Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Is What Happens When You Fuck With Your Mistress

(a special post requested by his Mistress) Johnson Tokyo got a little taste of his Mistress' wrath after getting out of line. Tonight Johnson came and gave us all a charming chair dance all dolled up in a frilly purple mini and heels. He really seems to be taking to it, don't you agree?

Blogging and a Good Girl's Guide To Female Dominance at Femdom Media Today

Today at Femdom Media blogger Deirdre Young and her pet lelo from the SL Fetish Fashion blog came by to discuss the whole blogging process and the SL Fetish Fashion blog specifically. Check for them under our links on this page for great fetish fashions and more.

Lady Tiffany Torgeson read an excerpt from "A Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance" after the blogging presentation. It was a very interesting read. If you would like to know more check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/Mistress-Manual-Girls-Female-Dominance/dp/1890159190/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1238535954&sr=8-1#reader

Thank you to both Deirdre and Tiffany for great presentations. Join us next Tuesday for our first installment of Femdom Media X, our hardcore version of Femdom Media. See you there!

This Week's Friday Party Is: La Dolce Vita!

Join us on Friday, April 3rd at 3 pm SLT for our La Dolce Vita Party at Dominion! Dance in our little Roma to great music with DJ Lady Deirdre Blaisdale and DJ Lady Eloise Mureaux. Think Roman Holiday, Fellini, and the Trevi Fountain. Come escape for a taste of the sweet life! See you there..

Monday, March 30, 2009

April Events Calendar Announced

Here it is, our Calendar of Events for April, with more fun events than ever! We have lots of returning favourites, like our hunts and auctions, as well as our themed Friday night parties and Miss Destiny's Discussion Groups on Sundays. Look for the return of our Yard Sale later in the month (if you didn't participate last time you really should!), as well as some fun new events.

This month we are announcing a brand new event on Saturday evenings: Femdom Confessions hosted by Lady Ravanys Lavendel. This event will feature some anonymous (or not) confessions of fantasies, experiences, or even pieces of fiction that are Femdom related. Lady Ravanys will also be challenging the group to a little truth and dare, plus a few other surprises. Come check it out this Saturday evening at 6 pm SLT. Lady Samirah Whitfield will follow up with some great music at 8 pm SLT for any of you who want to stay and dance.

We are also going to be doing a special hardcore version of our Femdom Media gatherings every other Tuesday, Femdom Media X. Look for some naughty videos and fiction -all those things we are much too highbrow to discuss during our regular Femdom Media events! Our regular Femdom Media will continue on alternating Tuesdays. We have a great discussion about blogging scheduled for Femdom Media tomorrow with Lady Deirdre Young of SL Fetish Fashion, as well as a reading by Lady Tiffany Torgeson. Come join us at 3 pm SLT at The Dominion Arena.

This Event Calendar is on display at the info area at the main Castle.

Here's to a fun filled April!

FREE Burberry Boots at EVA Footwear!

The Fashion District at Dominion has been hopping today (check out the earlier post about stiletto heels to see why). And now.....

...that sub of mine Van Stantz has been up to it again....he's made some fantastic and totally FREE Burberry inspired boots that you can get at EVA Footwear in our own Dominion Fashion District. Grab them while you can and enjoy!

New Toy! Ride Your Sub!

We have a fun new toy at Dominion: a sign that rezzes poseballs that allows you to ride your sub around the sim on all fours! It's great fun and we'll be planning some races soon. Just touch the sign to the right of the seating area by the cage and get your own to try out. It derezzes after your sub stands up. Thanks to Miss Tiffany Torgeson for finding this great toy and suggesting it to me. Have fun!

FREE Sculpted Foot and Toe Stiletto Heels in The Fashion District

We have an AMAZING FREEBIE in our Fashion District right now! Everyone is talking about the new sculpted foot and toe heels that are available. They really are fantastic and so much better than those ugly SL feet! One hitch though: these shoes are incredibly expensive. But The Dominion Fashion District has a special treat for you. For a limited time only we are giving away these SUPER SEXY red stiletto heels compete with sculpted foot and toes! Come and grab them while you can!

Make sure to check out our amazing stores in the Fashion District while you are there. We really have some of the hottest fashions in SL at our very own collection of shops. Pssst....if you want the black set of heels they are at the main store of The Vinyl Cafe for a limited time only as well! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Congratulations to Miss Destiny and Max!

