Friday, July 31, 2009

August Events Calendar Released!

I've just updated the Dominion Calendar with our August roster of events. Look for some exciting themes for our Friday parties including a big Versaille Ball in the middle of the month and a fetishy medical event in early August. The Dominion is also taking part in Latex Fetish Week, which will include a big Fashion Show with Hugo's Designs and a fun after party.

In addition to that we also have the return of our Yard Sale towards the end of the month, plus a few classes and special events that are still in the works. Make sure to check the calendar on the blog regularly to see whats coming up.

Here's to a fun August at Dominion!

New Stores At Dominion Fetish

The Femdom store Queendom just moved in to Dominion Fetish earlier this week

The Kissable Foot joined us last week

We've had some great new stores come in to Dominion Fetish over the last week. I've been waiting for the owners of The Kissable Foot and Queendom to come back from summer holidays. They both came home over the past week or so and have brought their great products to our Femdom Shoppes. Make sure to check them out and all of our other fantastic designers at Dominion Fetish.

Yar! It Was An Evening Of Plunder And Mayhem!

Lady Jasmyne and our DJ Lady Eloise

Miss Medussa and Scorpio

Miss Madeleine and Kees

Miss Mandalay and Bret

Lady Carla and Lady Jeanette

Here's a few photos from tonight's Swashbuckler's Soire II! Lady Eloise and Maz did a great job of DJing. Thank you all for coming out for our big night of adventure on the seven seas! We'll see you next Friday...

Trial of The Century: The Verdict

Miss Destiny with her boys, looking dejected as the verdict is announced

Miss Zarita, acting as her own attorney

Lady Ravanys, looking on as the evidence is presented

Dominion Investigating Officer Jimmy Oh, preparing to interrogate the witnesses

Dominion Justice Joie Arai and Dominion Justice Tapika Tomsen look on over the court

It was high drama in the courtroom yesterday as the 'Trial of The Century' commenced. Both Lady Zarita and Lady Ravanys passionately defended their innocence, each accusing the other in turn of duplicity and conspiracy. However, in the end, our Justices Lady Joie and Lady Tapika found only one Lady to be guilty without a doubt, Miss Destiny Teardrop. A mistrial was called in regards to Lady Ravanys and Lady Zarita (much to investigating officer Jimmy's chagrin - he was convinced of Lady Zarita's guilt). The Justices issued only one judgement, that Miss Destiny was guilty and should wear the tag 'DOM High Bitch' for one week.

Thank you to Lady Joie and Lady Tapika for presiding over this difficult case, thank you to Jimmy for his passionate detective work, and thank you to everyone who came out to witness our trial. We'll be back next week with our regular Trials and Punishments at Dominion.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Friday's Big Party Is.....


Join us on Friday, July 31st @ 3pm SLT as we revisit last January's pirate themed party with The Dominion's Swashbuckler's Soiree 2! Come dressed to sail the seven seas and dance to great music with DJ Lady Eloise and MC Maz. It will be a night of music, plundering and adventure. Don't miss it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Trial of The Century..Here's How It All Started..

Photographic Evidence At Lady Ravanys' House

Dominion Investigator Jimmahoh has filed the following report:

Official Dominion Police Report
Investigating Officer: Jimmy Oh
Case #123623390457002134390874-5-029348-08923
The Case of the Rowdy Roos - Vandalism at Lavendel Way

At approximately 15:16 hours on Tuesday the 28th of July I received a message from one Lady Ravanys Lavendel stating that someone had broken into her house at 729 Lavendel Way. I responded to the call and arrived at the residence at 15:24. Upon my arrival I did a quick inspection of the perimeter and external grounds and found nothing out of the ordinary and there did not seem to be any forced entry. With Lady Ravanys's permission I entered the house and discovered what appeared to be two kangaroos. One was standing upright on a table and the other was laying on the floor with an Australian flag sticking out of its belly. There were two empty cans of "Victoria Bitter" within close proximity to the kangaroo on the floor in front of the fireplace. In addition to this, above the fireplace there was a big white sign with black lettering that read "ROO's RULE!" I photographed the scene and dusted for fingerprints. When I asked Lady Ravanys when the vandalism occured She told me She discovered it last night.

