Monday, October 29, 2018

Anniversary Discussion Event!


Just because we were being all nostalgic and stuff, SL decided to get nostalgic itself, crashing half of us as we neared the end of our big Anniversary Discussion.   Just like old times, right?  Thank you so much to Lady Lisa for hosting this wonderful event and also to Lady Joie for putting together a special retrospective anniversary photo exhibit!  Lady Joie also put together a special anniversary gift for all of us that is simply amazing. Check group notices if you've missed it.

The photo exhibit will remain out for the next few days.  Thank you again all for an amazing few days celebrating TEN years of The Dominion Femdom! I hope you'll keep coming back and joining us for more events, more fun, and more meaningful discussions.

A special big shout out to the staff of The Dominion Femdom, past and present, for making everything happen, day in and day out.  I couldn't do it without you!

Thank you all again, everyone!  Happy Anniversary Dominion!

Anniversary Auction!




Heather, Rex, and Niki

Lady Edith

Lady Ella

Lady Eva

Lady Laraa

Lady Lisa

Lady Lorelai and Hans

Lady Mira

Lady Noirran

Lady Peregrine with Rhys and Cam

Lady Persephone

Lady Rave with Veen and Rheps

Lady Santana




Thank you so much to everyone who came out for our big Anniversary Auction!  It was a jam-packed, incredible event and I am sorry if I didn't notice every tip that was sent our way.  We really appreciate all the support of every kind.  

Oh and congrats to the new Queen of the Dominion - Lisa!

Monsters Ball!




Lady Dahlia

Lady Edith

Lady JJ

Lady Joie

Lady Lauren and Hardy

Lady Maggie

Lady Mira

Lady Moon Stark

Lady Nej

Lady Pamela, who forgot to put her shirt on

Lady Rodeo

Lady Sophia

Lady Tempest

Lady Valencia

Lady Vivica






A big thank you to Lady JJ and DJ Miss Pamela Emmons for hosting not one, but TWO Monsters Balls for us!  You all look deliciously evil!  Thanks for coming out!