Sunday, May 31, 2009

June Events Calendar Announced!


We have a fun filled month planned for June including a big Glamrock 50th Birthday Bash for Miss Destiny Teardrop on Saturday the 6th, a new 'Centre Stage' event where all of you talented Dominion members can have your moment in the spotlight, some great education courses by Lady Jovial Denimore and much, much more! Look for returning favourites like Femdom Confessions and our latest hit event, 'Girls Against Boys', plus more AMAZING themed Friday night parties!

We are also adding a roster of 'On The Fly' Events, which will be more spontaneous and not scheduled in to our regular Calendar. Watch notices for these fun new activities:

**Newbie Makeover Challenge (this one has already been announced): Think you've got the skills to make over a newbie into a dreamboat? Well how about with freebies and in a two hour time limit? Take the Newbie Makeover Challenge this Tuesday at 3pm SLT as an add on activity to our Femdom Media X event at the Dominion Arena. See you there!**

**Bed Time Stories: put on your jammies and come down to Dominion for a sexy bedtime story read aloud by one of our lovely Ladies (or boys!). Cushy pillows and sleeping bags provided. Sweet dreams!**

**Show and Tell: got something weird in your inventory? Sexy? Awesome? Unbelieveable? Bring it to Show and Tell! We want to see it! Prizes for the most astounding items!**

**Inquiring Minds: join us for this fun event where the Ladies and the boys each get to ask ANY question of the opposite team. All participants are required to answer EVERY question (only by a 'show of hands'). Here's your chance to find out everything you wanted to know about your fellow Dominion members!**

**Guerilla Emoting: Want to show off your emoting skills? Think you have what it takes to dazzle the crowd? Come take the Guerilla Emoting Challenge! Sign your team up to emote a scene provided to you on the spot! Prizes for the most impressive performance!**

The biggest change for our calendar is that it is now totally online and interactive. See it on the Dominion website at: We also now have a permanent link on this blog (see links on the right).

Here's to another fun month at Dominion!

Big Talkers

Lady Morgana, Lady Ahayla, Lady Terpsichore, Lady Vyxsin, Lady Amaerin and subs Lucian and Dragonne

Lady Joie, Lady Ravanys, Lady Ghost, Lady Angel, and subs Tommy, Lone, Oodles, and Jayson

Lady Janice, Lady Colt, and sub stev

Miss Destiny, Lady Della and subs Archangel and Galaxian

Lady Athenia, Lady Jem, Lady Cherrie, and subs Bret, Nyjlaus, and Mickey

Lady Ahayla and sub Heather

Overlooking the crowd at today's Discussion

After a break last week, Miss Destiny was back in full force with today's Discussion Group. We had a BIG and lively crowd. Thanks to everyone who came out to participate.

Thanks also to Miss Destiny for her hard work leading this event. It is always an interesting and thought provoking hour. See you next Sunday!

Saturday Night D Lounge

The view from the turntables at Saturday night's D Lounge

Lady Joie dancing with her boy Tommy

The crowd on the dance floor

The open bar at the D Lounge. Help yourself!

If you are looking for a place to hang out and relax on Saturday night, The D Lounge at The Dominion is the place to do it. Every Saturday after Confessions we transform part of the courtyard in to a sexy lounge replete with a well stocked bar, sleek leather sofas, and a wide open dance floor. Lady Syriana Paine spins amazing music for two hours so that you can dance, or just sit back and chill with a cocktail. It's a great way to wind down your Saturday night.

Scandal At Confessions!

'Sister' Ravanys Lavendel, who must have come straight from the beach (note the sunglasses)

The group listens intently to the latest confessions

Miss Medussa, Miss Ghost, Miss Ragdoll, Kilo, and Oooddles look on

Scandal erupted at Femdom Confessions last night when one of the anonymous confessors admitted to a life as a gorean master before an unnamed lady drew him in to The Dominion. He has since assumed an alt and a place as a Dominion sub. The crowd was electrified at this submission and pleaded to know the name of the confessor, but to no avail.

There were some really terrific fantasies and also a few other titallating confessions. And of course, the event wrapped with the always fun Truth or Dare. Thank you so much to Lady Ravanys for hosting another great event!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Femdom Magazine Issue 4 Is Here!

