Friday, May 29, 2009

Moonlighting at Trials

Lady Tapika and I look on at some of the defendants

The crowd looking on at yesterday's Trials

Yesterday Dominion Justice Lady Joie had a real life obligation and I stepped in for our Trials and Punishments Event. These events always bring out the humiliation sluts and yesterday was no exception. A couple of the ladies stripped and whipped a boy named Kilo who was just begging for some attention, and another boy Daniel, went so far as to message me to suggest dressing him up and having him dance for the crowd (we were happy to oblige). To me, the most amusing part of the trials was calling up Jimmy69 Oh, who had suggested he could act as a lawyer to the defendants. He was promptly stripped and made to perform for the crowd. It's great to see justice in action.

See you next Thursday for more fun!Italic

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