Tonight we held a ceremony for the collaring of Madmax Flanagan by High Mistress Destiny Teardrop. Miss Destiny has owned Max for some time but decided to formally collar him today.

The ceremony took place in a pavillion in the members area and ended with a dance in the public area. Congratulations to Miss Destiny and Max!

Etiquette Class At Dominion

Today was the last of four Etiquette classes we have held at Dominion during the month of March. Lady Janelle Quandry and Lady Olaenka Chesnokov both put a lot of time and effort in to discussing some great points on etiquette and how we can better engage each other. Thank you to both of them for their hardwork.

We will be having more classes at Dominion. Watch our group notices and look for our Calendar of Events at the main castle.

Today's Slave Hunt

We had a great Slave Hunt at Dominion today with Lady Jeanette Mavendorf capturing the most boys and winning the title of High Huntress for a second time in a row! Congratulations Lady Jeanette! If you haven't tried our Slave Hunts before, make sure to come down to Dominion two weeks from today for our next one. We hold them every other Saturday at 12 noon and they are one of our most fun events.

Lady Elven surveys the captured boys in the stocks.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Night Beach Bash!

We are in our 6th hour of dancing at our Dominion Beach Bash as I write this post...its been an awesome night with more great music from Lady Deirdre and Lady Eloise! Watch for our April Calendar in the next couple of days to see next Friday's party theme (here's a hint: life is sweet...)

My favourite prop for this party was this VW camper van kitted out with surf gear.

We brought in truck loads of sand and covered the courtyard to create our own beach replete with waves. Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Gift To Celebrate Our 900th Member!

To celebrate our 900th group member in just 5 months (!!) we contacted the great people over at RP Fantasies and asked them if they would produce a special spanking chair just for our members. They graciously put together this entry level version of their chair that includes a spanking animation, scolding animation, and ass rubbing animation. It's a fantastic product and we are very grateful to Blair and Ming for doing this for all of us! There are more complex versions of their spanking chairs available at their store (Dominion has a more elaborate version in our main dungeon as well as one of their medical exam tables). Check out the information notecard that came with the gift for more details or just go to their store RP Fantasies to check out the models and other amazing equipment.
Thank you all for your support of Dominion! Wait til you see our group gift when we reach 1000 members...

Trials and Punishments

On Thursdays at 3 pm SLT Dominion holds public Trials and Punishments. Our Ladies are invited to bring down their naughty subs or slaves for punishment. Today three subs were punished for various offenses as a large crowd looked on.

Dominion Justices Lady Joie Arai and High Mistress Tapika Tomsen look at a naked supplicant appearing before the court. This boy received 10 lashes for distracting Lady Joie at an event. Join us next week for more fun!

The Dominion Freebie Tables

I bet you've often walked past our freebie table at the Dominion info centre without giving any thought to the great items that might be inside the little gift boxes. Well you really should check them out if you haven't already.

The Domme box has some great items including the side chair shown above, a set of red patent pumps, thigh high leather boots with a red bow and trim, a few different sexy outfits including a one shoulder 'kiss' top in red that is very rock and roll. There is also an item called 'pink mistress chair', which isn't really a chair but a set of poseballs that allows you to sit on your sub. Fun!

The Tee Shirt box includes a custom tee with a stylized Dominion logo and this great sculpted ball cap. And subs...we haven't forgotten about you! The sub box is jam packed with great toys including an Open Collar, a black leather pose pillow, a set of cuffs from Bright, a copy of the aforementioned 'pink mistress chair' pose ball set, sub animations and other fun things. We hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great New FREEBIE From The Vinyl Cafe in The Dominion Fashion District!

For those of you who don't poke around our amazing Fashion District at Dominion regularly you really should. We worked very hard to entice top name designers and we now have a collection of some of the hottest brands in Second Life including Digit Darkes, My Precious, Riviera Couture, House of Rfyre, Shouted Couture and more. Come and check out the latest fashions and great promos and freebies including.....

.....a great new limited time FREEBIE from Vinyl Cafe Fashions! Super cool and sexy PLAID STOCKINGS! Grab this fat pack of 9 different plaid stockings with garters including the famous BURBERRY Plaid! The stockings are located in the Vinyl Cafe Fashions store in The Dominion Fashion District. Grab them while you can!

