Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Big Finish At Trials

An offended Lady Miyani stepping in as Judge

Livinlife...something something..too long of a name. Now M & M for short.

The crowd looking on

Lady Joie and Lady Ravanys

Lady Nattasha and Bret

Chief Shan

We had a slow start at Trials but ended with a bang as Chief Shan had her boy Alexith put on a show. AND, I am happy to announce that Alexith and Chattel are to be married at an upcoming Trials (I think next week but we have to confirm all the parties can make it.). This was kind of Alexith's bachelorette party so to speak. Stay tuned for more wedding news!

A big thank you to Lady Miyani for stepping in as Justice today, and to Lady Joie, Chief Shan, and Kyna as well. See you next week everyone!

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