Upon further inspection of the house I found a third kangaroo floating in the bathtub upstairs. I asked Lady Ravanys if She knew anyone that would do such a crazy act of vandalism and She mentioned two Australians that She knew. A Miss Zarita Shan and a Lady Angel Keen.

After the scene was processed I went to The Dominion Femdom castle in hopes of finding and questioning the Australian Ladies. It was there that I spoke to a Miss Destiny Teardrop. She informed me that She was a witness to the event in question and informed me that it took place at about 5:40pm SL on Monday the 27th of July. In addition Miss Teardrop provided me with photographs that were taken at the Lavendel crime scene at about the same time. The forensics team has determined the photographs came from Miss Zarita Shans camera. I then asked Miss Teardrop if She knew where I could find Miss Shan and She gave me Miss Shans address.

When I arrived at Miss Shan's place at approximately 17:38, I found Her sitting on the couch petting Her puppy. When I asked Her wheah She was at the time of the Lavendel vandalism crime She stated that She was home taking a bath. I then asked Her if anyone could back that up and She said that Her puppy could but he can't speak. When I asked if there was anyone else that could provide an alibi She became defensive and acted offended that I would suggest such a thing saying "what do you take me for?? You think I share my baths??" I then asked Miss Shan if She was Australian. Her response was "that is a very private question" before She finally admitted to being Australian. When I asked Her what Her favorite beer was She made fun of my accent before stating "I don't like beahhh! but if I did it would be Victoria Bitter or Cascade."I then informed Miss Zarita that She was the main suspect in a case of vandalism and She stated numerous times that She was being framed "by some jealous witches" and named Lady Ravanys and Miss Destiny Teardrop. Miss Zarita then began to explain that "after her leisurely bath" She decided to dry off on Her private beach and was shocked to find numerous objects with the flag of The United States with an image of what Miss Zarita claimed to be and later was confirmed to be that of Lady Ravanys Lavendel. Miss Zarita went on to explain how She caught Lady Ravanys and Her accomplice Miss Destiny Teardrop "redhanded". I then asked why She didn't file a complaint rather than take the law into Her own hands and She told me that She was very nice and only tried to throw them off Her property but "they refused to leave and were muttering things like you bitch Zarita for being so much more beautiful than us". Miss Zarita then went on to state that She charges them with "Jeolous Griefing". I asked Miss Zarita if She had any evidence and She supplied me with images of said event. The photographs were taken after the crime at Lavendel Way so I am led to believe that it was an act of retaliation for the Lavendel crime. Miss Zarita also stated that She had witnesses that would testify on her behalf and named Lady Angel Keen and Her landlord, Nail Stonewall.

It was at about this time that we were all summoned back to The Dominion and we arrived at about 18:24.

The fingerprints from the Lavendel crime scene did come back to match Miss Zarita Shan.

Join us tomorrow at 3 pm SLT for a special Trials and Punishments at Dominion where this case will be resolved.

Issue Five of FEMDOM Magazine Is Here!

It's our biggest issue ever: almost 200 pages! Enjoy our special Summer Issue of FEMDOM Magazine, just released today. Grab a copy at the kiosk at the Dominion or even better, read it online at

If you are interested in writing for FEMDOM Magazine, or if you would like to advertise or have a kiosk for your business, please contact Evangeline Eames (me) or our Managing Editor, Madeleine Broome.

We hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've Been Meaning To Post This For A While

Lady Madeleine and her boy Vran on a visit to a gorean birthing room. Vran gave birth to some lobster that he has since named Vrandeleine or something of that nature. And you know the rule, once you name it you can't eat it.

