Monday, August 31, 2009

The September Events Calendar Is Here!

I've just completed the calendar for the month of September and we have some great events planned including our first Friday Party of the month, The Newbie Party: Come As You Were! We have three other great Friday balls planned as well as a special Mistress Only Event on the 20th, a bunch of returning favourite activities and a few REALLY BIG surprises. Make sure to check the blog regularly and watch group notices.

Here's to a fun September at Dominion!

Welcome Haruka!

One of my very best and oldest friends in Second Life recently returned, Lady Haruka Sakai. Haruka looked out for me when I couldn't walk and talk at the same time, and also showed me the ropes in the SL D/s community. Real life has taken her away for almost a year, but now she has returned and has offered to do a series of classes here at Dominion. Haruka is an experienced RL and SL Domme and her classes will cover more advanced training techniques. Watch notices for info about her first class, scheduled to take place this Sunday at Dominion. Welcome Haruka!

The Premiere of Pameland Chapter 3!

The crowd looks on intently as the pivotal scene unfolds

Lady Zarita and Den enjoying the film

The writer and director herself, Miss Pamela Emmons

Lady Janice relaxing as she watches the film

After a long wait, it finally happened: Chapter 3 of Adventures in Pameland. It was epic, it was controversial, it was Pamela. If you didn't catch it at the premiere yesterday, check it out here. Chapters one and two are avaiable on Youtube. Just search for Pameland. Enjoy!

Yesterday's Discussion Group

Lady Susie, Lady Sophie, and Maverick

MadamA and Heart with Lady Una

A shot of the crowd

Thank you all for coming out for our discussion

I took over yesterday's Discussion Group from Miss Destiny to lead on the topic of how we all get along. We all agreed it's good to remind ourselves that respect for subs and Dommes alike is key. We're a big group and a busy place, and we have our problems, but the fact that so many of you came out to give your thoughts aand air your concerns goes to show how much everyone cares about our community.

More Photos From The Rockabilly Party

Lady Syriana and Maddox

Lady Medussa

Lady Madeleine

Lady Janice and Tim

Lady Eloise

Lady Eloise sent me these great photos from Friday's Rockabilly Party, taken by photographer extraordinaire, Lady Janice Jupiter. Aren't they great?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Collared's New Blog

Some of you may know Lady Joie Arai owns 'Collared', the first store filled with collars designed especially for the male submissive. You can see her collection over at the Collared store at Dominion Fetish. Well now Collared has it's own blog so make sure to check it out for all the news on the latest designs. You can see it here:

A Thought Provoking Confessions

Miss Syriana with Maddox and Miss Destiny with Phantom , David, and Iam

Lady Staceybee and Michaels

Lady Eloise, Lady Janice, MadamA and Heart

Eroyan, the author of the serial Discoman and Panzerboy

The group at tonight's Confessions

It was another great Confessions with a 5th installment of Discoman and Panzerboy from Eroyan, a few saucy confessions, and a new twist, a question game that Sister Ravanys introduced. A few very thought provoking questions were asked, leading to some interesting conversation. It really was a great time, although a bit more serious than other Confessions.

As always, thank you to Lady Ravnays Lavendel for her hard work putting together this event and hosting it for us. See you next week!

On The Hunt!

Lady Infinity taking aim

Lady Aebleskiver hunting on horseback

Lady Jeanette and Lady Zebra in hot pursuit of Shua

Here's a few snaps from today's Slave Hunt. Lady Jeanette grabbed the High Huntress title again and Eroyan evaded capture the longest. Congrats to both! We'll be back in two weeks with another hunt.

What A Rocking Good Time!

Lady Syriana and her boy Maddox

Lady Staceybee and Michaels doing the lindy

Lady Miles....hold on to that skirt!

Lady Medussa looking very cool

MadamA and Heart shaking it

Lady Eloise spinning the tunes

Lady Zarita, a wallflower waiting to be asked to dance

Russell did this cool coloured photo of the party set

It was a really great night at our Jump Jive & Wail Rockabilly Party on Friday. Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana threw down with some seriously fun classic rock and swing music. The outfits were AMAZING! Thanks for coming out everyone!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

WORLD PREMIERE! Adventures In Pameland Chapter 3!!

