Thursday, June 29, 2017

Candid Conversations!

Lady Jess

Lady Pure and Severus

Lady Devi


Lady Lorelai


Miss Eva

Thank you all for another thought provoking discussion at Candid Conversations!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Trials Wraps For Summer!

Her Judgery, Lady Persephone

Her (Guest) Judgery, Lady Mira




Lady Noirran on defense

Lady Rodeo

Lady Tika

We had a fantastic turnout for our last Trials & Punishments before summer hiatus. A big thank you to our Judges Lady Persephone and Lady Mira, to Lady Noirran for defending the hopeless cases, to all of our officers and of course, to the guilty parties.  We'll be back with more Trials in September. Behave, subs!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Femdom Fun In The Sun!

Summer is coming...  and we want to turn up the heat here at The Dominion Art Gallery with a community gallery event!

Theme: Femdom Fun in the Sun
Photos Due: July 5th, 2017
Gallery Opens: July 9th, 2017


1. Femdom appropriate.

2. Original SL photography only

3. Only two entries per person

4. Sizes allowed:

5. Full perm photos should be sent to Aeianna Resident no later that July 5th, 2017.  They must also be named clearly!  (Femdom Summer - your name)

Post processing is encouraged, but not required.  Most important is your imagination, participation, and a desire to share your art with the community.

The Dominion Art Gallery Goes Vintage!

A small peak at our latest exhibit at The Dominion Art Gallery featuring the work of Erik (chassubboi) and curated by Lady Joie.  Don't miss this!


Lady Lisa looking on

Lady Noirran

Lady Peregrine hosting with Brian at her feet

Lady Saramoa with Banana and Reason

Rex and new pal Cleo


Thank you to Lady Peregrine for hosting another round of WTF!  If you've never played this game, you're missing out. If time zone is an issue look for an evening version on our calendar very soon!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Late Night Shenanigans

Key draws Brian - can you tell which one is real???

Courtyard legend has it that Peyman lost his virginity to a watermelon. Key helped illustrate the story for Lady Peregrine et al. 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Pool Party!

Lady Devi and Daas

Jon Robbie and friend


DJ Leasha!

Lady Mira

Nej having a read

Lady Persephone


I hope Rex can swim!

Thank you to Leasha for DJing and hosting Thurday's pool party!  



Lady Persephone and Jettis


Lady Lobbie

Lady Rosie and Eric

Lady Pure and Severus



Thank you all for another fun Mingle on Wednesday!