing. Your thoughts, observations, triumphs, and challenges are just as important, and never think because you've been doing this so long, you should already know the answer to any dilemma. Things are always presenting themselves, as we have such a diversity in this lifestyle. So many unique situations, occurences and people.

I would like to personally challenge each and every one of you to find two new Ladies a week here at The Dominion you've not spoken to past a simple hello and get to know them a little better, and ones you've not seen at our monthly meetings, invite them. Our group is never too big. The biggest thing I've learned over the years is you can learn something from every single person you come across, no matter what culture, experience level, or personality. We need commonalities as much as we need differences, even the seemingly annoying ones.

From my heart to yours,

Syriana Paine

Dear Ladies:

I wrote a book – are you surprised? Really? Well, I'm not. Mistress Mentoring is really where my heart is, and I hope what I've written here is helpful to some of you.

I walked into the gym on a hot summer day, right before the fall of my freshman year of high school. This is the time that all the students gear up for fall sports and meet their teammates. I had a girls' size basketball under my right elbow and a head full of all kinds of questions, after having moved from a very rural, quiet community with my parents to the largest city in West Virginia. I was excited to be in a new place, in awe of the big high school I was getting ready to attend, and drinking up every new opportunity I could discover. In fact, that was the first day I had met anyone of a different color skin than me. It was a season of firsts. I was a little intimidated, but determined. It was a defining season of my life, learning how to play with the big girls. Learning who I was. Figuring out how I fit in, and how others fit in around me.

Then there was the time I stood in the parking lot of the steakhouse, about 10 years ago, with my purse, waiting to meet a community of folks for the first time who were like me – interested in the D/s perspective of life. Working out how to live this, every day. With their experience and equipment and knowledge. Another season of firsts.

Not unlike the day I came to Dominion, here in Second Life. And met the ladies around me, the submissives, taking my lifestyle and interests into a virtual reality and learning how all of this works, where I fit in, what it all means.

What can I tell you, as a novice Mistress? A lady who has an interest, perhaps only superficially, or maybe is finally discovering things about herself that are resonating with her in powerful ways – perhaps even bringing parts of her life together in a fashion she could have never imagined... I would say to you look less about how you fit in and more about how your world fits to you. Just like everything in life, there are do's and dont's, wisdom that should be heeded about practicalities, safety, best practices, and etiquette, but your personal philosophy and nature is something that the world needs. Only you can add to it your personal color and life. Listen to your nature, your desires, and spend much time in reflection, analyzing the whys of your heart. Beyond that, here are some of my personal pieces of wisdom that, should those “whys of the heart” lead you down a definite path to a dominant nature, with the desire to own a submissive, will help you.

1. Master yourself. Know what makes you tick. Every week, spend at least an hour on yourself, listening to yourself. Feed your need for spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical growth. Make a plan, schedule it if you must, and do it.

2. Respect others. That means submissives too. They are not lesser than you, simply different, opposite, with the same powerful needs as you only on the other side of the spectrum. Listen deeply to others who share your similar interests and make it more important to find out what they know and understand that before expressing your own opinion.

3. Respect the collar. Practically, this means do not try to own or exert control over what does not belong to you, and give discretion when it is due.

4. Hold sacred the relationships and goings on of other ladies and their submissives and take care not to make gossip and the business of others the subject of your idle chat.

5. All knowledge is worth having. Ask many, many questions of your submissive, of other submissives, of other dominants. Find an open, experienced person and learn all you can. Require your submissive to communicate with you about anything and everything, especially his or her needs, desires, and limits.

6. Have a sub? Make a plan. Where do you want your sub to go in his/her growth? Make a long-term plan, then make a short-term plan. Use those goals to make weekly plans for your submissive. Do research on the different aspects of BDSM you'd like to explore and then DO IT. Plan it. One week, explore forced feminization. The next week, explore CBT. The next week, explore sensual wax play, of course – those are examples. But you get the idea. Keep it fun, interesting, do your research, be safe, and creative! How does this translate to SL? How can you carry this out in RL? There are MANY ways... ask a Mistress Mentor for more information.

