Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boot Camp!

Lady Crissy leading some subs through Boot Camp today.

A big thank you to Crissy for putting the subs through their paces at Boot Camp earlier today.  Subs, you were very entertaining :)



I dream of Gabbie..Lady Gabrielle floating above us on her rug

You sure do love to mingle!  And it's all due to our lovely hostess, Lady Gabrielle. Thanks Gabbie!


The dance floor

Carl putting on a show

Lady Eloise

Miss Destiny

Lady Neeyoko and Dan

Lady Persephone and Dondas

Thank you to Eloise for another killer party yesterday!  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Our Sunday Discussion Group

Miss Destiny

A big thank you to Destiny for leading another fascinating discussion, this time on the topic of 'reputation'.  The discussion continues in our Fetlife group.  Just click the 'FL'  icon on the upper right hand corner of this page to join in.

Thank you also to Gia for hosting our Sunday Stretch, one of my favourite events, and to the lovely Lady Veronica for pulling a double shift and hosting Games Night and Sunday Beats.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Congratulations Madison!

Last night's D Lounge was a bachelorette bash for our own Madison 

Here's something you won't see again:  Madi getting a lapdance from her Mistress, Lady Gabrielle 

Wheels putting on a show for Madi

Lady Zarita and Miss Pamela

Lady Gabrielle and Michael

Me and the squirrel

Last night's D Lounge was a  bachelorette party for our own Madison who gets married in RL in a few days.  A big thank you to Lady Gabrielle, my accomplice, and to Miss Pamela for all the amazing music!  Congratulations Madison!  


Confessions is always outstanding but last night was special..what great performances!

Lady Zarita and Odi

Clarissa and Tarquin's dialogue, Tora's sexy trilogy, Hanna reading Zhengyi's poem to jazz music,  and so much more, Confessions was an amazing hour + last night!  See all of the writings on our dedicated Confessions blog by touching the 'C' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page.  Thank you to all of our contributors and to our hostess with the mostest, Lady Zarita Shan. See you next week!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

From The Top

Pam and Hanna topping a pink blobby Chattel in the courtyard last night

Friday, February 24, 2012


Lady Eloise putting on a show

Axelle swinging her mic around

Lady Veronica and Vodka

Lady Eloise

Miss Pamela

Lady Ravenn and Neavan

Lady Trinity and Pan

Lady Zarita and Odi

Tarquin rocking the stache

Thank you to our fabulous DJs for a wonderful Motown bash!  I hope you all loved it as much as I did!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Friday's Big Party Is...

Come and shake your groove thing at our big Friday themed bash, our Motown Party, Friday at 3 pm SLT!  Don't miss the hottest party on the grid!


Lady Siofra spinning at tonight's Fetish party

Lady Sweet and Chase taking a spin

An angelic Lady Summer

Thanks for another great Fetish party Siofra!


Our conservatively dressed Judgery, Miss Destiny with Officer Summer and Cats

We finally got the chief out of the donut shop.  

Officer Persephone acting as arresting officer and defense.  Lucky she's objectiveish!

Tiven singing. Badly.

Thank you to our Judgery, Miss Destiny, Lady Persephone who defended, and to our officers, audience and defendants for another fun Trials earlier today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The return of Euro time Speed Mingling, every other Wednesday at 12 noon SLT

Hosting the munch

Tonight's Munch was all about SL to RL. The discussion continues in our Fetlife group.  Touch the FL icon on the upper right hand corner of this page to join in.  Thanks for joining us for today's events!



Lady Gabrielle

Everyone loves a good Mingle! Thank you for another fun round Gabbie!

Dancing With Noirran

Lady Noirran did an emergency fill in for us at our Jukebox Dance yesterday

Great set Noirran!  

Interview With A Domme: Lady Tora

Our Interview With A Domme event

Lady Tora in the hot seat

A big thank you to Lady Tora for agreeing to sit down for our Interview yesterday.  It was a fun and fascinating hour with my fellow Canadian Domme! Thanks for coming out everyone.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Gia Reverie Exhibit Opens

Gia at her show opening

The exhibit

Our gallery curator, Lady Janice

If you didn't get over to the opening of Gia's new gallery exhibit make sure to pop over to check it out.  It's a fantastic display with a really interesting theme. A big thank you to Gia for her hard work putting the show together and to our wonderful gallery curator, Lady Janice for arranging to bring us another great exhibit!