Friday, February 26, 2010

Interview With A Sub Today at 12 Noon!

We are doing our first Interview With A Sub today at 12 noon SLT with Lady Mandalay's boy Bret. I'm gonna ask all the hard questions so don't miss it!

Fun Clips From Media X

[08:51] fleshlight fuck

[13:37] Mistress Strapon

[02:12] Captive Male: Miss Sativa Rose with Lefty

[02:10] Captive Male: Miss Sandra Romain with Little Billy

[05:02] Mistresses abuse slave with hotwax

[03:40] Foot cleaning and foot worship

[03:57] Over The Knee Spanking

[01:44] Beyonce Single Ladies Dance

Here's the clips we watched during Media X yesterday. The last one is my favourite, although the mistress strap on clip was astounding/scary. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fun Coming Up This Weekend!

Our big Blues party is at 3 pm SLT on Friday

The Tiny Hunt and BBQ takes place Saturday at noon

Then its a brand new show at the gallery opening Sunday at 2 pm SLT.

All of this and our regular weekend events....don't miss the fun!

Welcoming The Newbs

Pam, putting a newb through the paces. I heard Jade had something to do with this as well but was too smart to be caught in the photo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Couple More Fashion Show Snaps

The view from behind Lady Sue..not bad hey?

Lady Maylea strikes a pose

Kidnapping At Trials!

Lucian at Trials

Lady Bry, kidnapped by a band of tiny paratroopers

The helicopter preparing to land on the trials set

Vodkaman with a box on his head...much improved

Lady Joie, not phased at all by the proceedings

Defense Attorney Jimmy with Lucian

The helicopter lifting off, leaving Dominion on fire

Yesterdays Trials were filled with drama and excitement. There was the usual assortment of offenders but the most notable event occurred when a tiny band of paratroopers landed in the middle of proceedings to rescue Lucian. Lady Bry was also kidnapped during the so called rescue mission.

Lady Joie has issued warrants for the arrest of this tiny band of military outlaws. The Dominion Police Force will be executing body cavity searches on suspects as well as some interrogations. Justice will be served!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Ladies On Fire!

Lady Sara in Hugo's red hot latex

Tommy acting as a 'prop' for the show

Lady Hayden, also in Hugo's

All of the ladies lined up at the end

Some of the audience looking on

Here is just a few photos from yesterday's 'Dangerous' fashion show. There are many more on our Flickr page (just hit the link to the right) and I'll be posting a few more here as well. All of our ladies looked amazing and were so professional. It was a fantastic event.

I can't thank Lady Joie and her team enough for pulling off this show. Tommy and Eroyan, I know you both worked so hard to make everything look great. Joie, thank you again for making this show happen, and making it look so easy. Fantastic!

Thank you also to Lady Syriana who did a kick ass set of music that sent the show over the top, and also for the fun afterparty. Amazing Syri!

And of course, thank you to our gorgeous models who hit the catwalk with such confidence. I didn't see one mistake! It was perfection.

Thanks again everyone!

Another Hot Confessions

Lady Eloise and Boot

Lady Brigid and Heather

Lady Fairie and Valentino

Lady Raffila and Mylene

Listening in

I missed Saturday's Confessions but I hear it was another smoking hot event! Make sure to check our Confessions blog for all of our past confessions, there for your reading pleasure. Just click the 'c' on the top right hand corner of this page.

As always, a big thank you to Lady Syriana for leading this wonderful event!

Hey! A Slave Auction And We Didn't Crash!

A shot of the crowd

The ladies look on with Lucian in full Mardi Gras gear in the foreground

Watching the action

Lady Madeleine leading the auction while her boy Kees looks on

We had a great auction on Saturday, and not just because we didn't crash! Regardless of who we sell the ladies always make this a fun event with their comments and catcalls. Thank you as always to Miss Maddie for her subwrangling skills and for leading the auction. See you in two weeks!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

High Society!

Lady Rinay and Archie

Lady Medussa

Lady Darkmoon

Lady Belle and Mickey

Lady Sue

Lady Jeanette

Lady Eloise and Boot

The dance floor

Here are some photos from last night's High Society Ball. As usual, everyone looked amazing! Thank you to our DJs Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana. Another fabulous Friday evening.

Dog & Pony Show!

Our judges inspecting the entrants

Lady Eloise and her stallion Boot

Scruffy, aka Mickey, making a big jump

Ponygirl Eroyan on the catwalk

Our first Dog, Pet & Pony show was a blast with a wide variety of pets participating. In the end the judges' hearts went out to the little dog Scruffy (Lady Bellle's boy Mickey), who refused to give up and completed the course.

A big thank you to all of our judges and to everyone who came out to participate!

Police Training!

Officer Reddevil fixes her makeup while Officer Miles looks on

The force lined up on their police bikes

In formation

Waiting for instructions

Chief Shan and some of the force

The riot squad
Ready to roll!

Our first police training exercises were hilarious! Led by Chief Shan, the force was put through the paces with some rifle exercises, bike training, and even a parade! It was a ridiculous amount of fun. A big thank you to Chief Shan for organizing the event, and to Officer Paine and Eroyan for helping to make the parade happen. It was fantastic!

If you are a Dominion Mistress and want to join our force just grab an application off the castle wall. We are always looking for new recruits!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gearing Up For Some Fun This Weekend!

We have lots of fun planned for this weekend including our glamourous High Society Ball Friday at 3 pm SLT, and our Dog, Pet, & Pony Show at 12 noon. Bring your pets down and get ready to run them through the paces! Watch our notice for more details.

A Very Sweet Dance!

Loth fulfilling his punishment from Trials

Overlooking the dance floor

Yesterday's casual dance was pretty sweet, and its not just because of the great music Lady Eloise was playing. Lady Miles' boy Loth fulfilled a punishment from Trials, dancing on a giant cake and serving us cupcakes. Yum! Next time Loth has a treat maybe he'll remember to bring enough for everyone.