Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kidnapping At Trials!

Lucian at Trials

Lady Bry, kidnapped by a band of tiny paratroopers

The helicopter preparing to land on the trials set

Vodkaman with a box on his head...much improved

Lady Joie, not phased at all by the proceedings

Defense Attorney Jimmy with Lucian

The helicopter lifting off, leaving Dominion on fire

Yesterdays Trials were filled with drama and excitement. There was the usual assortment of offenders but the most notable event occurred when a tiny band of paratroopers landed in the middle of proceedings to rescue Lucian. Lady Bry was also kidnapped during the so called rescue mission.

Lady Joie has issued warrants for the arrest of this tiny band of military outlaws. The Dominion Police Force will be executing body cavity searches on suspects as well as some interrogations. Justice will be served!

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