Here it is! Issue four of FEMDOM Magazine. Read it online at or grab a copy at the info area at The Dominion Castle. Thanks to Managing Editor Madeleine Broome and Creative Director Maztor Giles for all their hard work. Thank you also to our great photographers and writers. We hope you enjoy it!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Hip Hop Photo

Miss Destiny and Epi (who got the theme terribly wrong) at tonight's Hip Hop Party

FREEBIE In The Fashion District

Next time you are in The Fashion District grab this sexy neko outfit, totally FREE at Angel's Designs. Make sure to check out the other freebies and promo items on the wall in front of Riviera Couture.


Party People In Da House!

Overlooking the dance floor at tonight's Hip Hop Party

Lady Sabra kickin' it on the dance floor

Lady Maisy giving her best gangsta look

The view from the back of the dance floor

Flygirl Lady Eloise Mureaux spinning some hot tracks

I've spent the last 4 days or so traumatizing all of our members with my lame attempts at hip hop lingo. Thankfully, I got it all out of my system tonight with our hip hop party at Dominion. Lady Deirdre and Lady Eloise spun some great old and new hip hop tracks and everyone came out to show their moves. The outfits were great and I am sorry I didn't get good shots of all of them.

Thank you to everyone who came out for tonight's party! See you next Friday for more fun at The Dominion.

Newness in The Fashion District!

Brand new in The Fashion District, Indyra Originals, packed with gorgeous designs

Indrya Design's Coquette shoes are among my favourites. I have these in black and wear them with everything

Danika Designs has completely redone their store for spring and it is packed with brand new styles

Adorable ensembles by a hot new French designer in A La Folie

One of my absolute favourite designers, Digit Darkes

If you haven't been by The Fashion District recently you should come check out the new designs. Indrya Originals recently approached us to come in to the Fashion District. Indrya is one of my favourite designers so I had to make room for her. Make a visit to her store next time you are on sim. She is AMAZING!

Some of our other stores including A La Folie and Danika Designs have all new styles in their shops. There are some really lovely things in for spring!

And of course we are packed with other great designers too including Digit Darkes, My Precious, Angel Dessous (the yummiest lingerie anywhere), and much much more. Make sure to check it out.

The Dominion Fashion District really is one of the best collection of shops you will see together in Second Life. PLUS, shopping there is one of the most effective ways you can support the sim. Support our designers and check The Fashion District out first.

Happy shopping!

Moonlighting at Trials

Lady Tapika and I look on at some of the defendants

The crowd looking on at yesterday's Trials

Yesterday Dominion Justice Lady Joie had a real life obligation and I stepped in for our Trials and Punishments Event. These events always bring out the humiliation sluts and yesterday was no exception. A couple of the ladies stripped and whipped a boy named Kilo who was just begging for some attention, and another boy Daniel, went so far as to message me to suggest dressing him up and having him dance for the crowd (we were happy to oblige). To me, the most amusing part of the trials was calling up Jimmy69 Oh, who had suggested he could act as a lawyer to the defendants. He was promptly stripped and made to perform for the crowd. It's great to see justice in action.

See you next Thursday for more fun!Italic

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Staff Changes on Sim

As some of you know, we have had a number of discussions at Dominion over the past two weeks to deal with some growing pains. I outlined the main themes that emerged in a post earlier this week (see below). It was my conclusion that many problems could be addressed by making our staff group more present and relevant and providing more resources to our members. With that in mind we have made the following changes:

-Ladies of the Dominion who were already running events and programs, or assisting with sim matters were invited to staff and now wear the DOM Esteemded Lady staff title.

-The Dominion Liaision Program was launched to offer assistance to submissives by providing information and guidance. Liaisions will also be available to assist subs who feel they have been mistreated and to act as advocates.

-Our Counselling and Mediation Program is being relaunched with Esteemed Lady Syriana Paine taking the role of Dominion Mediator. She will be available to mediate disputes between members and to lend an ear to those who need some guidance.

