Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Little Addition To The Photo Studio

I found this great chair with 9 erotic couples poses at Masquerade. Its now in the photo studio at the Fetish sim. A teleporter is located by the Castle door. Have fun!

This Friday's Big Party Is.....


Vamps, goths, creatures of the night, join us Friday, July 3rd at 3 pm SLT for our Victorian Vampire Ball. Dance with your eternal love on our elegant ballroom floor as Lady Deirdre and Lady Eloise seduce you with music. We'll party until dawn in our haunted mansion. See you there for a wickedly good time!

I'll Take Park Place

Maz and I playing SLopoly in our swimsuits in the Confessions Bar

If you like Monopoly, check out the table up in the Confessions Bar (teleporter by the castle door). It is really easy to play and requires no instructions. Truly, an incredible piece of scripting and lots of fun. Check it out!

Monday, June 29, 2009

July Events Calendar Released!

We've just added all of our July events to the interactive calendar to the right, and we have some great stuff planned for the upcoming month. There are five Fridays in July, so that means five big Friday night parties! Watch for The Victorian Vampire's Ball, The Fucked Up Fairytale Ball (more details will be released about this one as the event approaches), The Irish Pub Party (all the best Irish bands!), a revisit of January's infamous Swashbucker's Soiree, and last but not least, we'll wrap up July with an 80's New Romantics Party.

We also have some big birthdays coming up and of course we'll be celebrating Canada Day on Wednesday (yay!) with a modified version of our Wednesday Dance Party. We will also be celebrating July 4th along with our American friends with a big party Saturday night that will include a fireworks show over the water.

Many of your favourite events will be back such as our Discussion and Mentoring Groups, Femdom Confessions, Femdom Media, and our Hunts and Auctions. We have also added in some new events including Guerilla Emoting where participants will be given a scene and some props and asked to emote on the spot, and an introductory class on collars and cuffs given by Lady Sue Rozen this Tuesday.

The Newbie Makeover Challenge is back by popular demand, and this time we will be holding it on a Sunday so everyone will have a chance to participate.

Look for all of this and some surprises as July unfolds. Watch your group notices and check back on the blog for more updates and additions to the calendar.

Here's to a fun July at Dominion!

Product Demos At Discussion

Miss Destiny in the throes of orgasm (again)

Lady Ravanys and Cole demo a piece of equipment

Lady Tanja, Lady Eloise, and Tim

Miss Destiny being hypnotized by Lady Ravanys

A closer shot
Today's Discussion Group was about all of the toys that are available in Second Life that can enhance your play experience. Miss Destiny, along with some volunteers from the crowd demonstrated some items, much to our amusement.

Thank you to Miss Destiny for running another great Discussion Group. See you next Sunday.

Unseemly Confessions

Sister Ravanys with her habit askew

Miss Destiny's view of Lady Ravanys

Miss Miyani, Miss Ladycann, Miss Azarrya, Miss Kathena and Drakaar

Miss Zarita with Heather

We had a number of interesting Confessions at Saturday's Femdom Confessions Event, but more memorable are some of the dares, particularly one that had Miss Destiny and Lady Ravanys reenacting an experience from Miss Destiny's past. Now I know I am going to get complaints that I never included the really hardcore photos of the encounter, but somethings are better left to your imagination. Besides, it just ups their price on the black market. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Luxurious Estate Living At Dominion

The Dominion has gorgeous 1/4 sim private islands available for just over 30 us dollars a month. See the sign below the statue in the conversation area for a notecard with more info and an LM to check it out for yourself, or IM Evangeline Eames for details. Live at this gorgeous island at Dominion and support your Femdom home in Second Life!

Aliens Attack!

Lady Ravanys (in her sunglasses!) watching as Mickey gets in a bit of trouble with an alien tentacle monster

Strike A Pose

Lady Janice and Miss Destiny with Val and Erique, posing with one of Lady Janice's new poseball sets. Check out more of Lady Janice's photos on our Dominion Flickr page (see link on the upper right of this blog). And make sure to add your own photos of life around The Dominion!

A Trip To The Circus

Miss Destiny with Marcello (dangling precariously from an elephant) at the new circus tent near the Fetish Shoppes

Today's Slave Auction

The boys waiting for sale

Miss Destiny (a neko??) at the auction podium with her boy Max behind her

Drakaar on the auction block

Dany looks on at the crowd as he is being sold

The Ladies waiting for the auction to start

We had some nice boys for sale at today's Slave Auction, with a couple of first timers and a few boys who we know well. Good luck to all of the Ladies with their new boys. All of the auction proceeds go to support The Dominion so thank you all for your support. See you in two weeks for our next Slave Auction!

The Afterparty

Lady Joie and Tommy dancing at the afterparty

A view over the Indian themed party set

After the ceremony there was a lovely dance with an Indian theme in the courtyard. Lady Syriana played one of the most romantic sets of music I have heard in some time. It was great to see so many come out to celebrate with Lady Joie and Tommy.

