Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Friday's Big Party is....

We'll be jumping, jiving, and wailing at our big Friday themed party,  our Rockabilly Ball! This week's DJ's are Lady Noirran and Miss Pamela Emmons. Get ready to party!

Strictly Kink!

Lady Dalia and Russell

Lady Paige

Lady Susannah with Sillien and Kai

Lady Tess

Lady Lauren

Lady Raffi

Lady Karrie

Lady Tora

Our Strictly Kink group

Lady Aly

Owen and Seb

A big thank you to Lady Dalia for hosting another very popular round of Strictly Kink!  Thanks for coming out everyone!

Salem Bitch Trials!

Thank you to Madison for taking these cool shots of today's Salem Bitch Trials! And speaking of Madison, after seeing this photo of her I can't help but wonder why she didn't make it up before the judge!

Thank yous all around to Her Judgery, Lady Persephone, our lovely defense attorney Lady Clarissa, our stellar police force for all of the ghoulish arrests and of course to our defendants for being such good sports.  I hope you had some spooky fun!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Oh and here are the lyrics to Lady Clarissa's version of 'Every Breath You Take' by the Police. A brilliant defense, even if the defendant still was found guilty!

Every breath you take (The Police)

Every edge you fake
Every  cheek you shake
Every  rule you break
Every  lick you make
We’ll be teaching you

Every single day, 
Every swing and sway
Every game you play
Every time you bray
We’ll be teaching you

O can't you see
You belong to the D
 your poor arse aches with every
Strike you take

Every pube you rake,
Every slap you take, 
Every bone you quake
Every cry you break, 
We’ll be teaching you

Since the dawn, you been lost in the subspace
Your dream at night, you can only feel  the lace
I look around but it’s you and your dogface
I feel so bold and you long for her embrace
You keep crying subbie, subbie, please

Every pube you rake,
Every slap you take, 
Every bone you quake
Every cry you break, 
We’ll be teaching you

A Witchy Trials!

Don't miss our Halloween version of Trials, our Salem Bitch Trials!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Black & Blue Munch!

Lady Dalia with Russell and Goliath

Lady Madeleine keeps an eye on Sushi

Lady Nej with Patrick and Velvet

Lady Raffi hosting

Listening in

Thank you to Lady Raffi for hosting another fun Munch about exploration! Thank you all for coming out for the discussion.

A Spooky Alt Music Wednesday!

Enjoy the Alt Music set

A big thank you to Kristopher for a lovely live performance and a special spooky Halloween DJ!

Thanks to Lady Clarissa today's Alt Music set included a live musical performance by Kristopher, Clarissa's auction win from our Anniversary fundraiser. Thanks Clar and Kris for a fantastic event!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kangeroo Sushi?

I don't know - I just post them, folks!

Halloween Mingle!

Evidently some spooky shit went down at Mingling tonight. Thanks for hosting Gabbie!  Hope you had fun everyone!

Día de Muertos @ Club Noir!

A big thank you to Lady Noirran for hosting a special Dia De Muertos version of Club Noir today!  Hope you had fun everyone!

Name That Tune!

The subs team, with Kris trying to avoid arrest by avoiding the chair

I think the dommes may have won. I can't seem to recall.

The Domme Team!

Watching the show

Steven Captaining the subs

Our lovely hostess Lady Karrie with Kane

A big thank you to Lady Karrie and Kane for hosting another round of Name That Tune today.  It was a lot of fun although I can't seem to recall who won. We'll be back in 2 weeks!