Friday, September 30, 2011

Discussion Roulette With Lady Joie!

Lady Joie at tonight's Discussion Roulette

Lady Gabrielle listening and filing her nails :P

Madi and Wheels

Lady Hanna

The discussion area

A big thank you to Lady Joie for leading a lively discussion on the topic of Consent. I hope everyone enjoyed the discussion! If you'd like to host your own Discussion Roulette, please contact Lady Hanna Gossamer for more info.

Roll Out The Barrels!

Lady Eloise

Lady Janice

Lady Veronica and Vodka

Lady Tika and Jot


Partying it up at our own Oktoberfest!

I hope you all had plenty of fun, enjoyed the music, and had all the beer and pretzels you could handle at our big Oktoberfest bash earlier tonight! Thank you to our wonderful DJs Lady Eloise and Miss Pamela. It was a blast!

This Friday's Big Party Is....

That's right it's Oktoberfest and we're getting ready to celebrate with beer, music, and pretzels for everyone! Get on your lederhosen and drindls and get ready to party! And don't worry, I promise it won't ALL be ompahpah music!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Night Court With Her Judgery Lady Gabrielle

The defendants

Lady Gabrielle stepping in as our judge

Madi setting up a Kentucky Fried Chicken booth for some reason

Watching the show

View from the carpet

It was a wild night at Trials with silliness, mayhem and chicken for everyone! A big thank you to Lady Gabrielle for doing a superb job as our judge, to Madison for defending (and serving chicken), and to everyone who came out for the fun.

Discussion Roulette With Zaira!

Zaira leading a round of Discussion Roulette

Lady Hanna and Lady Fallen

The Discussion crowd

A big thank you to Zaira for leading a round of Discussion Roulette on the topic of how we scene and play. It was another lively hour. Thanks for coming out everyone!

Secret Q & A

Lady Aeon and Ashley at our Secret Q & A event

Lady Gabrielle and Lady Jade

Thanks for joining us everyone!

Media X

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Lady Gabrielle hosts Mingling

Mid Mingle

We do love a good Mingle! Thank you to Lady Gabrielle for hosting and doing such a great job coming up with some provocative questions.

Let's Dance!

Lady Noirran

Lady Miyani and Bozzer

Lady Summer and Lady Cera

Lady Eloise and Cole

The dance floor

Thanks for the great music Eloise! And thanks to everyone who came out for our Tuesday dance.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Femdom Network Halloween Home Tour!


Join The Femdom Network as we get ready to celebrate the spookiest time of the year with our Halloween Home Tour & Party event, October 28th - 31st.

Tour some of the most colorful homes in the Femdom community with a special HUD that will be distributed Halloween weekend. We'll wrap with a big Halloween bash Sunday, October 30th on a special dedicated event sim.

Do you love Halloween? Are you planning to decorate? Want to be on our Halloween Home Tour? Grab an application from the sign in the courtyard.

Happy Halloween!

By Popular Demand

Cheer Off 2011!

Remix courtesy of Miss Pamela Emmons

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Morning Meditation

A lovely photo of Gia by Lady Hanna, during this morning's Meditation.

Our Sunday Meditations are now a regular event. Come stretch and relax for a half hour. It's a very effective way to 'attend' a class without leaving your home. Thanks Gia!

The Greta Gazov Exhibit

Checking out the new artwork

The artist, Greta Gazov

Our curator, Lady Janice

A fantastic exhibit

Don't miss the latest exhibit at The Dominion Femdom Art Gallery featuring the work of Greta Gazov. There are some spectacular pieces of original art. A big thank you to Lady Janice for doing such a wonderful job overseeing the show and also to Greta for agreeing to exhibit with us. The show will be up for a couple of weeks so you have plenty of time to check it out.

Opening Today!

Don't miss the new exhibit at The Dominion Femdom Art Gallery featuring the work of Greta Gazov!

Open Mic!

Volens belting one out

Watching the performances

It was a mix of everything at Open Mic last night: hilarity, sexiness, sweetness. Altogether an entertaining hour. A big thank you to Lady Hanna who does such a stellar job hosting his event, and to everyone who came out to share.

Maz's performance from last night's Open Mic, which I found hilarious!

Incident: 25 feet off the coast of Dominion fetish.
Time: the present

Month of September,
Hot chocolate,
The tiny cameo of a squirrel's face,
These are improbable ingredients to human emotion,
An emotion say like, fear,

In a dimension of sight and sound,

A dimension of mind,

But in a moment, this woman, Hanna Gossamer will realize fear,
She will understand what are the properties of terror,
A little squirrel will lead her by the hand, and walk with her into a nightmare.

In a moment, they are going to send a man down 30 fathoms into the dungeon of Dominion Castle to check a noise maker, someone or something tapping on metal.

They are moving into a land of both shadow and submission,
Of things and ideas.
You may or may not read the results in a dominion police report, you may or may not hear this evidence brought up at trials and punishments,
Because this squirrel has set a course that will lead this sim and everyone on it into... The Femdom Zone.

D Lounge!


Striking a pose

Lady Eloise leading

Our dance floor

Thank you to Miss Pamela for another round of great music at our Saturday night D Lounge! Thanks for coming out everyone.

Miss Destiny Leads Confessions

She's blonde again! Miss Destiny hosting Confessions

Lady Cimmerian and Lady Jami

Our Confessions group

We had another great round of writings at our Confessions event last night. Check them out on our Confessions blog by touching the 'c' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page. A big thank you to Miss Destiny for staying up late and doing such a wonderful job guest hosting!

Slave Hunt!

The captures lined up on display

Lady Orchid, our new High Huntress

Hosting the hunt. This photo is courtesy of Lady Hanna..thank you!

Lady Brez dressed for speed

Congratulations to Lady Orchid, our new High Huntress, and to Lem, who evaded capture the longest. Hope you had a fun hunt everyone!