Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Witch Hunt: Solutions

I hope you all had fun doing our annual Witch Hunt Mystery. For those of you who didn't get a chance to complete it or who got stumped, here's the mystery unfolded.

Starting clue:
"Look in the mirror and then tell the swan what you see. This exotic bird is not where you'd expect him to be"

The clue in the mirror was in our spa on the second floor of the main castle. If you looked closely in the mirror you'd see the name 'Esmeralda'.

A black swan was swimming in the ocean at Dominion Cove. When you told him the name 'Esmeralda' he told you she was taking a photo, which was to lead you to our Photo Studio at Dominion Fetish.

At the Photo Studio you would find Esmeralda's camera and a note saying that her new photo shoot was going to be named 'Tamed' and that she was going to the piano in the main Castle to continue photographing a sub she had bought at auction.

The piano at the Castle had a blank parchment on it. A few of the keys on the piano told you a 'candle would help you see'.  If you put a candle next to the parchment you could read the clue There were two candles out for you to find.  The one on the dining room table was a decoy. The candle you needed to read the note was in the library.  The note on the parchment directed you to an 'x' in the dungeon area and also mentioned the sub Esmeralda was photographing was acting strangely.   

The 'x' in the dungeon was very faint on the floor by a pillar across from the cells.  If you stood close to it, it asked for a name. The name was not 'Esmeralda', but rather of her photo exhibit, 'Tamed'.

The floor opened and led you to a red door underground. You needed to join the 'Witch Hunt' group to use this door, which teleported you to our Haunted Mansion in the sky. 

The shack outside the mansion contained a book which told you to look for a cup of tea.  There were a number of tea cups in the mansion but only the one on the second floor near the crystal ball told you to find the cat near a woman who lives in the sea.

You also needed to find the can of sardines in the kitchen.

The cat was located under the mermaid statue in the forest by the arena.  If you told him you had 'sardines' he directed you to look for the next clue under 'Medussa'. We have a 'Medussa' statue in the ocean on the northwest corner of the sim.

Underwater by the statue there was a dead newb, hanged by his neck.  When you touched him he gave you a message from Esmeralda saying she had outsmarted the bad sub and that all subs should take this as a cautionary tale.

There were various other clues and decoys set out throughout the hunt.  I hope it wasn't TOO frustrating for you all!

Trick Or Treat!

Our Trick or Treat bash earlier tonight

Scary Gunther!

Our DJ and host Kirby

Lady Crissy with Casey and Sylver

Lady Elena

Lady Ephany and Kornet

Lady Happy and Sonnic

Lady Persephone and Dondas

Lady Summer

Lady Susannah

Lady Tika

Lady Wycked

A BIG thank you to Kirby for spinning a live set for us at today's Trick or Treat Bash! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween with us here at The D.  Thank you also to everyone who hosted events or helped out with our annual Halloween celebrations.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day Of The Dead Dance!

Our Day Of The Dead Dance with Lady Noirran

Lady Airi

Lady Fallen and Stephen

Lady Noirran and Geist

Lady Persephone and Dondas

Lady Portia

Lady Summer


Lady Susannah

A big thank you to Lady Noirran for putting together our Day Of The Dead Dance in honour of the Halloween season. Everyone looked fantastic! Thanks for coming out everyone!

Monday, October 29, 2012

In The Halloween Spirit....

So Maddie did this Chattel inspired sock puppet for our Anniversary Auction, which ended up being sold to Persephone.  Also included were some instructions about how to make your own Chattel sock puppet, which I know you all want to do. In the spirit of the scariest time of the year, find them below:

Today, I'm going to teach you how to make your very own vintage Chattel doll that you can take right to bed with you.

To make this project, you'll need:
An adult's black sock
Something to stuff it with (I have a lot of yarn, so that's what I used. Make sure, though, that you stuff with a black material or you'll be able to see Chattel's guts through his body.)
Black yarn or string that can be used to tie the body parts
A needle and thread
Buttons, material, and other baubles to decorate your Chattel with

1. Stuff the sock leaving several empty inches at the top (the "leg" part). This is ultimately what you will make the ears from. Tie the stuffed area off tightly with black yarn.

3. Next, divide the stuffed section into two parts, about a third of the way down. The smaller portion will be your head. (Remember, the unstuffed section should be next to it and make your ears.)

4. Tightly tie off similar sections to make the legs. The easiest way to do this is to make a couple little legs about the size of golf balls by dividing the bottom of your stuffed section. (See the photo for a better idea of the right size.) Tie these off tightly with your black yarn. Then make two similar lumps on the side of the body for the front legs. This can be a little tricky, as your Chattel body is going to start getting tighter. You made need a friend to help you tie up Chattel's front legs. This is normal and should not be considered a failure to dominate your Chattel doll.

5. Once you have a body, a head, and legs, make a similar tied mass on the face for a snout. You are now ready to decorate! (Be sure before you begin that all your ties are tight and won't slip loose while you are manipulating the face.)

6. I sewed buttons on the doll in the photo to make two eyes and a nose. Different colors and sizes of buttons or beads will give Chattel completely different looks. Try to find a large, black, shiny piece for the nose, though. I also had a little pink circle I tucked up under the snout to represent Chattel's...access hole.

7. Now cut the unstuffed portion of the sock into six sections and braid into ears. Tie the braids off.

8. You can't see it in the photo, but I also made a black tail out of an extra piece of material and sewed it on the back of the doll.
9. Finally, I decorated Chattel with a chain collar and name tag. There he is! All ready to be cuddled! Or whatever....

Someone suggested we mail the Chattel doll around the world and take photos if his new owner, Perse, is game.  Try and explain that packaged to your family!