Please note that all of our staff members have access to real life emergency contact info and can provide them to our members if needed. This info is also listed in our Counselling and Mediation sign at the info centre at the main Castle. We are NOT professional counsellors or therapists and are not equipped to deal with serious real life problems. If you are in trouble and have thoughts of hurting yourself please visit this link:

Our staff list will change at times so please make sure to check the information that is posted on the main castle wall for the most current rules, program info, and staff contact list. This area is kept up to date.

My goal with expanding the staff group is to have more people available to assist our members and provide information. It is not to make our environment more rigid, but more efficient and welcoming. We want you to enjoy Dominion and make yourself at home. We will be in the background, ready to step forward if you need assistance, or if problems arise, but will otherwise not interfere with your experience. Relax and have fun.

If you have any problems our staff can't help you with, or have a problem with a particular staff member, everyone is welcome to contact me. There will be a personal mailbox that only I can access at the info area at the Castle, and you are also welcome to drop me a notecard at any time. Every concern will receive a response. I promise.

In closing I ask you to be kind and patient with our new staff members as they settle in to their roles. Please keep in mind that no one on staff is paid, and that everyone has accepted their positions because they care about Dominion and it's members. We all want to keep Dominion as a fun, fair, and real Femdom environment. I thank all of them, and all of you, our members, for working together to make this happen.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Friday's Big Party Is.....

We're going old school this Friday, May 29th at 3 pm SLT for The Dominion Hip Hop Party! Fly chicks Lady Eloise and Lady Deirdre will be throwing down some tight tracks including some of some of the baddest hip hop songs of all time. Get on your bling and come bust a move! We're gonna party like it's 1995.....

See you here!

Something Switchy

Miss Destiny flogs Madam A earlier in the courtyard

You don't want to know what's happening here

After growing frustrated with the slow response of the boys, Madam A answered Miss Destiny's call for assistance and helped to demonstrate a piece of bondage equipment. I'd say at least one of them is enjoying it too much.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Girls On Top

The Ladies stare down their opponents

The boys trying to break the tie

Today's Girls Against Boys trivia event was lots of fun with a large group participating. For the second time in a row, the Ladies came out on top (surprise, surprise). However, some of the players disputed the official answers so next time I am going to have to do my research a little more carefully.

Thanks to everyone who attended. See you in two weeks for our next Girls Against Boys Event!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Results of Our Dominion Discussions

Over the course of the last week we have had four Discussion Groups to discuss problems that have arisen over the past month or so at Dominion. We have been growing fast and the sim is busy with new personalities streaming through regularly. With so many new people, there has been some confusion about rules and etiquette, and conflicts in style. All of this has led to some bad feelings, and some of our visitors and even members have felt unwelcome on sim.

A number of themes emerged from the discussions. I have outlined the main ones below:


-there is a lack of knowledge about the actual rules of the sim. The only rules are posted on the wall of the Dominion Castle. Any other rules Ladies are quoting do not exist and perhaps have been based on their own preferences or on actions by other Ladies.


-some Ladies have not been respecting collars and have been contacting, and in some cases openly soliciting other Ladies' submissives. This is against sim rules:

1. Respect all owned submissives and all collars. Always inquire before engaging in any type of play.


-some Ladies have been gossiping, cold shouldering, or acting rude towards other Ladies on sim. Although I understand not everyone will like each other, basic politeness is required in any community in order to function properly.


-there have been reports of abusive behaviour, where subs have been physically or verbally abused, intimidated, or bullied. Please note that The Dominion endorses and enforces SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual Play), and also states in the rules:

4. All play is consenual. If you are uncomfortable in a situation, exercise your right to say no.

The main word that was repeated over and over again was RESPECT. Respect for other people's styles, respect for collars and Ladies' rules for their submissives, and respect for people's feelings and rights.

A number of suggestions to improve the situation were put forth including creating more rules. In my opinion, more rules and restrictions are counter productive to maintaining an open, safe, and comfortable environment for our members to practice D/s how they see fit. I believe our existing rules are adequate to maintain a strict and respectful Femdom environment.