A Glimpse At The Dominion Residential Estates

Last week The Dominion opened The Dominion Residential Estates on two new sims: a collection of luxurious private residences for our Ladies. All but one residence was claimed within an hour of opening.

One of our most spectacular residences is the 800+ prim Skye Castle. This spectacular 15000 linden residence was designed by the same designer as the Dominion Castle, Alex Bader.

Both residential sims are designed with an array of waterways and bridges. Each estate is surrounded by mountains for maximum privacy.

There are a number of different styles of residences on the Dominion Estates, including this ultra modern built by Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft.

Where the main Dominion sim is darker and more gothic inspired, the residential sims were modeled after the highlands of Scotland with rugged green hills and mountains, crashing shorelines, and an array of trees and greenery. Botanical Straylight trees and bridges by Alex Bader complete the dramatic feel.

Wednesday Dance Party

Every Wednesday at 2 pm Dominion has a casual dance party with one of our great in house DJ's. Today Lady Deirdre Blaisdale spun some amazing tunes and a huge crowd turned up to dance and listen to great music. Join us next Wednesday for another great time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Dominion Schoolhouse

For those of you who like a little schoolroom role play, The Dominion has just set up it's very own schoolhouse replete with all Monica Jewell furniture and equipment. Go check it out to the east of the arena. Have fun!

And Our Machinima Challenge Winner is....

Lady Vasha Zenovka produced a very dark machinima piece in response to our Femdom Media Machinima Challenge. Her piece won her the top prize of 5000 lindens. Next time we hope to see more entries from all of our creative members! If you have a piece of femdom related video, art, or literature that you would like to share just let me know and we'll plan to show it at our next Femdom Media Gathering. Make sure to check out Lady Vasha's video here....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrzE7XjIWoc

Free Shoe Shines at Dominion

Lady Christy's pet epi treated her to a very thorough shoe shine earlier today at Dominion. As usual, we were all impressed with epi's skills.

Beach Bash This Friday!

This Friday's big party is The Dominion Beach Bash! We haven't done a beach theme yet and it will be alot of fun to see our sexy Dommes and subs all kitted out in their swimsuits. Join us at 3 pm SLT this Friday the 27th for some amazing music and a great time.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Speaking Of Group Gifts.....

The FEMDOM Group is giving away this gorgeous black leather sofa with inlaid wood as a gift to all of their members. For those of you not familiar with The FEMDOM Group, it is an events group for a multitude of Femdom organizations in Second Life. Enrollment is FREE! Join to get this great gift and to hear about all sorts of great events in in Second Life. The sofa is on display at the info centre at Dominion.

A Little Group Gift! Sculpted Spring Tulips

Did you get our little gift in celebration of the first day of spring? It's a vase of sculpted tulips with a color change menu! These are really beautiful and best of all, they are copy! Get them in our group notices if you didn't receive yours yet. Enjoy!

Sunday Discussion Group

High Mistress Destiny Teardrop hosts a Discussion Group at Dominion every Sunday at 12 noon. This is one of our most popular events. This week's discussion was about polyamorous relationships and dealing with jealousy.

Lady of The Dominion Joie Arai with her boys.

The Dominion Juke Joint Blues Party

Hi Everyone! It's been a fun weekend here at Dominion starting with our Juke Joint Blues Party. For those of you new to Dominion, every Friday we have a themed party with some amazing DJ's. This week we transformed our courtyard in to an American Blues joint and brought in Lady Deirdre Blaisdale and Lady Eloise Mureaux to spin some amazing music.

People were still dancing seven hours later when I came to clean up! I finally had to tell Lady Carla and Lady Jeanette that we were wrapping up and I started to tear down the set around 11 pm. Thank you all for coming! It was a great night.

This weekend was our first Dominion Yard Sale. I think we all have some great items in our inventory that we don't use anymore but that are simply too good to delete. This was a fun opportunity to clear some stuff out and give other members a great deal. I've sold TONS of stuff and bought a few things too (so much for clearing out the inventory, but oh well!). If you didn't participate this time I highly recommend you take part next time. We will definitely do it again!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome To The Dominion Femdom Blog

Welcome to the first post of The Dominion Femdom Blog. This blog will augment our new website, http://www.dominionfemdom.com/, with regular information on events, personalities, and other developments at the Dominion Femdom in the virutal world of Second Life. To those of you who are not familiar with The Dominion Femdom, please allow me to tell you a little about us. I am Evangeline Eames, the First Mistress and owner of the Dominion Estate and it's sims. Opened in October 2008, Dominion was paid for, designed, and for the most part, built by myself. This is not meant to be boastful, but to assure our readers that The Dominion is a real Femdom and that it is not owned or operated by males in any fashion. As anyone who knows me can attest, I am truly and fully dominant in every world. In real life I am a single Canadian self employed woman who works in the field of design and who enjoys building and socializing in this new frontier that is called Second Life.

