Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Dominion Juke Joint Blues Party

Hi Everyone! It's been a fun weekend here at Dominion starting with our Juke Joint Blues Party. For those of you new to Dominion, every Friday we have a themed party with some amazing DJ's. This week we transformed our courtyard in to an American Blues joint and brought in Lady Deirdre Blaisdale and Lady Eloise Mureaux to spin some amazing music.

People were still dancing seven hours later when I came to clean up! I finally had to tell Lady Carla and Lady Jeanette that we were wrapping up and I started to tear down the set around 11 pm. Thank you all for coming! It was a great night.

This weekend was our first Dominion Yard Sale. I think we all have some great items in our inventory that we don't use anymore but that are simply too good to delete. This was a fun opportunity to clear some stuff out and give other members a great deal. I've sold TONS of stuff and bought a few things too (so much for clearing out the inventory, but oh well!). If you didn't participate this time I highly recommend you take part next time. We will definitely do it again!

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