Friday, October 31, 2014


Don't miss our big Halloween Bash from 2 - 5 pm SLT! Prizes! Candy! Treats! Music! Don't miss the hottest Halloween bash on the grid!

Happy Halloween From Rex!

Happy Halloween from Rex! Amazing drawing isn't it? Thank you Rex!  Here we are...

( From left to right ) Garth as a bat, Lady Gabrielle as a vampire, Michael as a bat, Heather as a caterpillar, Lady Maisy as a witch, Rexro as a cat, Miss Eva as a bigdog, Lady Saskjee as a black jaguar, and Owen as a lil deer.


The costumes were amazing at our annual Alice In Wonderland themed Supreme Court! A big thank you to our Queen Of Hearts, Lady Persephone, Lady Karrie and Niki on Defense, our Chief of Police Lady Lobbie and everyone for being such good sports!  Off with your heads!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Supreme Court Is Coming!

Once a year Supreme Court rolls around and ANYONE can bring up anyone else for ANYTHING! It's going to be Alice In Wonderland themed and we encourage you all to dress up. Don't miss it!

A Scary Mingle!

Lady Susannah and Lady Gabrielle all creeped out at last night's Mingle.  Eeep!

Club Noir!

Lady Karrie


Club Noir!


Lady Karen

Lady Noirran

Lady Persephone

Thank you to Lady Noirran and everyone who came out to party at this week's Club Noir!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bouncing In The Courtyard!

Nicolas, Velveteen, Lady Paine and Lisa bouncing around during some late night at The D fun.

Anniversary Discussion!

Our Staff being interviewed yesterday

Looking on

Lady Ephany

Miss Eva

Lady Karrie and Lady Dalia

Lady Mo

Lady Noirran and Leasha

Lady Paine

Lady Persephone and Lady Axelle


Lady Madeleine and Lady Maisy with Heather and Rexro

Lady Susannah


Lady Saaskje and Lady Gabrielle with Owen

A big thank you to everyone who came out for our Anniversary Discussion which was all about our hardworking staff!  

To the staff of The Dominion, past and present, thank you for everything you have given to our community. Whether it's hosting an event, helping a visitor, or offering your fellow staff or community members support, you really are what has kept Dominion growing and thriving over these six years.  It's a huge amount of time, energy, love and care that goes in to this community and I don't think anyone does it better than our team.  Our staff really are startlingly amazing, passionate, focused people.  We are so lucky to have them leading the way as we head in to year seven.  Thank you, everyone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.