Last fall I found myself without a Femdom home in SL and on a whim, decided to design one to my own tastes. I had been involved in other Femdom organizations, and had spent some time considering what and whom I wanted to surround myself with. I saw a need for a strict Femdom organization that was also sophisticated, thoughtful, and stylish. Once the idea was in my head I was obsessed. The design and building process was lightening fast, going from conception to completion in about two weeks. I searched for the best of everything. It was important to me that I alone owned it and designed it. I do not believe in financial domination (using men only as a source of income), or relying only on the skills of men because I have not taken the time or effort to develop my own. To be blunt, I find these practices distateful at best and in many instances, despicable, practiced by incompetent women who have no right to call themselves Dominant. I admire a truly dominant woman who is completely liberated and self sufficient. I am fortunate that the Dominion is filled with them. Many of these ladies assist me in running what I think is simply the best Femdom in Second Life.

There are too many great ladies at Dominion to mention by name, but if you stop by chances are you'll run in to some of our most well known. High Mistress Angel Keen was one of the very first to step through our doors, and when others threw tantrums, went on power trips, came and went, she has remained as a kind and compassionate (yet VERY strict) force at Dominion. Angel is currently our Mediator and Counselor and occassionally oversees educational courses for our members.

High Mistress Destiny Teardrop is our in house celebrity, sometime entertainer, weekly Discussion Group Moderator, and our Mistress of The Hunt. She is loyal, charasmatic and engaging and regularly has boys fall in love with her after hearing her voice. She is a huge part of our success. Simply put, Destiny is our not so secret weapon of mass seduction.

High Mistress Madeleine Broome is an old aquaintance from another SL life who turned in to one of my most trusted friends. She is that girlfriend who will tell you the truth when you might not want to hear it and who you are secretly trying to impress (but don't want to be so uncool as to say so). She is our Mistress of Auctions and also the Managing Editor of FEMDOM Magazine. My advice to you: don't bother trying to outwit her.

There are so many other Ladies here that I could write reams about, all smart, fascinating and great supporters of our members: all of our High Mistresses (staff), are close and trusted friends I admire greatly. Our Ladies of The Dominion are amazing guiding forces and leaders in our society. And our Dominion Mistresses, so many who work hard here to help new subs and each other, they are undoubtly the best Dommes you will find anywhere. You'll just have to come down and meet them yourself.

That being said, the men in our organization are equally important, albeit not in charge. Many of my male friends have come along to Dominion to support us in a variety of ways, whether on staff, or just coming to cheer us on. My old friend Epicyclic Gears came in the early days with his bucket and sat with me in an empty sim and we watched our membership grow together. Another old friend, Shy Rodgenberger stopped by one day to check us out and never left. My submissive Van Stantz has been a big support to me and is also a wonderful designer of footwear among other things (check out his store EVA Footwear at The Dominion Fashion District). He has been steady in his love and dedication and weathered long periods of distraction and obsession, never waivering. He has earned his place as my only boy and he has my love always.

My biggest support has undoubtably been my partner Maztor Giles. He is a great designer and has worked hard on many of the great graphics you see at Dominion as well as producing our youtube videos and website. He is also the creative director of our latest project, FEMDOM Magazine (http://www.femdommag.com/). Maz has racked up many hours discussing ideas, hearing me bitch, or indulging my whims. He is neither sub nor Dom, and has ventured in to this world out of love for me. It hasn't always been easy, but he has never faltered in his support. Everyone should be so lucky to be so loved.

This has been a long post, not something that will happen often, but I hope it has told you a little bit about me and the people who make Dominion what it is. More specific information about the sim itself and our facilities can be found on our website (http://www.dominionfemdom.com/) , or visit us in world. Check back regularly for information on our great events and all the latest news. See you at Dominion!