7. Give your sub (and yourself) a break from weekly tasks. My subs do not do their regularly weekly tasks for me on the weekends. We both take a break – not from the dynamic of D/s, but from the regular weekly tasks – on the weekends. It gives us something to look forward to for the next week (Sunday evening's instructions that are passed out) and allows us to rest and just enjoy our relationship.

8. Be consistent. If you say you'll do something, stick to it, even if it's difficult. Submissives need control. Listen to them, but exact discipline, even if you don't feel like it or it feels like a punishment to you. It is your responsibility as their dominant. Also, to the point, be careful about what you do promise, for obvious reasons.

9. Regular aftercare – caring for the submissive post-scening, when he or she may be in a vulnerable emotional and physical state, is essential. Also essential is a regular review of the D/s relationship. Make it your responsibility to check in often with your submissive and review the success of the relationship, shared goals, any concerns, and give permission here to speak freely.

10. There are two kinds of submissives, in my opinion:

1) Those who are exploring alternative sex only and
2) Those who discover that their life's purpose is to serve another.

MOST of the time, you will find a sub firmly in one category or the other, but when the sub is making the journey from phase one to phase two, it can become complicated, cathartic, and difficult, especially if you are the dominant in this transition. Many who are firmly in the first category will not make it to the second category. You, yourself, may be in the first category with no desire to make it to the category of “Discovering their life's purpose is to lead another.” That's okay too. But know yourself, which category you are in, find a sub that matches your category, and celebrate that.

11. If you feel like you're being used, it's probably best to terminate that relationship.

12. When/if you must terminate a D/s relationship, or if your sub begs for release, proceed with respect, encourage your “family” not to discuss the matter other than in terms of honor for all parties involved, and give yourself time to heal. Have a very, very good friend who will be positive and supportive – and discreet – and surround yourself with your sisters and the caring of your friends or other subs.

13. Make a date. Every week, I have a date night or date “time” with my subs. Sometimes we can't do it, but most every week, we have a regular time that each of us looks forward to. I typically ask that he plans something by default, here in Second Life, for us to do. Sometimes I will plan something. This is very important, especially for ladies who have more than one sub. This, ladies, is a big key to happiness in the D/s relationship.

14. Take control, and do not give it up. If you want to switch and explore a submissive side you might have, do it with someone else other than your submissive, and do not discuss the details with him or her. That may be okay for some, but if you are new to exploring, this is a huge mistake, in my opinion. It most likely will result in confusion on his part and misdirection upon your path. Remember, listen to your heart. If it's crying out very loudly, and you cannot find peace, because you need to explore submission, then perhaps being a Mistress is not for you. There is no shame in knowing yourself. There is only growth and understanding.

For the ladies who are experienced but find themselves burned out, needing inspiration and are searching for that breath of new life in their life, here are some things from my experience I can share with you:

1. Plan something to look forward to – an event, a new goal for yourself or your submissive (or both)
2. Evaluate your priorities by listing your goals, desired timelines for these, and what you WILL do to achieve them.

3. Keep up with Femdom literature – Read the latest Femdom magazine, attend a Mistress Mentoring session, read the blogs, the latest literature on the internet for all things Femdom related. Immerse yourself in powerful songs sung by beautiful, dominant women (create a playlist!), keep a folder of compelling Femdom art on your computer, and be inspired.
4. Explore getting a new submissive, or – even better – initiate a (gasp!) casual session with a submissive who is seeking that.
5. Take a break from it all. Talk to your submissive, have another lady look after him for a week or so – someone you trust implicitly who will understand your need for a break. A vacation. Take some time to reflect.

Last, but certainly not least, for all of my ladies, my friends, my sisters here at Dominion, a piece of wisdom that I have learned, perhaps the hard way, but it is a gem of truth that is there for you, nonetheless: Make time for your sisters in the same way, with the same gravity, planning, creativity, and seriousness that you do your submissives. Nurture those relationships. Make commitments, and keep them. Prove all the naysayers about Femdom wrong. We can have community. We can create a shelter, a safe place, to foster all of our collective growth, if we respect one another and make time for eachother.


Ravanys Lavendel, Esteemed Lady of the Dominion

Dear Friend

Thank you for coming to this fantastic event, I hope it has proved to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for you.

It has been a privilege and an honour to mentor some remarkable women over the past few months here at The Dominion, both in a group setting, such as today, but also on a one to one basis.

