Sunday, October 30, 2011

D Lounge!

Squirrely DJ

Lady Susannah sitting atop our Halloween moon

D Lounge!

Thanks to Maz for stepping in to DJ at the D Lounge last night! Great job squirrel! Miss Pamela got snowed in. Here's hoping everyone on the east coast of the states is shoveled out by now!


Miss Destiny hosting Confessions

Lady Hanna and Lady Persephone

The Confessions crowd

A big thank you to Miss Destiny for hosting Confessions last night! It was a wild ride. Read the confessions on our dedicated blog by clicking the 'C' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page.

Auction Day

Pan on the block

Watching the show

Boys on display

The auction block

Thank you to everyone who came out to our auction yesterday morning! I hope everyone had a great time. See you in two weeks!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Campfire Ghost Stories!

Our hostess Lady Gabrielle with Garth

Madison, looking rather familiar, and Hylarks

Me and the squirrel

All snuggled in for scary stories

My thanks to Lady Gabrielle for hosting our Campfire Ghost Stories event last night! Great idea Gabbie and tons of fun. Thanks for coming out everyone!

Our Halloween Bash!

Lady Joie and Revolting

Zaira, the Naked Chef

A very dark Lady Sue

Lady Mo showing off her pumpkin couture

Hanna as Pam and Pam as Hanna

Lady Siofra stepping in to DJ the second half of our party

Lady Scarlette

Lady Destiny covered in flowers

Lady Veronica and her devilish boys

The party area

Miss Pamela and Lady Siofra rocked the house at our Halloween Bash last night! Thank you for all the great music ladies! Congrats to our costume contest winners, Lady Portia and Revolting. I loved the outfits! I hope you all had a great time.

Friday, October 28, 2011

FemNet Halloween Home Tour Begins!

Visit private homes and some of our Femdom organizations all decked out for Halloween! Grab a HUD at the Femdom Network office here or touch the sign at the info area by the castle at The D. Have fun!

Last Few Days Of Our Witch Hunt Mystery!

If you haven't started our Witch Hunt Mystery yet, you have until Midnight October 31st! The first clue is floating somewhere around the courtyard and hints have been given out in group notices and on this blog. It's a tough mystery but hopefully lots of fun.

Another hint: If it's numbers that you seek, you can only touch them and not see. Where to find them? That's no breeze, but feel around the place you read.

This Friday's Big Party Is....

Tonight's the night! It's our big Halloween bash! Get on your best costume and join us for some serious Halloween fun. Lady Eloise and Lady Siofra are DJing. See you here.....

Trials On Fire!

Lady Joie, the she demon herself

Awaiting Judgement

Madison, full of candy and defending

Watching the show

Lady Gabrielle on patrol

A big thank you to Lady Joie for stepping in to do our Night Court Trials last night! Thank you also to Madison for defending and to everyone who came out for a bit more Halloweeny fun.

Discussion Roulette With Lady Mo!

Lady Mo leading Discussion Roulette

Listening in

A big thank you to Lady Mo for leading a fascinating discussion on Fantasy & D/s! Can't wait for your next one Mo!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Busy Day!

Our Black & Blue Munch

Lady Hanna and Lady Joie at our Munch

Lady Jade

Lady Siofra with Zoe

The boys losing miserable at Trivia

Leasha and Heather

Miss Destiny and Sweeney

Secret Q & A

Thanks everyone for a fun day of events! The boys lost in a bad way at Trivia and we had some great discussion at Secret Q & A and at our Black & Blue Munch. Our munch topic: BDSM & Prejudice, continues in our Fetlife group. Just touch the FL icon on the upper right hand corner of this page to join the continuing conversation.

I lucked out and had my Gia around today..thanks for all the snappies Gia!

Halloween Mingle!

A witchy Lady Gabrielle hosting the Mingle last night


A big thank you to Lady Gabrielle for hosting such a fun round of Halloween Speed Mingling! It was a blast! Thanks for coming out everyone.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lady Eloise Returns!

Lady Siofra on the dance floor at our Tuesday Dance

Dance party!

Lady Mo

Lady Eloise and Cole

The dance floor

A big thank you to Lady Eloise for a kick ass Tuesday Dance! Thanks for coming everyone!

Girls Aloud

Today we discussed a new film that looks at how women are portrayed in the media, Miss Representation. Find the trailer to the film below. The website, filled with some interesting essays, further clips, and more info can be found here.

You might also enjoy this link shared in our group chat, featuring 48 ads that would never be allowed today. Shocking, funny, and a bit horrifying, really.

Thanks for coming out everyone!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Witch Hunt Hint

For those of you doing our Witch Hunt Halloween's another clue: all numbers have a natural order.

If you haven't started our Witch Hunt yet, why not? Search our courtyard for the first clue and see how good you are at solving mysteries! On until midnight, October 31st!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloweeny D Lounge!

Lady Gabrielle over looking our Halloweeny style D Lounge

The dance floor

Miss Destiny making her first appearance at our D Lounge event

Miss Pamela and Lady Hanna

Rocking out!

Thanks for the great music at tonight's D Lounge Pam! I hope you all had a great time :D