Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Witch Hunt: Solutions

I hope you all had fun doing our annual Witch Hunt Mystery. For those of you who didn't get a chance to complete it or who got stumped, here's the mystery unfolded.

Starting clue:
"Look in the mirror and then tell the swan what you see. This exotic bird is not where you'd expect him to be"

The clue in the mirror was in our spa on the second floor of the main castle. If you looked closely in the mirror you'd see the name 'Esmeralda'.

A black swan was swimming in the ocean at Dominion Cove. When you told him the name 'Esmeralda' he told you she was taking a photo, which was to lead you to our Photo Studio at Dominion Fetish.

At the Photo Studio you would find Esmeralda's camera and a note saying that her new photo shoot was going to be named 'Tamed' and that she was going to the piano in the main Castle to continue photographing a sub she had bought at auction.

The piano at the Castle had a blank parchment on it. A few of the keys on the piano told you a 'candle would help you see'.  If you put a candle next to the parchment you could read the clue There were two candles out for you to find.  The one on the dining room table was a decoy. The candle you needed to read the note was in the library.  The note on the parchment directed you to an 'x' in the dungeon area and also mentioned the sub Esmeralda was photographing was acting strangely.   

The 'x' in the dungeon was very faint on the floor by a pillar across from the cells.  If you stood close to it, it asked for a name. The name was not 'Esmeralda', but rather of her photo exhibit, 'Tamed'.

The floor opened and led you to a red door underground. You needed to join the 'Witch Hunt' group to use this door, which teleported you to our Haunted Mansion in the sky. 

The shack outside the mansion contained a book which told you to look for a cup of tea.  There were a number of tea cups in the mansion but only the one on the second floor near the crystal ball told you to find the cat near a woman who lives in the sea.

You also needed to find the can of sardines in the kitchen.

The cat was located under the mermaid statue in the forest by the arena.  If you told him you had 'sardines' he directed you to look for the next clue under 'Medussa'. We have a 'Medussa' statue in the ocean on the northwest corner of the sim.

Underwater by the statue there was a dead newb, hanged by his neck.  When you touched him he gave you a message from Esmeralda saying she had outsmarted the bad sub and that all subs should take this as a cautionary tale.

There were various other clues and decoys set out throughout the hunt.  I hope it wasn't TOO frustrating for you all!


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