Thursday: The Trial of The Century

Watch this blog for posting of evidence and other details

More Fun At Media X

Miss Aqueavileous, Ollie, Igo, and Miss Sabra

Lady Madeleine and Kees

Lady Medussa, Trigun and Yopper

Miss Miyani, Miss Sara, and Marcell

A shot of the crowd

We had more fun Femdom porn clips at today's Femdom Media X. And of course it was fun to see all of the boys nude for the event. Join us two weeks from today our next Femdom Media X, and don't forget to bookmark your favourite clips to share! See you then!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lavendel Designs

The 'Eva' suite by Lavendel Designs (my favourite of course!)

If you have been wondering what has kept Lady Ravanys so busy lately, it's not just been real life. She's also been quietly working on her new project, a home furnishings company, Lavendel Designs. Lady Ravanys has a number of designs already available and has named many of them after Ladies around the Dominion. Make sure to check out her new blog for more photos and info here:

Congratulations Ravanys!

The Dominion On Flickr

There are some AMAZING new photos on the Dominion Flickr stream from Sue, Russell, Janice, Ivy and more. I am continually impressed with the talent we have here! Check out the Flickr side bar on this page or visit our Flickr stream at: to see the latest.

If you are a photographer and would like to add your photos visit the Dominion stream for posting info. Thank you to Lady Joie Arai for overseeing the stream for us. She is a fantastic photographer herself so make sure to check out her work along with the other photographers here at Dominion. Enjoy!

The Cheerleading Squad Practice Session

No, I'm not leading the squad. I'm still working on my coordination problem

The Ladies in formation

Trying to sync up

So after a long break the Dominion Cheerleading Squad reformed for some practice this morning and I am happy to say some new ladies came out to join us. Remember Ladies, you're all welcome to come out for the fun!

We still have to work on our formation and syncing up, but we're getting there! We'll have another practice soon so make sure to watch notices if you want to join us or just come watch.

Thanks to Lady Syriana for helping to orchestrate the poseballs and to DJ Mike for the music! A special thank you to Lady Janice, who joined the squad yesterday and took these great photos for us. See you next time!

Speaking of Trials

Note Russell in the background, on the ladder

Lady Maisy provided this photo of Russell vandalizing Dominion property (again) during yesterday's Discussion Group. Not only did he deface the Arena walls but he caused his Mistress to crash while doing so. Russell, we expect to see you at court on Thursday. And this time I believe something extreme is in order for this repeat offender.

See you at Trials and Punishments at 3 pm SLT this Thursday.

Delayed Justice Delivered

A view of the conversation circle as the trial commenced

Dominion Justice Lady Joie with her boy Tommy at her side and Kilo in front of her

One of our boys here at Dominion, Kilo Hanly, had been ordered to court on a number of occassions but never showed. At our last Trials and Punishments event Dominion Justices Lady Joie Arai and Lady Tapika Tomsen agreed that an impromptu trial should take place next time Kilo was on sim. Lady Joie filed this report:

Date: July 24th, 2009

Re: Trial and sentencing of Kilo Hanly

Report submitted by Lady Joie Arai.

Last night at apx 1:30am Kilo Hanly arrived on the Dominion Sim as I was sitting in the circle. I recalled that this past Thursday Miss Eva had placed a warrant on his head for the awful crime of sitting on the furniture and then fibbing about it!

I called him to my feet and asked him if he knew he had a warrant for his arrest and was to be tried on site. He indicated that he did not. A general call went out in group chat and the sim began to fill with ladies and boys interested in Kilo’s trial. He gave the feeble excuse of RL getting in the way, so that he was not able to appear in court.

After giving several excuses the boy just refused to take responsibility for his actions, he stated at first that the furniture saved him from a fall, and then that he fell onto the furniture, and then that he barely touched the furniture. He continued to dig his hole and I took pity on him, handing down judgment so that he would be quiet and stop adding to the depth of his charges.

