Sunday, May 31, 2009

June Events Calendar Announced!


We have a fun filled month planned for June including a big Glamrock 50th Birthday Bash for Miss Destiny Teardrop on Saturday the 6th, a new 'Centre Stage' event where all of you talented Dominion members can have your moment in the spotlight, some great education courses by Lady Jovial Denimore and much, much more! Look for returning favourites like Femdom Confessions and our latest hit event, 'Girls Against Boys', plus more AMAZING themed Friday night parties!

We are also adding a roster of 'On The Fly' Events, which will be more spontaneous and not scheduled in to our regular Calendar. Watch notices for these fun new activities:

**Newbie Makeover Challenge (this one has already been announced): Think you've got the skills to make over a newbie into a dreamboat? Well how about with freebies and in a two hour time limit? Take the Newbie Makeover Challenge this Tuesday at 3pm SLT as an add on activity to our Femdom Media X event at the Dominion Arena. See you there!**

**Bed Time Stories: put on your jammies and come down to Dominion for a sexy bedtime story read aloud by one of our lovely Ladies (or boys!). Cushy pillows and sleeping bags provided. Sweet dreams!**

**Show and Tell: got something weird in your inventory? Sexy? Awesome? Unbelieveable? Bring it to Show and Tell! We want to see it! Prizes for the most astounding items!**

**Inquiring Minds: join us for this fun event where the Ladies and the boys each get to ask ANY question of the opposite team. All participants are required to answer EVERY question (only by a 'show of hands'). Here's your chance to find out everything you wanted to know about your fellow Dominion members!**

**Guerilla Emoting: Want to show off your emoting skills? Think you have what it takes to dazzle the crowd? Come take the Guerilla Emoting Challenge! Sign your team up to emote a scene provided to you on the spot! Prizes for the most impressive performance!**

The biggest change for our calendar is that it is now totally online and interactive. See it on the Dominion website at: We also now have a permanent link on this blog (see links on the right).

Here's to another fun month at Dominion!

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