Sunday, September 25, 2011

Open Mic!

Volens belting one out

Watching the performances

It was a mix of everything at Open Mic last night: hilarity, sexiness, sweetness. Altogether an entertaining hour. A big thank you to Lady Hanna who does such a stellar job hosting his event, and to everyone who came out to share.

Maz's performance from last night's Open Mic, which I found hilarious!

Incident: 25 feet off the coast of Dominion fetish.
Time: the present

Month of September,
Hot chocolate,
The tiny cameo of a squirrel's face,
These are improbable ingredients to human emotion,
An emotion say like, fear,

In a dimension of sight and sound,

A dimension of mind,

But in a moment, this woman, Hanna Gossamer will realize fear,
She will understand what are the properties of terror,
A little squirrel will lead her by the hand, and walk with her into a nightmare.

In a moment, they are going to send a man down 30 fathoms into the dungeon of Dominion Castle to check a noise maker, someone or something tapping on metal.

They are moving into a land of both shadow and submission,
Of things and ideas.
You may or may not read the results in a dominion police report, you may or may not hear this evidence brought up at trials and punishments,
Because this squirrel has set a course that will lead this sim and everyone on it into... The Femdom Zone.

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