Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Events Calendar Released!

Get ready for a big February including a school themed play party (since so many of you loved the medical play party), a Dog and Pony show a la Westminster, a spring couture fashion show and after party, and some very interesting BDSM Workshops. You'll also see many returning favourites like Girls vs. Boys Trivia, Interview With A Domme, and of course more of our renowned Friday parties.

We'll also be adding in some training sessions for our new Police Force, a new show at our Femdom Art Gallery and some other surprises as the month goes on. Make sure to check the calendar on this website regularly.

A BIG thank you to our staff who run so many fantastic events, and thank you also to our regular members who are here creating fun every day of the week. You are what makes Dominion THE place to be. Thank you!

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