In RL, I have counselling qualifications and in my professional life I need to listen to and advise both young people and adults, so some might say I have the skills to be a mentor. However, given the nature of the job, you never become an expert. People are vastly different from one another and never cease to amaze me. In our lifestyle it is the same; what works for one lady may or may not work for another, what one woman considers good practice, another may detest, so I never consider that I am an expert or know it all, by any means, far from it. I always gain as much, if not more, than I give through talking to other Dommes.

Talking with and listening to other dominant women, who bare their souls and share their innermost fears and worries is a massive gift of trust and I want to thank you all for every moment that you bestow your trust upon me. I hope I have never let any of you down and that you have felt valued, listened to and supported.

I have been dominant virtually all my adult life and have been in and out of the D/s lifestyle for approximately 20 years. I was hesitant about embarking on a D/s relationship because it was such a secret life, tarred with the label 'perverse' and commonly perceived to only be for odd people who liked to abuse others! As a mother and a caring, kind, nurturing type this vanilla perception of BDSM/D/s was at odds with who I believed I was - or so I thought! Of course, I have learnt that indeed it's because I am that person that I am dominant, it's because I care and nurture and protect that I am a good Domme. Yes, I adore sexual control and play, absolutely! However, I also invest my heart in my submissives. The physical control is crucial, but so is the mental and emotional control. I care for the whole package of the male at my feet. So, it took me some years to realise that who I am is a good thing and I should love myself, accept myself and then I could begin to love others. (Corny, but true!).

The uninformed often think that being a Domme is easy and only for lazy women who want to order subs about. and do nothing themselves. However, we know this couldn't be further from the truth. We know that it takes a lot of effort and thought and, just as in any relationship, one has to work at it to keep it alive and vibrant. Some days I can't be bothered and I just want to sit and chat to my boys about 'stuff', just general chit chat. Those times are often when our relationship deepens, it is those times when we get beyond the superficial and into each other's minds and hearts. I used to be afraid to let down my guard, I used to think I had to be a strong, controlled woman all the time in order to keep my boys content and not appear 'vanilla', or a 'cuddle' Domme. Nonsense! A naturally dominant woman can be soft and needy sometimes, can lean on her submissive for support and still retain her position as the dominant partner. In fact, the most healthy and long lasting D/s relationships are, in my opinion, exactly like this. Of course it takes time to get to this point and you need to have asserted your relevant positions before you reach this stage, but for me, the sign of a truly successful D/s relationshiop is the ability to be together and share everything, whatever your mood.

Having said all this, it has been and continues to be a bumpy road. On SL, our relationships are, in my view, just as intense as in RL. However, not everyone feels this way and, just like you, I have been shocked and badly hurt sometimes by the actions of subs. Sadly, there have been occasions in the past when ladies have let each other down and often that hurts even more. However, those times are rare and what I have learned through these painful times, is that the support my true female friends give to me and each other is the most amazing source of comfort and strength. I really would not have made it and wouldn't have stayed at The Dominion if it were not for the women here. I don't just mean the prominent, 'louder' ladies either, I mean all the women who sit and chat and just make my day on a regular basis, just by sharing thoughts and ideas or a kind word.

I know that we will continue to learn and grow and support each other and work together to help each other, not only through our trials and tribulations, but also to celebrate our joys and successes.

Thank you, ladies. You are awesome!

Destiny x

Thank you to our mentors for the work they do, every day, formally or informally, assisting our members and offering support. Thank you too to our other Ladies, not all who wear mentoring titles, who also help out our new members and contribute so much to the atmosphere around the sim. So many of our most wonderful Ladies wear a Lady of The Dominion tag, or a Mistress tag, and do not hold a staff position. To all of you, I say thank you.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tone Uriza In Concert!

The crowd in the courtyard

Lady Janice shaking it

Tone, a great singer and guitarist, performing

Looking out from the stage

Lady Madeleine and Lady Desdemona enjoying the music

After our Mistress Mentoring and Subs Only Discussion we had a surprise concert by blues performer Tone Uriza. He is VERY talented so if you didn't get to come to the show, try and catch him around SL.

Thanks for coming out everyone! It was a fun way to wrap up our Sunday.