Friday, October 26, 2012

Campfire Stories!

Sitting around the camp fire. Some of the stories were really scary! 

Our lovely hostess in her jammies, Lady Gabrielle

A big thank you to Lady Gabrielle for putting together our second annual Campfire Stories event! It was such a fun and intimate event and the perfect way to end day one of our Halloween festivities. Thank you also to all of our readers, some of whom really scared us!  

Bebop also did his own amazing take on a classic poem. Check it out...


Once upon an evening busy, while I knelt, and spoke with sissies
Practising Liaison duties, to help show newbies what for
My IM window started beeping, my Mistress I'd thought was sleeping
And so happily  I asked "What's keeping, keeping you up at half past 4?"
"Too much caffeine" this she uttered, "And my little doggy snores"
So we went shopping, though I'm poor.

Ah, distinctly I recall it, we went searching for my outfit
Then for hers that would match it, so were our avatars adorned
Soon and early she retired to satisfy her sleep desire
But now we had stoked a fire for the browsing of the stores
Judge me no less a person, window shopping galore
For you see, I am quite poor

I set my fet-life status stating that "I'm watching snails mating"
To inspire much debating, as I went to surf for porn
Leaning back on my recliner, as I surfed for something finer
Through the pages that I was searching, searching deeper than before
What precious link did I discover searching deeper than before?
'Twas a spam site, nothing more

Kink results were sorely lacking, I hope my ISP's not tracking,
Else blackmail ammo's stacking. "Find me more" I do implore
Searching further then I stumbled, 'pon a compilation jumbled
With my mouse I quickly fumbled, when I gazed "Femdom hardcore"
Was it the content that I wanted, as I clicked "Femdom hardcore"?
'Twas just text and nothing more"

As my search became disjointed, I sat and pondered, disappointed
Until google was appointed to help me find what I adore,
And while my query had halted, my quest had slightly faltered
Safesearch settings must be altered, altered for Femdom Hardcore
With that final hurdle hurdled I search for more Femdom Hardcore
This I sought and nothing more

Browsing what Google had located, it still wasn't what I wanted
But I still endured undaunted - pages two, then three, then four
Then my cursor stopped and hovered on a website I discovered,
There I thought would be uncovered, uncovered her: my next amour.
Beguiled by a beautiful thumbnail bound to be my next amour
How I wanted nothing more

That tiny pic held all my interest, it portrayed a carnal Mistress
With a link that read: "Male in distress, please click here to see more"
That link was a juicy token, but most frstratingly was broken
'Twas about to start my stroken but the page was there no more
The link offered what I wanted but the page was there no more.
Quoth the server "404"

By now my heart was slowly sinking; what was the website thinking?
Was it simply sloppy linking to Dominatrix and more?
So I tried all variation of the URL's location,
And I strained imagination to warp that message from before
Oh, how I wished for something sweeter than that message from before,
Quoth the server "404"

"The Video you requested can not be found", so I tested
But I continued to be bested, as this teasing makes me sore
On my mission I was questing, many keyboard buttons pressing
All I found was some crossdressing and shemale midget sex galore
Thus I clicked on every link that read "Femdom Hardcore"
Quoth the server "404"

Twas at this time I heard a snicker, and that voice that's so familiar
To the skype window i flicker, with my eyes wider than before
"You've been a bad boy" Mistress utters, and I barely start a stutter
When her voice, as smooth as butter, says "that dick is mine not yours"
"But Mistress I'm so horny" and I begged and plead galore
Quoth my Mistress "touch no more"

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