Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sunday Discussion!


Our Sunday Discussion

Lady Berries

Lady Joie and Rex

Lady Karrie and Mark

Lady Lisa and Passion

Lady Liv

Lady Rodeo, Lady Pearly, Lady Mira

Lady Tanarra and Jason

Lady Tessira

Nine, Matria, Jettis

Thank you to Lady Lisa for hosting our big Sunday Discussion!  Glad you are feeling better, Lisa!

Slave Auction!

 We had over 50 on sim for our first Slave Auction of 2017 - it was great to see you all out! I'm too lazy to caption all the photos but there you all are!  Don't forget our Silent Slave Auction runs all week in The Events Area.  See you next month for another Live Auction Event!

Trials 2017!

Her Judgery on high

Lady Pearly

Lance enjoying our new cages

Lady Ashe and Ethan

Chief Carla

Lady Lauren

Trials - nice tail pig!

Thank you to Her Judgery Lady Persephone, Defense Lady Noirran, our Police Chief Lady Carla, and all of our officers, perps for a fantastic first Trials & Punishments of 2017!  Like the new set?

Fetish From Behind!

Alex Butt

Diana Butt

Gabbie Butt

Gabbie Toe Cleavage (!)

Michael Butt

Nej Butt

Pat Butt

Pebbles and Pam Butt

Lady Nej took the photos at Thursday's Fetish Party and there seems to have been a theme going on....