Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Lady Gabrielle

Mingling Madness!

A big thank you to Lady Gabrielle for another fun round of Mingling last night!

Interview With A Domme: Lady Rubi

The boys listening in to the interview

Interviewing Lady Rubi

Lady Rubi

Lady Hanna and Zaira

Lady Tika

My thanks to Lady Rubi for agreeing to sit down for our Interview With A Domme event! It was a fun chat and one of the subs was handing out margaritas..woohoo! Thanks for coming out everyone.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sub Chat!

The subs chatting at The Liaisons Retreat

We wrapped our Charm School events with our monthly Mistress and Sub Only Discussions. Thank you to Lady Joie and Heather for leading and to everyone who came out.

A special thank you to Lady Joie for spearheading our Charm School events and hosting so many special workshops and discussions. Thank you also to all of the other ladies who hosted events. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

D Lounge!

Partying at last night's D Lounge

Lady Trinity


Lady Melina and Nathan

D Lounge!

It's a pretty nice Saturday when you start and end the day with Miss Pamela! Thanks for the wonderful music last night Pam! And thank you to everyone who came out to party.

Lady Zarita Returns To Confessions

Lady Miyani and Lady Fallen

Lady Tika and Lady Melina

Lady Madeleine

Lady Raffi and Spookie

Lady Jade with Boytoy and Lady Ephany and Wheels

Lady Zarita returned to host Confessions last night and it was another amazing hour! Thank you for doing such a great job hosting Zarita, and thank you also to all of our amazing members who submitted writings. You can see them on the dedicated Confessions blog by clicking the 'C' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Charm School: Croquet!

Dondas as croquet hoop

The playing field

Lady Persephone enjoying some tea

Lady Miyani and I enjoying an after croquet snack

My thanks to Lady Persephone and Dondas for arranging a fun croquet match as part of our Charm School event series! If you weren't there you missed out..lots of fun!

Reach For The Top With Miss Pamela!

Your hostess, Miss Pamela

Girls vs boys

The boys team

Watching the show

A big thank you to Miss Pamela for her help putting together our Reach For The Top quiz show event, and for doing such a great job hosting! Thanks for coming out everyone :)

Reach For The Top!

It's a special GAME SHOW event today at the D at 12 noon SLT! Girls, boys, you'll be competing against each other in this test of knowledge and skill. Everyone is welcome to attend.

We are also having a special CROQUET MATCH at 2 pm SLT hosted by Lady Persephone and Dondas. Expect some mayhem!

Our Charm School events will wrap tomorrow. I hope you've all enjoyed the special events and will have some fun at the ones yet to come.


Our Prom Queen Lady Eloise with her Prom King, Watts

Lady Zarita and Tarquinius

Lady Veronica and Vodka

Miss Pamela

Lady Miyani and Lady Scarlette

Lady Janice, a little worse for wear

Lady Gabrielle and Michael

Me and the squirrel

The gym all decorated for prom

It was a fab prom last night with Lady Eloise and Miss Pamela spinning some great music. You all looked fantastic! I hope you got home safe and that you had a night to remember.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Charm School: Photography

Lady Joie leading our Photography Workshop

Ladies and subs listening in

A big thank you to Lady Joie for hosting a great workshop on photography as part of our Charm School series. Sorry I had to miss it! Thanks for coming out everyone :)

This Friday's Big Party Is....

Join us for our own Prom Party at 3 pm! Get on your favourite outfits, pick up a corsage and ask mom if you can use the car...Don't miss the hottest party on the grid!

Thanksgiving Trials!

Chief Shan admiring our turkey

Lady Joie stepping in as our Judgery

Watching the show

Madi on defense (and a turkey)

Thank you to everyone who came out for our special 'Principal's Office' version of Night Court last night! Evidently you didn't have your fill of turkey :p

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

School Themed Mingling

Lady Gabrielle

Mingling in the courtyard

Lady Gabrielle had some special fun in store for us at last night's Speed Mingling event: a back to school themed mingle in honour of our Charm School event series! Thanks for the fun Gabbie!

Let's Dance!

Lady Rubi and Ash

Miss Miles and Winston

Axelle and Heather

The dance floor

A big thank you to Lady Eloise for spinning another wonderful set at our Tuesday Dance party. Hope you had fun everyone!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Transgender Discussion

Lady Maisy and Emma

Lady Hanna and Lady Joie with Zaira and Axelle

Miss Destiny with Sweeney

Our discussion group

A big thank you to Miss Destiny for hosting a rousing discussion on the topic of Transgenderism and gender in general. It was a fascinating hour and a half. The topic continues on Fetlife. Just touch the 'FL' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page to join in.