Monday, September 28, 2009

Dominion Art Gallery

Its been a busy month but I am finally turning my attention towards completing Dominion Luxe! After the success of our recent Photo Exhibitions, I am repurposing some of the shops and turning a few in to a permanent Femdom Art Gallery which will feature rotating exhibits (don't worry, our free menswear store Gratis is staying as well as a nice collection of menswear shops). Lady Janice Juipter, who is one of our fantastic photographers at Dominion and also a photographer for FEMDOM Magazine, has agreed to oversee the Art Gallery as Curator. She will be arranging the works and planning future shows. If you are interested in exhibiting at some point, please drop her a notecard. Look for our first show in the next week or so.

My thanks to Lady Janice for her support and enthusiasm. There are some amazing artists at Dominion and throughout SL. This will be a fantastic way to support them.

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