His punishments are to write an apology to Miss Eva for defacing Dominion property and he was also auctioned off for 24 hours to make restitution for the couch Eva had to delete as a result of his actions. The auction happened directly after trial in the Dominion group. He was sold to Miss Raffila Millgrove for the amount of 650$L.

Remember boys, you can't escape justice here at Dominion.

Thank you to Lady Joie for submitting this report and to Lady Maisy for the photos.

It Was All About Rules At Discussion

Lady Syriana, Lady Roxana, Rich, and Hunter

Lady Peoney and Lady Sara

Lady Miyani, Lady Mandalay, Lowhanger, and Bret

Lady Janice, Lady Zarita and Lone

A view of the group at today's Discussion

We had a great turnout at today's Discussion where the topic was about rules: what rules are necessary to make a place Femdom? Which ones are silly and which are necessary? We looked at our rules here at Dominion and at a number of other Femdoms and it was interesting to hear everyone's comments.

The general consensus seemed to be that its great to have options and variety in styles. While some Femdoms are more casual and some more strict, we all seem to enjoy having as many options as possible to explore.

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate today. Miss Destiny will be back next Sunday to lead the discussion. See you then!

The Femdom Network Summer Romance Ball

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported The Femdom Network Summer Romance Ball on Saturday evening. A few photos are on the Network blog and I am sure more will be added. See the blog here:

For those of you not familiar with The Femdom Network, it is a group of organizations dedicated to the promotion of Femdom ideals, and adhering to ethical standards of operation. The Dominion is a proud member of The Network along with our sister organizations:

The Velvet Attic, The Velvet Thorn, The Rising Phoenix, Alfheimr, Beaumont Park Estate, Future Femdom, UltraFemme, Queendom of Bouddicea., Domaine La Fignonne, and The Mistresses.

If you'd like more info about the Network see the sign by the Dominion Castle. Watch the Network blog for news about upcoming events.

Thank you all for supporting Femdom in Second Life!

A Different Kind of Confession

The crowd at Saturday night's Confessions

Lady StaceyBee, Lady Jade, and MichaelS

Lady Ravanys in her new latex habit with her boy Cole

Miss Destiny, and David

Saturday night's Femdom Confessions was a little different, and not just because Sister Ravanys had a brand new KK latex habit (although that was very exciting). Instead of our normal round of secret confessions and Truth or Dare, Lady Ravanys compiled a game which randomly asked people about their first experience in different areas. This produced some VERY interesting answers which I really can't explain here. If you weren't there I'm sorry to say you missed out.

See you next Saturday when we'll be back with our regular format. Get those confessions in to Lady Ravanys!

Saturday's Auction

Miss Destiny in front of the day's sales

Lady Joey, Lady Medussa, Lady Roxana, and Hunter

Lady Janice and Lady Miyani with Paulpheonix

The Ladies waiting for the auction to start

Dany up on the block

It was a real assortment of characters at yesterday's Slave Auction including Dany, a repeat auctionee, a few new boys, and one that needed a dressing down (but I'll spare you the details).

Join us in two weeks for our next Slave Auction at Dominion. As always, thank you to our Auctioneer Lady Madeleine Broome for her hard work running this event!

Romantic Invasion!

One of our evening's DJs, Lady Syriana, on the dance floor

Lady Medussa looking glam

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Jeanette and Pink

A shot of the crowd on the dance floor

Friday's 80s New Romantics Party was a blast with Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana spinning some fantastic tunes. And, as always, a big highlight of the evening is seeing what everyone is going to wear and this party didn't disappoint with all sorts of great 80's inspired outfits!

Thank you to everyone for coming out and we'll be back next Friday with our big Swashbucklers Soiree II!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

And Now For The After Show

Caeden, Heff, and Grover look fetching while doing a little thriller

In sync even!

Lady Zarita giving instructions to the dance troop

So after Trials Lady Zarita figured it was time for an aftershow and got Caeden, Heff, and Grover all dolled up and ready to entertain. The boys danced in sync to Thriler and were rather impressive. I think the outfits inspired them. Thanks boys!