Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Lady Saaskje Violet Exhibit Opens

Make your way up to the second floor of our Art Gallery and check out the brand new exhibit featuring the works of Lady Saaskje Violet. There are some amazing shots - don't miss this fantastic new show!

Sunday Discussion

Thank you to our guest host Lady Chaotic

Lady Axelle and Velveteen

Lady Dalia

Lady Gabrielle


Lady Maisy and Rex

Thank you to Lady Chaotic for guest hosting today's Sunday Discussion! If you'd like to host be our guest host one month, please drop Evangeline Eames a notecard.  Thanks for coming out everyone!

WTF Trivia!



Lady Persephone

Lady Veenya


Thank you to Lisa for hosting another round of WTF Trivia! If you haven't been before, you've got to try it! It's some fantastic pop culture fun.

D Lounging!

Miss Pamela and friend


Lady Kylie and Dani


Lady Noirran

Lady Ravenn

Lady Silks and Sal


Thanks to Miss Pamela for another rocking D Lounge!



Heather and friend

Lady Axelle

Lady Chaotic hosting

Lady Danika and Darnell

Lady Diana and Elric

Lady Tanarra and Niki

Lady Tika with Eli and Tam

Thank  you to Lady Chaotic and all of our contributors to tonight's Femdom Confessions event! Make sure to touch the 'confess' button at the top of this page to check out all of our original writings.  We are nearing 2000 original contributions!

Slave Auction With Lady Noirran!

Lady Noirran with Auctionees

Lady Phoenixx and Eirrik

Lady Taren and Gia

Lady Zaira

Lady Persephone



A big thank you to Lady Noirran for being our guest auctioneer at today's Slave Auction! Thank you also to all of our auctionees, bidders, and to Lady Mo for donating a beautiful furniture set from Abiss. See you in two weeks!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Interview With A Domme: Lady Summer

Listening in

Lady Summer

Today's Interview With A Sub Event

Lady Axelle

Lady Coco and Lady Karrie

Lady Dalia

Lady Flicka

Lady Lauren

Lady Leigh

Lady Lucie

Lady Mo and Mimos


Thank you to Lady Summer for a fun Interview With A Domme event earlier today!  Hope you all had fun listening in, everyone.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Coming This Sunday....

Don't miss the latest show at The Dominion Art Gallery featuring the works of Lady Saaskje Violet!