More From Lady Joie and Tommy's Collaring Ceremony

Lady Joie and Tommy Formal Collaring

Last night after our Motown Party Lady Joie Arai formally collared her boy Tommy Warden. It was perhaps the loveliest ceremony I have seen in Second Life. I am posting a number of photos in two sets of slide shows. I hope you enjoy them!

Congratulations to Lady Joie and Tommy!

A Couple Motown Snaps

Miss Madeleine and her boy Kees on the dance floor

Lady Deirdre and Ithel shaking it on a giant record

Last night's Motown party turned in to a tribute of sorts to the late Michael Jackson. Our DJs Lady Deirdre and Lady Eloise spun some amazing music from that era - really some of the best music of all time. I'm afraid I didn't get so many snaps of this event with all the activity preparing for Lady Joie and Tommy's collaring ceremony, and our second dance party of the night (see next post). If anyone has any more photos of this party feel free to send them on to me!

Thank you all for coming out for another great party at Dominion! See you next Friday for more fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Milk and Cookies!

Lady Eloise and her boy Wolf settle in for some stories

Lady Ravanys, Lady Zarita, Ganuk and Jimmy, all ready for bed

Lady Joey reads as her boy Tommy and Jack listen in

At tonight's Bedtime Stories Lady Joie chose some very erotic tales to tell as we enjoyed our milk and cookies and snuggled in for the night. Lady Zarita and Tommy joined in with the reading. All in all it was a lovely way to end the day. Thanks to Lady Joie for organizing this event! We'll do it again some time soon.

It's A Dangerous Job But....

Epi, cleaning the underside of the encasement in the seating area. It's not all glamour being on the janitorial crew at Dominion.

Today's Trials: The Defense Rests

Lady Zarita with Jake (kneeling), and Jimmy as Jake's defence attorney

Lady Joie whipping Hylarks

Erique, back at Trials again, suspended over the well

Drakaar riding our special horse

For the first time at today's Trials, Jimmy decided to really take his role of Defense Attorney seriously. Donning a suit and a 'Dominion Defence' tag, Jimmy looked the part, but sadly his record of 0 wins stood, probably due to the speed with which he would 'throw up his hands' and admit defeat. Boy, just remember when it comes to legal representation, you get what you pay for.

See you next Thursday for more fun at Trials.

Our Photo Studio Has Moved!

The new photo studio over at the Dominion Fetish sim

When building Dominion Fetish I added a special skybox with a N30 photo studio, and a variety of props and poseballs. The skybox is in the caberet style theme of the sim and offers a number of photo opportunities including a stage with dramatic lighting. Because we have this new and improved photo area, I have gone ahead and pulled the photo studio out of the Dominion Castle dungeon. All of the Femdom poseballs have been moved to the new photo studio. A teleporter to the Dominion Fetish Photo Studio is now located in the dungeon, and also over at the main landing point of the Dominion Fetish sim. Feel free to use all of the props and poseballs (all set so anyone can move) at your leisure.

When you are exploring the new Dominion Fetish sim make sure to check out the big circus tent with the elephant and trapeze (all with poses), and the Alice In Wonderland set on the edge of the island. The merry-go-round in the plaza has bondage poses on all of the horses as well.

Don't forget, Dominion has its own Flickr page at:


I look forward to seeing more fantastic photos from our Dominion members. Have fun!

New Caging Fun!

A new inter-sim caging system at the main seating area

So tonight I installed a fun little toy at the seating area that is a bit of a secret, simply because if you don't know to look for it you would probably never see it. To the left of the statue's feet are three buttons. Note the pavillion on the small island in the background. The red button in the centre will teleport your naughty sub inside the pavillion. The black button on the right will drop down a cage around him and the black button on the left will close the pavillion doors. The pavillion is on the next sim over and lag can affect performance, but it does work, just be patient. Have fun Ladies!

We've Gone Organic

Jimmy on a giant carrot at the conversation area

Lady Medussa sent me this photo of Jimmy on a giant carrot in the conversation area. It seems Lady Zarita is to thank for his foray in to healthy living.

A Peek At Dominion Femdom Fetish Shoppes

Femdom Fetish

For those of you who wonder what I have been doing with that new sim across from the seating area, here's your answer: Second Life's first Femdom only shopping district, Dominion Fetish. Soon you will have a fantastic selection of Femdom animations, equipment, latex, and other fetish items right here at Dominion! I've just finished building and Maz has done some great new graphics (see above). We are now working with designers and planning our grand opening.

In the meantime, make sure to check out all the wonderful shops and promotions in The Dominion Fashion District, full of some of the best mainstream couture fashions in Second Life. Indyra Originals has some lovely new items in and Digit Darkes is working on revamping her store to include some of her latest designs. Check back often and support Dominion by shopping here first.

More info on our Dominion Fetish soon!

Dance Party Snaps!

Lady Marie at today's Dance Party

Lady Liz stops to catch her breath

Lady Janice takes a turn

Lady Eloise stepping out

A few snaps from today's casual Wednesday Dance. Thanks again to Lady Deirdre for the great music. See you next Wednesday!