Oh and Chattel is a bit under the weather. Feel better Chamster and hurry back to your pit.

Peanutty Sunday Beats!

Gabbie decided it would be fun to channel Lucy and got Madi and Michael in the the fun at Sunday Beats last night.  Thanks to Lady Veronica for being our lovely hostess and to everyone who came out for the fun.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

D Lounge!

Wrapping up a big Saturday with D Lounge!

Lady Karyn

Lady Kivrin and Shy

Lady Lauren

Miss Pamela

Lady Persephone and Dondas

Lady Susannah

Great party tonight Pam! And everyone looked amazing. I hope you had a blast! 

A special thank you to Lady Persephone and Dondas who took photos of all of today's events for the blog.  I really appreciate it!


An adorable Lady Persephone and Dondas

Lady Susannah and Lady Sylvie

Lady Wycked and Kirby

Chief Shan doing double duty hosting Confessions


We had some amazing Confessions tonight and most of them were impromptu! Check them out on our dedicated blog by clicking the 'C' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page. Thank you to our lovely hostess Lady Zarita and to all of our contributors!

Police Recruitment Drive!

Lady Dalia knocking out some pushups

Chief Shan and Officer Gabrielle

A tiny Officer Crissy in our lineup

Officer Summer and new Deputy Chief Persephone

Taking the oath

That's right..we take our police work VERY seriously!

How much fun was our Police Recruitment Drive earlier today?  The highlight for me was watching a tiny Lady Crissy roll up in a tiny tank. Hilarious!  Congrats to our new Deputy Chief Lady Persephone and all of our new recruits. And of course, thank you to our Chief, Lady Zarita. All hail the Chief!

Trick Or Treat Auction!

Things were a little hot at our auction earlier today


I was your witchy auctioneer!

Odisis singing

A big thank you to everyone who came out for our auction earlier today. We had some great guys up who were pretty entertaining. I thought it was very sweet that some of our ladies purchased only to gift to others. You are all so generous! Thanks for coming out to support us again everyone!

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Force To Be Reckoned With!

Chief Shan and Officer Absent will be leading out Police Recruitment Drive Saturday at 3 pm SLT before Confessions.  Ladies, if you would like to join our volunteer 'just for fun' Police Force, come by the courtyard and see what the fuss is all about!

Campfire Stories!

Sitting around the camp fire. Some of the stories were really scary! 

Our lovely hostess in her jammies, Lady Gabrielle

A big thank you to Lady Gabrielle for putting together our second annual Campfire Stories event! It was such a fun and intimate event and the perfect way to end day one of our Halloween festivities. Thank you also to all of our readers, some of whom really scared us!  

Bebop also did his own amazing take on a classic poem. Check it out...


Once upon an evening busy, while I knelt, and spoke with sissies
Practising Liaison duties, to help show newbies what for
My IM window started beeping, my Mistress I'd thought was sleeping
And so happily  I asked "What's keeping, keeping you up at half past 4?"
"Too much caffeine" this she uttered, "And my little doggy snores"
So we went shopping, though I'm poor.

Ah, distinctly I recall it, we went searching for my outfit
Then for hers that would match it, so were our avatars adorned
Soon and early she retired to satisfy her sleep desire
But now we had stoked a fire for the browsing of the stores
Judge me no less a person, window shopping galore
For you see, I am quite poor

I set my fet-life status stating that "I'm watching snails mating"
To inspire much debating, as I went to surf for porn
Leaning back on my recliner, as I surfed for something finer
Through the pages that I was searching, searching deeper than before
What precious link did I discover searching deeper than before?
'Twas a spam site, nothing more

Kink results were sorely lacking, I hope my ISP's not tracking,
Else blackmail ammo's stacking. "Find me more" I do implore
Searching further then I stumbled, 'pon a compilation jumbled
With my mouse I quickly fumbled, when I gazed "Femdom hardcore"
Was it the content that I wanted, as I clicked "Femdom hardcore"?
'Twas just text and nothing more"

As my search became disjointed, I sat and pondered, disappointed
Until google was appointed to help me find what I adore,
And while my query had halted, my quest had slightly faltered
Safesearch settings must be altered, altered for Femdom Hardcore
With that final hurdle hurdled I search for more Femdom Hardcore
This I sought and nothing more

Browsing what Google had located, it still wasn't what I wanted
But I still endured undaunted - pages two, then three, then four
Then my cursor stopped and hovered on a website I discovered,
There I thought would be uncovered, uncovered her: my next amour.
Beguiled by a beautiful thumbnail bound to be my next amour
How I wanted nothing more

That tiny pic held all my interest, it portrayed a carnal Mistress
With a link that read: "Male in distress, please click here to see more"
That link was a juicy token, but most frstratingly was broken
'Twas about to start my stroken but the page was there no more
The link offered what I wanted but the page was there no more.
Quoth the server "404"

By now my heart was slowly sinking; what was the website thinking?
Was it simply sloppy linking to Dominatrix and more?
So I tried all variation of the URL's location,
And I strained imagination to warp that message from before
Oh, how I wished for something sweeter than that message from before,
Quoth the server "404"

"The Video you requested can not be found", so I tested
But I continued to be bested, as this teasing makes me sore
On my mission I was questing, many keyboard buttons pressing
All I found was some crossdressing and shemale midget sex galore
Thus I clicked on every link that read "Femdom Hardcore"
Quoth the server "404"

Twas at this time I heard a snicker, and that voice that's so familiar
To the skype window i flicker, with my eyes wider than before
"You've been a bad boy" Mistress utters, and I barely start a stutter
When her voice, as smooth as butter, says "that dick is mine not yours"
"But Mistress I'm so horny" and I begged and plead galore
Quoth my Mistress "touch no more"