Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's Dance

Lady Jeanette and Pink

Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Natsumi and Yopper

Overlooking the dance floor

Our regular DJs were busy in RL and couldn't dj today's Dance Party so Maz stepped in a did a great set of music. Thanks Maz! And thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the awesome music!

The Dominion on Facebook

It's true, the Dominion is now on Facebook. Hit the link to the top right hand side of this page to check out our group there. I am totally new to Facebook so I am a little slow, but I will be working to add more stuff in the next few days. Make sure to join us and check it out.

Here Comes New Years!

Get ready for a night of wine, song, and a little debauchery as The Dominion rings in the New Year with our second annual Bacchus Festival! The fun kicks off at 3 pm SLT New Year's Eve. Don't miss it!

Lady Natsumi and Jimmy, in Boston and ready to ring in the New Year!

Field Trip: Dominion Invades Gor

Checking out the baths

Meeting up at the courtyard

Our host Retief on a tarn

Retief and his girl Charm

Lady Cat dressed in gorean clothes
Yesterday's field trip took us in to gor, a trip that many of our members had requested. Lady Cat helped me to arrange the visit with her friend Retief. We couldn't have asked for a more gracious host.

Thanks to everyone for coming out for our field trip and putting up with the SL problems. It was alot of fun.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sara Started It.

Lady Zarita, Lady Sara, Lady Mandalay, Jimmy and Loth

Loth in a box, special of the week

Lady Coco and Jimmy

Lady Zarita on fire of course

It started with a snowball fight and ended with Jimmy and Loth in boxes and Lady Zarita on fire. I'm afraid thats all the details I have, except that Lady Sara brought the boxes.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday's Discussion

Fiona and Chris from WAR Child UK

Lady Coco and Dany

Lady Mandalay with Bret and Jimmy

Lady Desdemona and Tora

A shot of the group
Yesterday's Discussion Group was a combination of two topics: our fundraising effort for WAR Child UK and Staff Appreciation Day at Dominion.

Sara, Chriis, and Fiona from WAR Child UK came out to tell us a little bit about the organization and its works. It was great to learn about their current projects and what our donations can do. If you want to find out more about WAR Child UK visit their website at They also do great events inworld so make sure to join the WAR Child group in SL to stay involved. As Fiona said, the WAR Child presence in SL is not just about fundraising but about visibility. Tell your friends, put WAR Child in your picks. It's a fantastic organization.

During the discussion I let the group know that we were about 82,000 lindens short of our goal. Lady Eloise suggested I rez a tip jar right there and encourage everyone to contribute. I am pleased to announce we have surpassed our goal of 300,000 lindens. The donation boxes will be out until New Year's eve at which time I will announced our grand total. 100 percent of the money raised in SL will go directly to WAR Child UK. Thank you all so much for donating.

The second part of our discussion was devoted to our Staff Appreciation Day. I've said it before and I'll say it again, without our staff I am majorly screwed. Thank you to each and everyone of them for their hard work and dedication. You guys are fantastic.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Little Thrill

Christmas Thriller!!! from Pamela Emmons on Vimeo.

The latest masterpiece from Miss Pamela. Enjoy!

The Best Way To End Your Saturday

Lady Eloise killing it on the dance floor

Taking a spin

A view of the dance floor

Last night after Confessions Lady Syriana spun a fantastic set of some of the best music of 2009. It was a great way to end our Saturday. Thanks so much to Lady Syriana for an evening of great music!

Christmas Confessions

Lady Staceybee and Michael

Lady Charis and Chohan

Miss Deirdre and Lelo

Lady Syriana and Maddox

The group listening in

Yesterday we were back with our Christmas Confessions, and boy were there some good ones. The readings spanned the spectrum from hot and sexy fantasies to some very titallating revelations. Confessions is like a box of never know what you're gonna get but its always delicious!

If you missed out or want to read some past confessions, make sure to visit our Confessions blog (see the link to the right). There are some amazing writings there for your enjoyment.

Thank you to Lady Syriana for hosting another great event! See you in 2010 for our first Confessions of the year.

The Last Auction Of 2009!

Roc on the podium

The Ladies looking on

From the other side

Lady Madeleine auctioning off the boys

A view of the crowd

Yesterday's auction was the last of 2009 and we had a great turnout. The selection of boys for sale was one of the best I've seen in a long time but the ladies were hard to impress. At the end of the day, all of the boys were sold but a few took a little bit of extra work to get off the block.

As always, my thanks to our auctioneer and sub wrangler Miss Madeleine for her hard work. It's not easy dealing with all of those appliations and getting the subs up on the podium, but she always manages it. Thanks Maddie!

See you in two weeks for another auction.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Never Safe To Go Away

Lady Sara in 'away' mode. I believe Lady Syriana felt she needed a makeover.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Strum Diesel Live!

The very talented Strum Diesel

The crowd enjoying the show

A big thank you to Strum Diesel for coming out and sharing some of his Christmas Eve with us at Dominion. I hope you all enjoyed the show..thanks for coming out! Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Big Holiday Ball!

Lady Zarita and Schultze

Lady Ysatis and Mafiioso

Lady Staceybee and Michael

Lady Sara and Neil

Lady Pamela

Lady Natsumi and Yopper

Lady Maisy and Russell

Lady Jankee and Loth

Lady Eloise and Billyray

Lady Crissy and Jorund

Lady Carla

Lady Syriana and Maddox
Lady Mandalay and Bret

Lady Joie and Tommy

Lady Jeanette and Pink

What a great time we had at last night's Christmas Ball! The gowns were spectacular and it was wonderful to have so many of you join us! Thank you to everyone who sent in photos...they are always very much appreciated, even if I can't use all of them.

A special thank you to our wonderful DJs, Lady Eloise, who celebrated a year of DJing at Dominion, and Lady Syriana, who struggled through the Second Life grid falling apart, soldiering on to play an extra long set so everyone could have a chance to enjoy the ball. You two are amazing!

Just when we were starting to wind down a special visitor showed up: Santa! Everyone scrambled to give him their Christmas lists.. Not sure if all of the boys and girls were good enough to get what they asked for though! A big thank you to Eroyan for helping Santa to arrange his surprise visit!

Lady Pamela and Santa

Lady Sara and Santa

Lady Lillitha and Santa

Lady Coco and Santa
Happy Holidays Everyone!