Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Thought Provoking Confessions

Miss Syriana with Maddox and Miss Destiny with Phantom , David, and Iam

Lady Staceybee and Michaels

Lady Eloise, Lady Janice, MadamA and Heart

Eroyan, the author of the serial Discoman and Panzerboy

The group at tonight's Confessions

It was another great Confessions with a 5th installment of Discoman and Panzerboy from Eroyan, a few saucy confessions, and a new twist, a question game that Sister Ravanys introduced. A few very thought provoking questions were asked, leading to some interesting conversation. It really was a great time, although a bit more serious than other Confessions.

As always, thank you to Lady Ravnays Lavendel for her hard work putting together this event and hosting it for us. See you next week!

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