Monday, September 30, 2013

Courtyard Shenanigans!

Some photos of a bit of courtyard fun that I heard featured Lady Karrie, Lady Fawna and Kane, among others.  Looks like someone was bad!


Lady Noirran is going to spin a special Oktoberfest version of Club Noir this Tuesday! Get ready for the coolest, silliest Oktoberfest bash ever!

Monday Mingling!

Lady Axelle



Lady Persephone


Lady Olivia


Lady Mo and Urca

Thank you to Lady Axelle for hosting our Mingle today and thank you to everyone who came out for the fun!

The Dominion Community Support Team Launches!

If you love The D and want to support the community but don't know where to start, The Dominion Community Support Team is for you!  Everyone is welcome to volunteer for this fun and relaxed project.  Help visitors, assist event hosts or host an event of your own, take pictures - there's a million different ways you can support us in keeping Dominion a thriving and fun place to be. Don't worry if you are new or are not around a lot - casual involvement is very welcome. Help out when and where you can without a huge commitment.  Staff support will be provided to all DCST volunteers.  More info available by touching the sign in the courtyard.  Give back, get involved and join the team!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Discussion

Lady Joie with Owen

Lady Dalia

Sunday Discussion

Lady Willow

Lady Gabrielle and Madi

Lady Lauren

Lady Karrie and Kane

Lady Tess, Lady Noirran and Steven

Lady Persephone

Thank you to Lady Joie for hosting an interesting discussion on consent!  I hope you all enjoyed the discussion today.


Owen hosting - thanks Owen!

Lady Kitten


Lady Crissy


Lady Lauren


A big thank you to Owen and everyone who came out for WTF this morning!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Afternoon Auction!

Our afternoon auction

On display

Lady Paige

Watching the show

Lady Olivia

Lady Kiki

A big thank you to all of our auctionees and everyone who came out for our Slave Auction at 4 pm SLT!  We'll be back at our regular time next round!

An Early Confession!

Lady Summer - thanks for hosting Summer!

Lady Fawna

Lady Susannah and Lady Nej


Lady Willow and Lady Raffi

Lady Bambi and Kevin


Lady Ephany and Kornet

We had some amazing writings today at an earlier time for Femdom Confessions!  Check out Kevin's lovely ode to Lady Bambi, some amazing new stories, AND a special 'Ode To Summer' by Chattel, plus much more!  It's all on our dedicated Confessions blog. Just touch the 'confess' button on the top of this page.

Gabbie Relaxes After Her Race

Madi sent me this shot of Lady Gabrielle after her RL road race today. You deserve some pampering Gabbie!  Hope it all went well!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Open MIc!

Lady Eshi

Miss Pamela

Lady Karrie and Kane watching the show

The Unknown Comic makes an appearance!

Lady Susannah


A big thank you to all of our wonderful performers and supporters at tonight's Open Mic event. You were all fantastic!