It's going to be a busy weekend with our Rockabilly party, the Yard Sale, Slave Hunt and other happenings...but perhaps the biggest event is the world premiere of Adventures in Pameland, Chapter 3! Make sure to check it out this Sunday at 2 pm SLT at the Confessions Bar. See you there!

Our Yard Sale Is Back!

Make sure to check out our Yard Sale at Dominion Fetish this weekend. If you would like to display some of your stuff for sale just contact me and I will get you set up with a booth. There are going to be some great bargains so don't miss it!

It's Whats Inside That Counts

Russell showing off his custom twinkie costume, photographed as part of a punishment for vandalizing Dominion. He had thoughts of scripting some sort of squirting creamy filling but thankfully his Mistress Maisy put the end to that.

It's All Relative

Miss Destiny, MadamA, and some of the other ladies had the boys strip earlier today for a little cock comparison. You'll have to ask them who was most impressive.

A Few Snaps From The Casual Dance

Lady Ravenn and Chigley

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Callianne and Homerus

Lady Andrea and Logan

The crowd on the dance floor

Here's a few snaps from yesterday's casual dance party. As always, thanks to Lady Eloise for a great set!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Friday's Big Party Is....

Join us at 3 pm SLT on Friday, August 28th for our Jump Jive & Wail Rockabilly Party with DJs Lady Eloise and Lady Syriana! All of you hep cats and cool chicks, get ready to kick up your heels to some of the best swing and rockabilly music you've ever heard! See you this Friday!

p.s. Don't forget to check the Style blog for some great tips on Rockabilly fashions. See it here at

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Your Hands On Staff

We had a staff meeting earlier today, but before we all could leave, Dominion Mediator and Counsellor Syriana Paine insisted on a group hug. Is it just me or some of those hands not where they should be?

Cheers to our great staff here at Dominion. Guaranteed, they are the best, most dedicated, and caring group around. If you have a concern here, complain constructively, to people who can do something about it: our staff. Not sure who we are? Check the 'about' tab on this page or check the 'Social Structure' notecard at the info centre.

Spanning The Spectrum at Media X

Lady Janice looking on

Lady Paladin and Lady Eloise

Lady Medussa and Zaniel

Lady Callianne and Homerus

We spanned the spectrum with our videos at Femdom Media X including a great queening video, and some hardcore domination clips, among others. However, this one, provided by Lady Eloise, was my favourite. Enjoy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Gratis @ Dominion Luxe

It's taken a little while to get it up and running, but Dominion Gratis, our TOTALLY FREE menswear only store is now open. Gratis is filled with high quality clothes and accessories as well as some nice quality skins, hair, shapes and more, all FREE. Make sure to check out the gift boxes on the tables, which have some fantastic items, like this cargo pant and tank top, part of a multicolor set.

We are also going to be adding to our Dominion Luxe menswear mall with some great designers moving in over the next week. Watch your notices and this blog for more info and our special Grand Opening promotion. In the meantime, enjoy the freebies over at Gratis!

Everyone Needs A Little Style

The Ladies are really getting in to Dominion Style! If you haven't checked out our new Style blog make sure to click the 'style' button at the top of this page or just go to: There are some great new posts featuring some hot fashion finds. And remember Ladies, if you want to be a style blogger just send me your email and we'll add you. Share your favourite designs with us!

A Discussion on Technique

Miss Destiny and her boys Max and Tarl

Lady Mandalay and her boy Bret

Miss Aebleskiver, Miss Jasmyne, with Acesup and Miss Axalee

The group at yesterday's Discussion

Yesterday's Discussion group was all about technique: how do you Domme, how do you punish, whats effective for you? It was very interesting to hear all of the different thoughts and opinions.

As always, thank you to Miss Destiny Teardrop for researching, organizing, and running this Discussion. I think they are the best in SL. See you next Sunday!