Thursday, July 27, 2017

Boys Not Allowed!

Lady Mira, Lady Rodeo, and Lady Tika doing a little camping in The Courtyard.




More Mingling!

Lady Saramoa


Miss Eva hosting

Lady Delicatia

Thank you all for a fun round of Speed Mingling yesterday!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Slave Auction!

Bargain Basement Jettis

Lady Eva, auctioneer!

Lady Lobbie and Walter

Lady Nora and Rich

Lady Peregrine and Brian


View from the podium

Velveteen (welcome back Bunny!)


Lady Holly

Lady Madeleine

Thank you to all of our auctionee 'volunteers' and to everyone who came out for the crazy shenanigans at yesterday's Slave Auction!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Disco Ball!

Lady Delicatia and Lyall

Lady Ravenn




DJ Miss Pamela 

Lady Carla and Kit

Lady Tish


Lady Nej


Lady Eva

Thank you to DJ Miss Pamela Emmons and to everyone else who came out to get down with us at Thursday's Disco Ball!  

See you in two weeks for another themed party.  The theme next time is our annual Midsummer Night's Dream Ball!

Club Noir!

Lady Carla

Lady Kika


Lady Noirran and Niki

Lady Tish

Lady Delicatia

Club Noir!

Lady Joie and Rex

A big welcome back to DJ Lady Noirran and to Club Noir!  Look for it on our schedule every other Tuesday.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Anchors Away!


Lady Joie and Rex

Lady Persephone and Leasha

Lady Eva

Lady Vivica

Prochesta (shudder)

Lady Tish

Lady JJ (a mermaid of course!)

Lady Noirran and Niki

Lady Samantha

Lady Joie and Erik

Our Anchors Away party set

Chattel as a shit bug - how appropriate!

Thank you all for coming to last week's themed party, our Anchors Away bash!  A special thank you to our fab DJ Miss Pamela Emmons.  Get ready for our next bash this Thursday, our Disco Ball!