Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wedding Of The Century?

Prince Rainer and Princess Grace. Charles and Di. And now, Alexith and Chattel (if he manages to get unbanned). Thursday, at a very special Trials and Punishments, Alexith and Chattel (or some other lucky recruit), will be joined in wedded bliss at a lavish, pepto bismal pink wedding ceremony. Deflowering to follow shortly after. if that wasn't enough, Kyna and Zaira will be opening with a brief theatrical performance. Don't miss the wedding of the century!

No gifts please. Instead, have your pet spayed or neutered in honour of the happy couple.

Poly Munch

Lady Violet and Derek

Lady Raeyne and Wade

Miss Miles (omg..where's Winston??)

Lady Joie

Thank you so much to Lady Hanna for leading another fun and interesting Black & Blue Munch! I love, love this event! Make sure to join us next Wednesday at 5 pm SLT. Thanks again Hanna!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trivia Massacre

The ladies took it 9 to 4. Again. It was a blood bath. Really boys, pull yourselves together. You are long overdue for a win!

Roll Out The Barrels!

Lady Medussa with Pink and Wheels

Lady Aellenia

Lady Sue and Zaira

Everyone comes out for free beer

A big thank you to Gregie for finding all of the obscure polka music for today's Oktoberfest bash. I have to say I burst out loud hearing some of it! Thank you also to everyone who put on their lederhosen and drindls and came out to join us.

Uniquely Rika

Lady Jade with Zaira and Silk

Lady AngelRose and Dinda

Lady Violet and Horan

Lady Nattasha and Zaidel

At today's Girls Aloud event we discussed Ms Rika and her book, Uniquely Rika. If you haven't heard of Ms Rika before you should totally check her out. She has a fantastic approach to realistic 24/7 submission.

Thank you to everyone who came out for a lively discussion!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Femdom Rodeo This Weekend!

The event schedule for this Saturday's Femdom Network Rodeo event has been released!

11 am Recording Artist Billy Mesmer Performs Live!

12 noon - 2 pm Bareback & Pony Cart Races

2 pm - 4 pm Western Dance & Mechanical Bull Event!

Keep your eye on this space for the slurl to the special event sim! Yeehaw!

Aussie Invasion

Lady Zarita causing some trouble

Koalas crossing

All the vegemite anyone could want

I heard there was some chaos in the courtyard last night and Madison sent me the photos to fill me in. I hope someone cleaned up Lady Zarita's Aussie mess!

At Your Service

Hanging out at the spa

The subs ready to serve

Lady Gabrielle strikes a pose

Lady Layla

Lady Mandalay getting a massage from Bret

Lady Thalia having her nails painted by Pink

It was great to kick back and be pampered after a busy weekend. The subs did a fantastic job giving massages, pedicures, and Ian even instructed us in yoga! I was VERY impressed!

A very special thank you to Lady Medussa who suggested we do the Spa event, rounded up and trained the subs, and even had them dressed alike AND arranged for bathrobes for the ladies! Thank you so much for a wonderful time Medussa!

Pretty Discussion

Lady Bhrianna and Doug

Lady Ravanys and Tab

Lady Janice and Dany

Lady Una

A full house

A big thank you to Miss Destiny for another fantastic discussion! This time the topic was sissification and feminisation. If you missed out its not too late to share your thoughts. Check out our Fetlife group by touching the 'FL' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page.

Hot Confessions

Lady Nattasha with Zaidel and Nelson

Lady Rinay and Palamino

Livin and Wheels

Lady Callianne

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Saturday's fantastic Confessions event. You can read them on our Confessions blog by clicking the 'c' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page. A special thank you to our hostess, Lady Zarita, for doing such a great job running this event!

On The Block

Settling in to watch the show

Trias on the block

Lady Sue with Zaira and Marcus

Lady Jade with Lady Jasmyne and Mickee

Lady Hanna with Lady Tehgan and Tim

A big thank you to Miss Destiny for leading our Slave Auction on Saturday. What an assortment we had. Thanks for coming out everyone!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mind The Gap!

Lady Cougarre


A punky Kyna

Miss the suit but the bag is a bit chaavy

Swinging London style

A big thank you to Lady Medussa and Lady Syriana for the swinging Brit music at our Friday bash. Although the Brits have to answer for The Spice Girls and Jordan, they have managed to make it up to us with a couple of decent bands :P.

Thanks for coming out everyone!

A Fairy Tale Tea Party

Lady Jade and Lady Callianne with Gina

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Medussa, Zaira, and me

Lady Rinay as Queen of Hearts

A magical setting

A big thank you to everyone who came out for our Fairy Tale Tea Party earlier today! Gregie even read us the Grimm Brother's Briar Rose and the subs did a great job of serving. AND, the costumes were fantastic. It was a lovely respite from our regular events.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Stuff This Weekend!

It's time again for our monthly tea party and this time the theme is Fairy Tale! Come as your favourite character or fairy and subs come ready to serve.

Then, its all about Brit rock at our big Friday bash! Come and see why our Friday parties are legendary!

Of course there's lots more going on including our Slave Auction at noon on Saturday, Femdom Confessions and Miss Pamela at D Lounge on Saturday night. Sunday Miss Destiny is back with Discussion AND, we follow with a relaxing Spa event for the ladies which Lady Medussa has helped orchestrate. Don't miss all of the fun.

A Big Finish At Trials

An offended Lady Miyani stepping in as Judge

Livinlife...something something..too long of a name. Now M & M for short.

The crowd looking on

Lady Joie and Lady Ravanys

Lady Nattasha and Bret

Chief Shan

We had a slow start at Trials but ended with a bang as Chief Shan had her boy Alexith put on a show. AND, I am happy to announce that Alexith and Chattel are to be married at an upcoming Trials (I think next week but we have to confirm all the parties can make it.). This was kind of Alexith's bachelorette party so to speak. Stay tuned for more wedding news!

A big thank you to Lady Miyani for stepping in as Justice today, and to Lady Joie, Chief Shan, and Kyna as well. See you next week everyone!