Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Events Calendar Released!

Get ready for a big February including a school themed play party (since so many of you loved the medical play party), a Dog and Pony show a la Westminster, a spring couture fashion show and after party, and some very interesting BDSM Workshops. You'll also see many returning favourites like Girls vs. Boys Trivia, Interview With A Domme, and of course more of our renowned Friday parties.

We'll also be adding in some training sessions for our new Police Force, a new show at our Femdom Art Gallery and some other surprises as the month goes on. Make sure to check the calendar on this website regularly.

A BIG thank you to our staff who run so many fantastic events, and thank you also to our regular members who are here creating fun every day of the week. You are what makes Dominion THE place to be. Thank you!

Trials Is On The Move!

Our Trials and Punishments event is moving to Tuesdays starting this week! Mark it on your calendars!

Another Hot Confessions

Lady Tehgan and Mark

Lady Bambi and Karma

Our hostess, Lady Syri and Maddox

Lady Madeleine and Kees

Lady Janice and Lady Eloise

I missed out on Confessions tonight but I heard it was HOT! A big thank you to Lady Syri for hosting and for DJing at our D Lounge later in the evening. Syri, you make Satuday nights great for so many of us. Thank you!

See you next week everyone!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Reverse Slave Hunt!

The boys in the courtyard preparing to hunt

Lady Courtney with GNX4 and Yopper

GNX4 on the run

Lady Roxana being pursued by Reginauld

A very low prim Miss Maisy

Earlier today we held another Reverse Slave Hunt and the boys were ready for action! Jimmy ended up winning with four captures, with Yopper and Reg a close second with three a piece. A very low arc Miss Maisy was the lady to evade capture the longest. Congrats everyone!

Thanks for coming out. We'll be back with another Slave Hunt in two weeks. See you then!

Grease Is The Word!

Looking over the dance floor

Lady Tehgan and Mark

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Janice and Karlo

Lady Eloise and Boot

Align Left

Grease was the word at last night's big party and boy, did you all come out for the fun! I loved the costumes and the music was amazing thanks to our lovely DJs Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana. Thank you all for another great Friday night!

A New Kinda Trials

Voyager on Trial with some of our Police Officers in the background

A brand new and improved Slavepet


Lady Syriana sitting in for Lady Joie as Justice

Police Chief Shan with Reginauld

Thursday's Trials had a whole new look and feel with a new set and our new Police force in action. It was great to see all of our officers in uniform and helping to dole out the punishments!

A big thank you to Lady Syriana who did a fantastic job stepping in for Lady Joie, and to everyone who came out for the fun.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Friday's Big Party Is....


Grease is the word at this Friday's big bash! All of you greasers and Pink Ladies, come out and join us as we party to music from the classic movie. It's going to be a crazy, wild night at Rydell High! Don't miss it.....

Going Country!

Lady Eloise and Regi (I think?) all cowboyed up at yesterday's Dance party.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview With A Domme: Lady Medussa

Lady Medussa and her boy Ian
Yesterday wrapped up with another installment of our 'Interview With A Domme' series, this time featuring Lady Medussa. As always it was a great opportunity to find out a little more about our Ladies. Who knew Lady Medussa harbours secret desires for a career as a singer? You never know what you're going to find out!

A big thank you to Lady Medussa for being brave enough to take part and to everyone who came out for the fun. See you next Tuesday!

You Just Need The Right Incentive

The boys finally won Trivia yesterday, perhaps inspired by the special 'strip trivia' format we used, requiring the losing team to get completely naked. Congrats boys!

Emoting With Eroyan: Hitting The Pole

Eroyan finished her 4 part series yesterday: Emoting With Eroyan. Our last workshop covered emoting a sexy strip tease and things definitely got hot!

A big thank you to Eroyan for leading this sereis. It was great fun.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Our New Police Force!

Lady Medussa, our DJ for the event, looking smoking hot in uniform

Our new Police Chief Lady Zarita

Miss Miles dancing with Loth. Welcome home Busty!

Lady Eloise and myself shaking our nightsticks

Lady Jeanette swinging her baton

A view from above

Yesterday's police recruitment event was a blast! Thank you to all of the ladies who signed up for our new Police Force. We are going to have a lot of fun!

A special thank you to our new Chief, Lady Zarita, for helping to get everyone set up and sworn in, and to our DJ, Lady Medussa who played a fantastic set of music.

One little note about our Police Force. It is for some silly fun on sim and to help make our Trials event more lively. Our police officers are NOT staff. If you need help with a serious issue please contact a High Mistress, Esteemed Lady, Liaison, or Protector, all of whom are on staff and equipped to help you.

Thanks for coming out everyone!

Sunday's Discussion

Our discussion group on Sunday was all about female subs in Femdoms. It was a very interesting discussion and I would thank Heather and Syren, both female subs at Dominion, for coming out and sharing their thoughts.

If you weren't able to participate or maybe have more to say, the discussion continues on Fetlife here: There are some great comments on this topic and many others. Join in! It's a free and fun social networking site for kinksters with close to 200 Dominion members. See you there!

Another Big Confessions

The crowd settling in

Lady Celina and Aceup

Lady Bambi and Lady Medussa

Lady Zarita and Ed

Lady Janice and Lady Eloise

Our Confessions event went overtime again on Saturday with so many titallating fantasies and confessions it was amazing. If can't make it to Confessions you can always check out the blog at Our past confessions are posted there. There is also a button on the right hand side of this page.

A big thank you to our hostess Lady Syriana for all of her effort chasing down the confessions every week and organizing and hosting this event. It's a lot of work but she always makes it look easy. Thank you Syri!

Saturday's Auction

The crowd looking on

Ladies surveying the prospects

Karlo on the block

Boys on display

Saturday's Auction had us back to normal with none of the drama that plagued the last auction. We had some nice new boys on display and the ladies had their usual fun giving them a hard time.

As always, thank you to our sub wrangler and Mistress of Auctions, Lady Madeleine for all of her hard work. See you in two weeks!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

From Russia With Love

Lady Natsumi

Lady Ravenn

Lady Mallory and Black

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Lizbeth and Fang

Lady Anya and Alexandre

Lady Syriana

Lady Janice

Lady Eloise and Boot

Here's a few photos of the gorgeous gowns from last night's Imperial Russian Ball. Thank you to Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana for such lovely music, and to all of you for coming out to join us.