Others suggested implementing criteria in order to wear the 'Mistress' or 'Sub' tag. This also holds no appeal to me, mainly due to the fact that I do not believe it is my right to determine if people 'qualify' for either role (nevermind the infrastructure and paperwork necessary to qualify 1100+ members). I also do not like the idea of having different 'levels' of Dommes. Any labels we do have at Dominion exist to identify staff or 'guides' on sim (such as our Ladies of The Dominion), not to elevate one Lady above another. All of our Dommes are equal and should be respected as such.

To me one of the answers is education. Education for our Ladies in particular, who lead the way at Dominion, but also for our submissives. To that end, we will be doing a number of different things including continuing our ongoing Mistress Mentoring Program which includes one on one Mentoring if requested (see the sign at the info centre to find out how to setup an appointment), as well as our biweekly Mistress Mentoring Discussion Groups. Lady Jovial Denimore will be teaching two classes in June titled BDSM Etiquette and BDSM Psychology-Defining Abuse. We will also be holding more general discussions where problems can be brought forth and openly discussed.

Another idea we will be implementing is a submissives mentoring or support group, which was suggested during our Subs Only Discussion this past Sunday. This group will exist to assist new submissives on sim, and to help deal with complaints of abuse or intimidation. Watch for more details in the coming days.

Also look for a restructuring of our Domininon Staff with an eye to making our staff group more relevant and effective in guiding our members and mediating any problems.

To those of you who would like to help improve the situation I ask you to educate yourselves and to get involved. Know the rules, take the time to get to know our members and visitors to our sim. Attend our Discussions if you can and most of all, respect other's practices and styles.

To those of you who already work so hard to help our members and visitors, thank you. You are the ones responsible for our success and for all of the wonderful comments I hear. And don't let this post mislead you, I hear many, many fantastic comments about Dominion and our members: how welcoming the Ladies are to new Mistresses, how helpful our members are to new submissives, and the biggest compliment, how many people feel totally at home.

In closing I would like to say to all of our members, if you have a problem, contact me to discuss it. I can't correct a problem that I am not aware of. Please drop me a notecard and I promise you I will deal with each situation personally to the best of my abilities. This includes concerns about our staff members or anyone else on sim. If you enjoy what we have together as a community, help us to preserve it and improve it as we continue to grow together.

Seal Sled Races

Miss Madeleine and her boy Kees sledding through the castle

For some inexplicable reason Miss Madeleine Broome and her boy Kees Kepler hopped on a seal sleigh (of all things) and sledded around the sim, including through the Dominion Castle. Miss Madeleine is now pushing for seal sleds on sim full time. Thoughts?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Peek Inside The Teardrop Mansion

JackG Turbo in Miss Destiny's bathroom

Miss Destiny passed me this candid shot of her auction purchase, JackG Turbo using the loo (as thos brits call it) at the Teardrop Mansion. Isn't he supposed to be sitting down?

Today's Hunt

Lady Della surveys the captures

We had a really fun hunt today with Lady Della Demonia taking the title of High Huntress with four captures, and Jimmy69 Oh winning the sub's prize for evading capture the longest.

Thanks to our Mistress of The Hunt, Lady Angel Keen for another great hunt at Dominion. Join us in two weeks for a reverse hunt! See you then!

New Freebie in The Fashion District

At The Dominion Fashion District

At The Vinyl Cafe

Come and get some sexy new rock and roll style tees and tops TOTALLY FREE in The Dominion Fashion District and The Vinyl Cafe. Grab Set 1 at The Dominion on the promo wall (make sure to check out all the other great freebies and promos). Set 2 is at the Vinyl Cafe sim, above the record bins in the Cafe. There are more great freebies and promos here too! Make sure to take a look.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Tonight's Party Was Out of This World!

Lady Coco and her boy Hylarks on the dance floor

Lady Medussa and Angel as tiny aliens

An overview of the space themed set

Some of the crowd on the dance floor

Kael Moonwall as Hans Solo

Maz as Captain Pike from Star Trek

Who was the little boxy robot guy? I can't remember!

Lady Zarita in her 'Mars Attacks' costume

A shot of Mux from behind

Darth Vader and the storm troopers invade the dance floor

I couldn't resist packing the blog with photos from tonight's party; there were so many great costumes! Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Lady Deirdre and Lady Eloise for all of the great music.