Monday, January 31, 2011

Curlers In The Courtyard!

Lady Mandalay and Lady Medussa kicking back in the courtyard with Bret. I always said Mondays are for relaxing!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A BIG February!

February is going to be fantastic with some huge celebrations in and around Valentines Day including a Valentine's Day Massacre, a romantic ball, and live concert. We are also holding our first Mistress Auction of 2011 (we only do one or two a year so don't miss it!), AND we have some great new events on the calendar! Look for The Dominion Book Club to make it's first appearance, Sub Drop In, a casual sub discussion group, and much more.

After the success of our Beatnik Coffee Party, all future Tea/Coffee parties will include poetry. Watch for our Geisha Tea Party later this month to include some Haiku and other poetry for your enjoyment.

I am VERY excited about our International Food & Music Festival towards the end of the month AND a bunch of great Friday parties kicking off with our Black Swan Ballet Ball this Friday.

Here's to a great February at Dominion!

Lady Tehgan's Exhibit Opens

Our gallery curator Lady Janice with Dany

Lady Tehgan and Robb

Checking out the exhibit

Make sure to check out the brand new exhibit at our Art Gallery featuring the works of Lady Tehgan Vaher. Its a fantastic show! A big thank you to Lady Tehgan for putting this together for us and also to our hard working gallery curator, Lady Janice, who does such a wonderful job with each show. Thank you ladies!

A Safe Word Discussion

Lady Tehgan and Rob

Miss Pamela and me (note the soccer mom getup)

Miss Destiny and Silk

Miss Cloe

A few shots from our discussion on safe words earlier today. Thank you for leading another great event Destiny!

Check out more great discussions in our group on Fetlife. Just touch the 'FL' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page and share your thoughts.

Our Stellar Cast

Our cast

Lady Una


Miss Destiny

Lady Eloise

Lady Sue

Lady Violet

Lady Maisy

Lady Siofra

Lady Miyani

Photos by Russell Applemoor.

Did I get everyone right? I have a hard time recognizing avatars sometimes. Please let me know :)

And If That Wasn't Enough.....

Listening in to Confessions

Lady Livin and Wheels

Lady Raffila and Hampton

Lady Suzette

And if that wasn't enough our Saturday continued with a jam packed Confessions, also hosted by Miss Destiny (busy day, hey Destiny?). There were some fantastic writings, all now up on the Confessions blog. Just touch the 'C' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page.

Thank you for hosting Destiny and thank you to everyone who came out!

A Fantastic Performance!

The ladies performing at yesterday's Vagina Monologues show

We had a full sim for the entire performance

The subs, spellbound

Yesterday's performance of The Vagina Monologues was perhaps one of the most spectacular events we've ever had at Dominion (and thats saying something!). We were all enraptured as we listened to a mix of original works and pieces from the stage production. It truly was a magical event.

Thank you to all of the ladies who stunned us with their talent and passion, and a special thank you to Miss Destiny, who worked so hard over the past few weeks to bring everyone together and make this show happen. I know it was a work of love, and it shone through the entire performance. Congratulations ladies!

Madi, New & Improved!

As some of you know Madi was prosecuted at our last Trials for being a shopaholic. In order to help cure her Judge Violet ordered Madi to wear freebie clothes all week long! Under the watchful eye of Lady Gabrielle, Madi put together this fetching ensemble.

"This lovely exotic Leopard print set can be found at "Freebie Galaxy". The galaxy is worlds apart from any other shopping experience in all of Second Life. With 15 floors of wonder, You will be sure to come out with something!. The designer will no doubt be one of the leading clothing designers in second life once the monochrome monitor returns. The skin can be found in most every ones inventory. That little known place in Your inventory called "The Library". You never know what gem you might drag from there. The skin is called "Gamer Girl" and the eyebrows alone are worth the price of admission. To round out this fashionista's look I am wearing Hair by "True", not "Truth" and the shoe with bling to so bright you need welding goggles to protect your retina's are called "Sandalia prata". This look can be Yours too for zero L! "

Friday, January 28, 2011

Shakin' The Juke Joint

Lady Eloise testifying!

Lady Madeleine and Kees

Enjoying the music

Lady Mandalay and Bret (happy belated birthday guapa!)

Watch out for those chickens!

We rocked the joint with some great music from our DJs Lady Medussa and Lady Eloise. Thank you ladies for a fantastic evening, and thank you to everyone who came out to tonight's Juke Joint Bash!

Madi Auditions For The Fashion Blog

"This fashionable barrel is made by Iris Junot. It features braided leather shoulder straps and is made of aged oak. Sanded so smooth so not the rub the skin in the wrong way. It is actually very comfortable and probable should be in any recovering shopping addicts collection. There is a bit of a draft so would not recommend it for the winter months. It can be found on Marketplace for 0L."

A Slice Of Life

A little noob action in the courtyard. Photo courtesy of Miss Pamela.

Get Ready For A Great Weekend!

Everyone is talking about The Vagina Monologues on Saturday, a not to be missed event! BUT, its not the only amazing thing happening this weekend! We are kicking it off with our Juke Joint Blues Bash Friday at 3 pm SLT. Get ready to party to some fantastic blues music in our own little juke joint!

Our gallery curator, Lady Janice, has also arranged for a brand new exhibit opening this Sunday featuring the works of Lady Tehgan Vaher. Don't miss it!

See our calendar of events to the side for a full listing. Its going to be a great weekend!

Evening Fun

Lady Violet presiding

Billy entertaining the crowd

Gregie stepped in to host our Thursday night dance

Yesterday's schedule was flipped a round a bit to accommodate our Night Court. Gregie stepped in to host our Thursday dance, bumped up to 4 pm (great music Gregie!). Then, Lady Violet presided over our second Night Court and I have to say it was VERY entertaining! Thanks so much Your Judgery!

It is fun to switch things up a bit isn't it?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Munch On Proactivism & Submission

Lady Violet is offended.

Lady Summer and Cats

Lady Lucy with David

Lady Rocksie and Ash

Lady Cera and Unbound

Lady Zarita with Micro and Ender

Munching away

Well the subs ran in to a few problems yesterday so I stepped in to run our Black & Blue Munch. Silk had selected a very interesting topic on just how proactive a sub should be in a D/s relationship. It was a very interesting discussion, one I am continuing in our Fetlife group (just touch the 'FL' icon on the upper right hand corner of this page to join in on our discussions).

Thanks for coming out everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Coming.

Cinderfella Writing Contest..Just A Few Days Left!

Subs, just a reminder that you have only a few days left to get in your entries to our Cinderfella Writing Contest! Don't let the fun graphic fool you, this is not a sissy make over contest! The winner of our writing contest wins a high end makeover orchestrated by Lady Cera Rhapsody. And girls, you are welcome to enter too. See all the details by touching the sign on the Castle wall. Good luck!

Interview With A Sub: Wheels Crazyboi

Wheels being interviewed

Lady Livin listening in

We had a very interesting 'Interview With A Sub' last night, featuring Mr. Dominion 2011, Wheels Crazyboi. A big thank you to Wheels and his Mistress, Lady Livin, and to everyone who came out to listen in.

Dancing With Lady Eloise

Lady Eloise, always on top of our hearts, at yesterday's Casual Dance.